Parliament is a Cesspit. It cannot be cleansed.
Posted on June 12th, 2018

Opinion Letters to Editor – SWARNA HANSA FOUNDATION

262, Denzil Kobbakaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla 


When Ravi Karunanayaka was found jabbering and telling blatant lies at the Bond Scam investigation commission, his parliamentary colleagues were trying to safe guard him by requesting him to resign. Opposing the move the Swarna Hansa Foundation by a leaflet distributed throughout Colombo, requested the people, resignation? no way, he has to be punished and recover the plundered public money.

When parliamentarians tried to safe guard Prime Minister the Prime Conspirator and the main culprit of the whole issue, by having a no confidence motion, it was the Swarna Hansa Foundation that said, no way, the entire parliament which has turned out to be a sheer shameless and unbridled plundering house of national wealth, has to be put on hold, and take all parliamentarians into custody, for plundering as well as aiding and abetting plunder national wealth, and to have a Presidential rule.

Letters began to appear in the public opinion columns, in the press lamenting about the sorry situation in the government and the country. Highly concerned patriots were asking those on authority, who is fooling who? fooling the people for how long? Reminding the quotation from Abraham Lincoln one time the President of United States, that you may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Another concerned patriot, being unable to tolerate corruption of parliamentarians any more was seen sending a public warning that days of the corrupt are numbered.

Mr. Dew Gunasekara highly concerned with the grave situation is asking the Parliament, the very corrupt institution to cleanse it. It is another desperate attempt mislead the people and save his parliamentary colleagues, and the Parliament from where he is getting his pension. As one editorial said DEW is whistling in the dark. The peoples’ understanding is it cannot be cleansed, it is a cesspit. All those so-called members of it are worms. Living on it, dining dancing playing and finally dying in it. There cannot be a question of cleansing it or restoring it at all.

As each passing day, some sort of plundering, robbing or syphoning of public money by parliamentarians is revealed. Adding insult to the injury to the victimized people, these parliamentarian worms are jabbering and trying to keep on fooling the people, as if general public are all fools, and utter fools. The most annoying aspect of it is these fellows who have robbed the peoples’ money are coming out to public surrounded by security guards maintained by public money, to fool the very people whose money have been robbed. It is in this situation, when the limit of patience, and discipline of the public is fast disappearing, that somebody writing to the media has said days of the gang are numbered.

It is in order to avert the worst, that Swarna Hansa Foundation is again requesting the President to immediately put on hold the Parliament, establish a Presidential rule, recover all national wealth plundered by sitting parliamentarians at least, for the start and punish them. Money recovered thus will be quite sufficient to run the administration with no additional taxes. No doubt the whole country will be with the President.

Gallege Punyawardana.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Punya.

    But there is a more powerful force behind this who is powerful enough to let this happen, push it under the carpet, hide the names of the corrupt and save them from prosecution. There is a common theme among those who took money inside and outside parliament. They all spent their own money one and a half years ago for the election of that powerful man (who protects them now). That is the start of the story. It was the same person who appointed the mastermind into the top government position.

    This is lawlessness inherent in Sri Lanka since the introduction of executive presidency. Everyone knows all Sri Lankan political clans are corrupt beyond salvage. Giving them immunity in executive presidency is most foolish particularly in the post-war era.

    Gone are the days of Senanayakes and Bandaranaikes whose bold national and international action were never matched by executive presidents. First JVP insurrection was put down in days by the PM but the second one took over 2 years under EP. War would have ended in months not years if not for EP. A trade deal with China was signed in days in 1953 but since 2008 we are “discussing” a China trade deal. EPs have committed to Indian imposed 13A in 1987 and 2009. No PM before became so subservient to Indian demands. Corrupt PMs were punished but not corrupt EPs. Minorities were at the feet of our PMs before EP but now EPs are at the feet of minorities.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here goes Dilrook AGAIN, allocating ALL BLAME to the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY, ignoring ALL BENEFITS that ACCRUE, or HAVE ACCRUED, to the country from an EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY!


    A MUTT of a President who, in his GREED, HASTE and IGNORANCE allowed the POWERS and SAFEGUARDS that were BUILT INTO the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY to be DISMANTLED by the Yamapalana KALLIYA of TRAITORS to the Nation.

    Let us, the Sinhala Buddhist PATRIOTS of Lanka, FIRMLY RESOLVE to ELECT a ABLE and PATRIOTIC EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT, and RESTORE ALL THE POWERS lost under the 19th Amendment that INTRODUCED TERM LIMITS in Particular, REPEAL the 13th Amendment that Federalizes the Nation, and DISSOLVE the Provincial Council System that is DISINTEGRATING the Nation as we speak!

    We, the MAJORITY Sinhala People of this Resplendant Nation, DEMAND IT NOW!

  3. Charles Says:

    Now every one puts the blame on EP. They also deny the people to have a President of their choice allowing the Parliament to select one by secret ballot. Quo vadis Sri Lanka. Sirisena want leave Ranil. Ranil has no existence without Sirisena and Sirisena has no existence withoout Ranil. Sirisena has appointed a new General Secretary to SLFP to fool the people but Sirisena is secretly with the UNP heart and soul.

    They have finished with Sri Lanka that had existed for 2600 years and has made it a new Colony of the West dictated to by the West and the Tamils of the Diaspora. Nothing positive will happen in Sri Lanka as long as Ranil and Sirisena continue. People have to rise up against them and chase them away. We should retain the Executive Presidency and remove the 13A once Sirisena and Ranil are gone. People should not allow any JVP member to be elected at the next election. JVP is woiking for Ranil and the West behind scene.

  4. Christie Says:

    The current Parliament is part of the biggest sewer in the world. That is India.

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