Vote now for the NCM against Prime Minister to stop Sri Lanka reaching a point of no-return from decadence.
Posted on April 3rd, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Sirisena-Ranil’s Yahapalanaya is a misnomer. It is a palanaya without Yaha. It is Bad Governance . It is utter mismanagement of  Governance.  It was so from the day one – 8th January,2015 of their coming into political power when Maithripala Sirisena was elected President of Sri Lanka.

Of course there were those who expected a Rupees ten thousand salary increase, and others who expected goods rolling in from USA and the West brining in a life of luxury in prosperity who voted to bring this  Yahapalanaya into power.  The cry of  out with the corrupt and the rogues”,  intensified adding  to the hopes of Government coffers getting filled with money that was supposed to have been stolen by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s previous governments.

The Media rolled up their shirt sleeves and some like Shauketali in  News First said Oh wow and so he tracked journalists shot them beat em up lies through his teeth and all that is fine is it Mr” Charles???????!!!!!!!!!!”, when he was told that, President Mahinda Rajapakse was a clean politician and he managed  things well during his period of governance”. Many other  English Educated Colombians, and NGOs,  joined the bandwagon hailing the change”  from  corrupt to a  clean” Yahapalanaya.

Three years after, a new political party the SLPP was set up and those following the Yahapalanaya Bandwagon laughed and ridiculed saying the corrupt supporters of a defeated regime are dreaming of a come back to displace a Yahapalanaya by a Clean Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe and a very pious Buddhist Farmers Son from Polonnaruwa.

Soon the people saw that they –Sirisena, Ranil, Ratana Hamuduruvo, Champika , Chandrika, Mangala, Rajitha-  all calling themselves the good and holy turned out to be the worst band of rogues themselves, or aiding and abetting rogues that Sri Lanka had never seen before.

Except of course for those rogues, plunderers,  and thieves that had Come from India, with some of their  later offsprings turning  out to be terrorists, and yet others escaping to the west to turn out to be separatists , trouble makers, and global theoreticians of divisive politics, proposing to  divide and mutilate Sri Lanka, thrice sanctified by the Buddha and offered by Sinhala Buddhist Kings to Buddha Sasana.

After three years, they –the Yahapalanaya goons,  have plundered the Central Bank, sold our heritage, given our national wealth to foreigners, allowed nationalists, racists and foreigners to decide on the future of our country and how it is to be ruled, write a new Federal constitution dividing the Country of the Sinhala Buddhist, and take the country back to be an undeveloped state, poor and divided,  dependant on the West.

The Yahapalanaya goons have ruined Sri Lanka  reducing it to being another  poor country of the world. Under Yahaplanaya, moral standards are falling to zero, the underworld mafia has come out into to the open, life has lost its value, men , women and children die  or get killed like cats and dogs, fathers abuse daughters, and a new culture is building around, drugs, alcohol, prostitution and contract murders.

The political priests have left behind the Buddhist Scriptures and instead  teach greed, hatred and delusion from political platforms.  The sense of gratitude, generosity, love  amoung the people is fast deteriorating.  There is no rule of law, no sense of justice and fair play. Yahaplanaya is making, revenge, jealousy , conspiracy, lies, and murder a social trend.

In three years Sirisena –Ranil Government has made Sri Lanka unrecognisable from what it was before they took over power on the  8th January,2015.

For three years they did nothing but found ways and means to ruin Sri Lanka, its Sinhala Buddhist Culture, which was the base on which all other cultures in Sri Lanka thrived , on which the unity amoung different ethnic groups existed, where every one lived in freedom speaking their language, praying to their respective Gods , and lived their lives the way they had accepted it from their fathers and forefathers.

The Colombo Centred Media, the English Educated Colombians,  want only  the  thieves they presume were in the Governments of the President Mahinda Rajapakse punished and put into prison.

But they hail Yahapalanaya, for giving them freedom of the  press, freedom to criticise the government, freedom to  introduce Western Culture in to Sri Lanka, freedom to make Sri Lanka a secular country. They demand not to give any special recognition to Buddhism, have no- Wesak Pandals, and demand  the arrest  of Buddhist Monks  who demand the  government to protect the Sinhala Language, and the Buddhist Culture.

They of the Yahapalanaya do not want the history of Sri Lanka taught in Schools. They want to teach children sexology in schools, and introduce Western culture into Society.

In the world,  Cuba existed as Cuba hemmed between  USA and the West, Taiwan, remained Taiwan, Singapore stayed Singapore, Malayasia remained Malaysia… but Yahapalanaya goons  want Sri Lanka modernised making Sri Lanka-a Singapore, a Malaysia, a small England.  They do not want it to be any more the Sri Lanka with its unique culture , its unique Buddhist Generosity, its  way of life, its unique unity with Communities with their  different cultures.

