Northern Tamils: Killing an innocent leopard is no way to take revenge on LTTE for losing to the Military
Posted on June 21st, 2018

Strange things are happening up North. Wiggy & TNA bellows to all foreigners landing in the North that they insist on a separate state whereby they can ‘look after’ their own people. In the midst of all those sop stories to the gullible Westerners who sees this as a gift horse for their own geopolitical agendas, an entire village of former LTTE cadres & their families are weeping for a Sri Lankan military officer who had been transferred. Not stopping there, the village is garlanding the Sri Lankan officer & carrying him on their shoulders. All this was like a knife to the TNA & the Northern Chief Minister & now to make matters worse, a non-LTTE village has just caught a leopard & killed it mercilessly and we can only take this as being a sign to the LTTEers that the Tamils are bloody angry with them for losing to the Sri Lankan military. So now the former LTTErs best friends have become the Sinhalese & the Sri Lankan Military & the Tamils enemy has become the former LTTErs… whatever will happen next? Please look at the video & decipher the hate in their eyes.

A wild animal is a wild animal but look at the behavior of the people! (seeing the scenes of battering & hooting, the scenes of how Gaddafi was killed came to mind )

These are all very symbolic happenings & it is slowly highlighting a much ignored & often kept hidden scenario.

We cannot ignore the caste factor in Tamil society which branches out into every sphere of society in particular the political arena. It is the high caste Tamils who masterminded the dent between Sinhalese & Tamils as a means to camouflage the caste factor which would not be taken favorable in a globalized society. It was the basis for which Tamils opposed the 1957 Social Disabilities Act where low caste Tamils were given the opportunity to attend schools which previously they had been denied. The Standardization in Education in the 1970s was also twisted to claim that the Tamil quota to universities had been reduced but conveniently ignoring that Tamil students from areas that had not been previously admitted were able to gain admission to university. Unfortunately, the Sinhala leaders or even the academia chose to remain silent and not put the facts out into the open. Many are still playing deaf, dumb & blind to these ground realities.

The armed struggle looks to have been a ploy by the Tamil high castes to use the Tamil youth to militarily gain what they were struggling to politically acquire. It is probably in realizing this that Prabakaran bumped off many a Tamil leader. It would have been a relief that Prabakaran & his key leaders perished for it quickly put the Tamil high castes back into the saddle & this is where the previous government erred in not reaching out to the non-high caste Tamils instead of placing a high caste Tamil racist at the helm as Chief Minister.

What has the TNA or its Chief Minister done for the Tamil people since 2012. Speak to the ordinary people and we do not require even translators to see the dissatisfaction on their faces. Finally, the Tamil people are beginning to realize that life under the military was far better – they were recipients of much when the military was stationed in the North. Is it any surprise that the TNA & mischief makers RAW, INGOs, NGOs & of course the foreign envoys wanted the army to be confined to barracks or out of the North completely.

Reconciliation & peaceful coexistence was meant to be limited to only power point presentations, fancy speeches delivered at 5 star hotels & nicely bound documents. People living peacefully, eating, indulging in sports, laughing & getting on with their lives were taboo for people who made a living out of conflicts & delaying solving them so that they could earn a monthly living. Hope you are getting the bigger picture now.

Anyway, back to Kilinochchi where this non-LTTE village catches a leopard & kills it. Ironically, it was once a revered animal on account of LTTE emblem being a tiger & LTTE also known as Tamil Tigers.

So what is the take way from this incident? It is obviously a message & the message was clearly seen in the statements made by the LTTE families in Vishwamadu – their own people have shunned them, the TNA politicians have not helped them & do not wish to help them, the LTTE diaspora simply want to campaign for a separate state while enjoying the LTTE illegal kitty which is getting fatter by the day on account of zero spending for arms, ammunition & maintenance of LTTE cadres. So if in 2004 LTTE annual profit was $300m just imagine what their annual profit is in 2018? No wonder they are able to buy powerful foreign politicians & foreign legal experts…..

What the former LTTErs & their families are now facing is the real wrath of the caste system that had been hereto closely kept hidden. They were good enough so long as they were confined to the jungles of Vanni, fought & died & they were prey to conversions as they were poor & a bag of rice, some provisions was nothing if that meant to give up their Hindu faith & that explains why the bulk of LTTE cadres were buried & not cremated as per Hindu custom. Ask the high castes to produce 10 names of high caste cadres that died for the cause in the front lines and they will evade answering. So these low castes were heroes & heroins so long as they did not move with the high castes & continued the ‘eelam’ cause because clothed around that ‘cause’ was plenty of avenues & openings for Tamils & that explains the 1million Tamil Diaspora though they have had to accommodate low castes too & now that these are also raising their profile economically & socially, it is nothing that the high castes are happy about.

Back in the North, these former LTTEers & their families are finding life rough, they cannot marry, they are shunned by their own, they thought they were the heroes & heroines & now they are beginning to realize that it was all a farce. Then enters the Sri Lankan Army & the charismatic Colonel Ratnapriya Bandu and it is no abracadabra to deduce what happened thereafter. Where the Tamil high caste society denied these LTTE families humanity, the Sinhalese soldiers were willing to offer unconditionally & genuinely. Send a soldier up North to contest an election today in non-high caste Tamil areas & the entire world will be shocked at the outcome!

Killing an innocent animal has shown the anger that is deep within the Tamil polity. The manner that these Tamils killed the animal is what is shocking. It showed the venom & hatred that had been kept within them coming out in the most shocking way.

It is symbolic of the hatred that they feel within at the LTTE who lost the war. ‘You are of no use to us any more’ is the message that is being relayed to the former LTTERs in the killing of this innocent animal & ironically it is the innocence within the LTTErs that the Sinhala soldier was able to tap & have one time murderers cry while carrying their one time enemy on their shoulders as a mark of respect for the humanity he showed which the Tamil people & politicians chose to deny.

While Prabakaran’s cook has been cooking for Col. Bandu the Sinhala soldier to the envy & jealousy of the TNA/LTTE Diaspora & its Chief Minister, the Tamils respond by killing Prabakaran’s pet animal! It reveals how much the Tamils now hate the LTTE for failing them.

Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “Northern Tamils: Killing an innocent leopard is no way to take revenge on LTTE for losing to the Military”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    This is not the first time such a shameful act has happened in the north. Northern reserves are without large animals. Even the LTTE leader had a leopard in captive and killed it for the pleasure of killing.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Fully agree with the writer.
    “This is what will happen to a lion too, if they attack Tigers” they must be hinting. Cowards have no brains to understand that to show how strong they are, they must fight one to one , without weapons using hands and mouths with the leopard to prove it.

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