Look at these colonial idiots whose ancestors destroyed us for 143 years and still f  ???
Posted on May 21st, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 21.5.2018

I urge the President of this country (if there is one of at all)  to first read these mad statements of these British politicians published in the Tamil guardian or ask his Secretary  to read it and lodge the strongest protest of this nation against their uncalled for interference with our internal affairs with the British.Government.

And then why don’t this stupid Government ask the British  Government whether this is the policy of the British Government and if the answer in the affirmative, then why doesn’t the Government severe all diplomatic ties with their bloody Government of colonial parasites who have plundered us for 150 years and still continuing to do so shamelessly.

Also why don’t he tell them point blank to stop this nonsense and also tell them to mind their own business and we will look after our country and people as we had done it for 2600 when these British were naked barbarians eating raw flesh living in stone caves.

He may also tell these decedents of British sons of rogue Vikings to take back all the Tamils living in Sri Lanka ( who were  brought by them) and make their citizens .full or even honorary citizens if they are so crazy about the Tamil votes in Britain.

It may be that the Tamil Guardian has paid and got these idiots to issue these statements and trying to get wide publicity to win sympathy for the LTTE cause while wooing the Tamil votes back at home

What ever it is, it is the duty of the President and the Government by the people of this country to take immediate steps to stop this type of nonsense and restore the independence and dignity of the nation.

What the Colonials have done for centuries to plunder our resources and destabilize the Governments is more than enough. We must arrest this situation  as soon as possible and assert ourselves as free and independent nations

If it cannot be done then any government has no right to remain in power even for a second.  Either you must govern with dignity or depart.


(The press release )

British MPs release messages to commemorate Mullivaikkal genocide

Several British MPs and other politicians have released messages of solidarity as the Tamil nation around the world marks Tamil Genocide Remembrance day today.

See some of their messages of support below.

Theresa  Villiers MP and former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland said,

Today is an important occasion to remember those that lost their lives in the tragedies that occurred in the closing stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Thousands of people lost their lives, many at the hands of those committing war crimes and human rights abuses. So Mullivaikkal day today is another opportunity for me and parliamentarians across the United Kingdom to call on the government of Sri Lanka to introduce the accountability mechanisms that they promised to do when they signed up to the UN Human Rights Council resolution on these matters.

It’s time to ensure that we have accountability in Sri Lanka and to ensure that those who are guilty of war crimes are brought to justice.

Ed Davey MP, the vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, also told the Tamil Guardian,

We’re remembering the 9th anniversary of the massacre of Tamils… it’s an occasion where we should commit ourselves to redouble our efforts to fight for justice, for peace, for human rights and to hold the people who committed this genocide to account.”

We need the EU to remove the trade preferences given to the Sri Lankan government – they shouldn’t have been given in the first place… That way we can use real power to force the Sri Lankan government back to the table so it does actually allow itself to have that independent international investigation into war crimes”.

Robert Halfon, Member of Parliament for Harlow said,

On this very important day of remembrance, we should give our thanks to every member of the Tamil community who keep the flame of the Tamils alive.

And we remember all the tragic victims of the genocide of the Tamils. We remember all the awful treatment of the Tamils by the Sri Lankan regime. The Tamils deserve their autonomy. The Tamils deserve equality of opportunity. The Tamils deserve equality. One must never forget.”

Paul Scully, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, said,

Even now, nine years on, we still have to get justice for the people who remain so that they can rebuild their lives, rebuild their future in Sri Lanka and elsewhere around the world. It’s very difficult to hear the stories of the survivors of Mullivaikkal, but we really do need to listen to them and redouble our efforts to get that justice.”

Speaking to the Tamil Guardian in London, Mr Scully went on to add,

We’ve got to hold the Sri Lankan government’s feet to the fire, making sure that they adhere to the resolution at the United Nations that they sponsored.

Zac Goldsmith, Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, stated that this day of remembrance was in particular for the many tens of thousands of civilians who were killed in Vanni by Sri Lankan state forces at the very end of the war”.

But we must also consider the t of those who survived. Particularly the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, of the disappeared.”

Many of them handed their children to the Sri Lankan military at the end of the war, fully expecting them to be released after a brief vetting process. That was the last time many of them saw their children. 9 years later the Sri Lankan military has provided no answers. So on this Mullivaikkal remembrance day, I want to send my support to those mothers, who have been protesting peacefully and calling on the Sri Lankan state to release their children.”

Former parliamentarian Lee Scott released a short message stating that, Justice will be done and I will always be by your side”.

7 Responses to “Look at these colonial idiots whose ancestors destroyed us for 143 years and still f  ???”

  1. Christie Says:

    Labour Leader Corbyn has issued a similar statement.

    Indians are taking the British for a ride.

    We should condemn these hapless British MPs who rely on Indian funds to carry out their lives.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    What is our foreign ministry doing??

    Current President should summon the British Ambassador and convey our objection in strongest terms. We are not interfering with British affairs and similarly they should accept us as a sovereign nation.

    Those MP’s must have come from the gutters. That is why no standard in them.

  3. L Perera Says:

    These are brave statements from a section of British Politions ( mainly Loosers) whose ancestors were involved in the killing of civilians in DRESDEN (250,000 plus) and HIROSHIMA / NAGASSkI (150,000 plus).

  4. aloy Says:

    I think our prez cannot read and comprehend these maters as a statesman. That is why he has appointed a trustworthy secy to him. But it appears that old codger has his own agendas and give d-ropes to the prez. The appointment of corrupt people by him to important positions must be the result of all those. It appears to me that he is trying to do house keeping until his terms ends thinking it will end peacefully. Why should we be part of commonwealth if they still think we are part of their empire.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Idiots, scoundrels, hypocrites, parasites and more are these English bastards who ruin every country which are not falling behind them and say”yes Sir no Sir”. Our stupid leaders kneel down in front of these para suddas and obey orders like servants of the British empire. Shame of these cowards. When are we going to stand up in our own two feet without bowing down to western hypocrites and the Indian parasites? Come on we are Sri lankans who has a marvelous history. We have fought many wars and won. A strong leadership we need to restore our lost identity and respect. May God helps us in the future.

  6. Christie Says:

    Lord Nesby has to be thanked and appreciated for us Sinhalese.

    UK has more than 20 Indian Parasite MPs and other law makers.

    Like us British are victims of the Indian sewerage that flooded the UK.

    I think we should not blame the victims.

    Those lawmakers rely on money from Indian parasites in the UK for a living.

  7. helaya Says:

    I agree with Ranjith. They are idiot beggars for Tamil voters. They think we are still under their colonial power. We have to have strong patriotic foreign minister to counter these statements. President and PM are idiots than these buffoons.

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