Sri Lanka  under Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya is fast moving toward decadence. Before Sri Lanka reaches a point of no return from degeneration, the people have to wake up to  take  Sri Lanka back to what it had been before the 8th January,2015- a Sri Lanka which was developing fast, as a unique nation of its own despite an unfriendly Indian neighbour and an interfering  west using the UN Stystem to make Sri Lanka a poor country dependent on the scheming rogue states of the West.

Before that happens the progressive Parliamentarians should wake up to pass the presented No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and force  Sri Lanka back in to the progressive and developing past from which it had been wrenched by the Vicious Sirisena Ranil Chandrika  Yahapalanaya following a USA Western Agenda.

For the Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena- Ranil, reconciliation with Tamils has taken paramount importance. Every thing of ancient Sinhala Culture  is being sacrificed for a mirage of a reconciliation with the Tamils. Neither Sirisena nor Ranil seem to understand that more they give into reconciliation with the Tamils, the Tamils tenaciously stand by their demand for more devolution and instead of reconciling with the Sinhala they strengthen their separatist ideology, condemning the Sinhala and demanding a federal Constitution to create there own federal provinces in the North and East..

Even the writing of a new constitution under Ranil Sirisena Government is no more an affair of the Sinhala people. A new Constitution to Sri Lanka  is being prepared  under the supervision and direction of the  US Ambassador Athul Keshup, Indian Government, Global Tamil Federation , Sampanthan, Sumanthiran, Wigneswaran  and Mano Ganeshan.

How could we under the so called Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena –Ranil,  get back the now lost pride, and glory of Sri Lanka and  prepare its approach to modernity preserving its unique Buddhist culture ?

A strong Sinhala Buddhist Cultural background,  assures unity of different cultures and create a healthy multicultural relationship amoung the peoples of Sri Lanka. We have people like Mohammed Musamil, Karuna Amman , Kanthar Balanathan, Radha Manohar who understand the reality of  good relation ship with all communities sharing Sri Lanka as their motherland without causing antoganism between the major and minority Communities. A healthy majority, would assure a healthy minority..

The Yahaplanaya Government has damaged the sovereignty, independence and the national pride of Sri Lanka. This Yahapalanaya Governments  accepting on its knees  a resolution against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces  presented by America and the West, was a sell off of Sri Lanka to foreign powers.

It is high time that the people of Sri Lanka rise  against  this Yahapalanaya government and get rid of it for good.

It would therefore be  a beginning to vote for the  No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  which is to be debated in Parliament on the 4th April,2018.the

11 Responses to “Vote now for the NCM against Prime Minister to stop Sri Lanka reaching a point of no-return from decadence.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Glad Charles, like USA has come back to the fold.

    IF RUN-NIL is kept another DAY let alone a YEAR, he will RUIN SL and take it to a point of no-return.

    ALL patriotic MPs must vote for the NCM to kick out RUN-NIL.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Lorenzo the backstabber,

    Neither Charles nor I need to RETURN to the FOLD for we, UNLIKE YOU, NEVER LEFT IT!

    Bugger off, go hide in your mud hole, and pull it in after you!

  3. charithsls Says:

    The reason may be their own survival but pleased with the stance taken up by the SLFP group to support the NCM unanimously (though never know how it will turn up). Feel some patriotism left somewhere still. Compare it with both the Tamil & Muslim groups, always against the betterment of the country, real hyenas. The result looks to depend on how many dissident UNPers support it. In a way it may be significant not only Range B ‘s group ,Ravi may also revolt. Whatever the result this is going to be a win win situation for the SLPP as with a defeat the SLFP group & them become the main opposition & further significant changes can happen. However my concern is anyone else other than RW as UNP’s presidential candidate will draw more votes but there again, without RW the UNP can split into fractions & let’s hope that it will be the case!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    MR’s prediction is SPOT ON! MR said in 2 Wesak Poyas from 2016 RUN-NIL will be sent home. Perfect timing.

    USA, my plan since 2014 was to make My3 president and MR his PM. I worked to make My3 president and also worked to make MR the PM in 2015 August. One worked. The other didn’t.

    The TIME has come.

    Until recently you DID NOT support the NCM saying it is BENEFICIAL for MR if RUN-NIL stays for now. GLAD 2 of you now want RUN-NIL out ASAP.

    I NEVER wanted RUN-NIL as PM for a SECOND. I want him OUT TODAY.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo the backstabbing undercover EELAMIST !Yo!

    You said “Until recently you DID NOT support the NCM saying it is BENEFICIAL for MR if RUN-NIL stays for now.”


    Show me, COPY HERE any such comment I have made at LankaWeb, right here with article and date info so we ourselves can VERIFY IT!

    OUTRIGHT LIES like the FAKE Lambhorgini and Golden Statue PROPAGANDA you SPEWED OUT leading to the Jan 8, 2009 PRESIDENTIAL election, WONT WORK ANY MORE! The words of an ESTABLISHED BACKSTABBING EELAMIST UNDERCOVER AGENT carries NO WEIGHT!

    As Charles wrote elsewhere “Lorenzo, you cannot dupe us anymore!”

    PSST! Are you FRANTIC & DESPERATE, now that your BEST LAID PLOTS to UNDERMINE Sri Lanka are unravelling?? ENJOY the AGONY!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Rauf Hakeem announced that the SLMC Exec Committee has decided to VOTE AGAINST the NCM tomorrow!

    This is ENTIRELY AS EXPECTED. I wonder what CONCESSIONS they EXTRACTED from the PAL-HORA PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI and the UNPatritic party for this support!


  7. Christie Says:

    India wants to keep Ranil and Sirisena, I am sure.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    NCM DEFEATED! Ths idemonstrates the POWER of BOND SCAM MONEY used to BRIBE MPs.

    Now, the TNA will want to FAST-TRACK the New Constitution to GET THEIR EELAM, no doubt PROMISED by the DESHAD-DROHI PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI to SURVIVE the NCM!

    Now, it is upto the PATRIOTS to IDENTIFY & PUNISH those who raised their hands in support of the NCM!


    No-Confidence Motion against Sri Lanka Prime Minister defeated
    Wed, Apr 4, 2018, 10:16 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka parliament today comfortably defeated a no confidence motion brought by the Joint Opposition against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    The no-confidence motion received 76 votes in support and 122 votes against, defeating the motion with a majority of 46 votes. Another 26 MPs including Minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama, who signed the NCM, abstained from voting

    Earlier the United National Party said they will vote to defeat the motion and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party said they will abstain from voting. However, a group of SLFP ministers including Ministers Dayasiri Jayasekara, Susil Premajayantha and WDA Seneviratne said they will vote against the Premier.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Parliamentary composition for no confidence motion
    Wed, Apr 4, 2018, 08:47 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka parliament will vote on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today following a 12-hour debate.

    The vote will be taken by name and only a simple majority is needed to decide the result. In case of a tie, Speaker’s vote will decide the result.

    Sri Lanka parliament comprises 225 members. The majority party is United National Front (UNF) with 106 members except the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, who is a UNP senior leader.

    Among the UNF members, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress led by Minister Rauf Hakeem has seven members, Tamil Progressive Alliance led by Minister Mano Ganesan has six members All Ceylon People’s Congress has five members of the and Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) two members.

    The number of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) members in parliament is 95 out of which 54 MPs represent the Joint Opposition and others represent Sri Lanka Freedom Party led by the President Maithripala Sirisena.

    The Opposition comprises 16 MPs from Tamil National Alliance (TNA) led by Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan, 6 Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna MPs and one EPDP parliamentarian.

    The SLFP has decided to abstain from voting on the no confidence motion while JVP will support it.

  10. Nihal Perera Says:

    I am NOT surprised, knowing the dirty and cunning politicians who play games to protect their own self-interest, and stay in power at any cost.

    The present party based parliamentary system in SL is a joke. It does not serve the country but those political parasites, their families, and friends. If the country has to go forward, the people and their political psyche need to change.

    Under the present system even a defeated candidate can become a minister. SL must be the only country in the world where defeated candidates can sit in the parliament and milk the country! What kind of a stupid system is that?

    As long as this system exists the country will never prosper, but only the political parasites. The so-called democracy in SL is indeed laughable, to say the least..! The rule of law only applies to the rich and influential citizens who are well connected to the politicians.

    What SL needs is a firm, no nonsense, patriotic leader who does not sell the country under any circumstances. Also not giving into the demands of the minorities and their foreign backers, like UNHRC, NGOs, and other bleeding-heart western countries like UK, USA, Canada, Norway, etc.

    I can think of only one such leader who fits the bill. That is Gotabhaya Rajapakse, who had already demonstrated what he was capable of by defeating the most ruthless terrorists – who destroyed the country for over 30 years. He also had the vision to bring the country to the 21st century, by modernizing the infrastructure and cities, especially Colombo, with the help of his elder brother.

    Sri Lanka desperately needs such brave and committed leaders to stop the rapid deterioration caused by these moronic Yahapalanaya idiots. Sooner the better.

    Imagine what he is capable of doing for the country, for the next 10 years, if Sri Lankans are smart (and lucky..) enough to elect him as the next president – in 2020..!

  11. Ratanapala Says:

    Agree with NIhal one hundred percent. Let us all work to elect Gotabhaya as our next President! We only have 18 months left to do this. Better get ready now itself.

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