Tamil Nadu Police arrests Sri Lankan man near Rameswaram, seizes boat and cache of ammunition
Posted on June 27th, 2018

Press Trust of India 

Rameswaram: A Sri Lankan national, was arrested at Uchipuli Valangapuri coast near Rameswaram while two others escaped into a nearby forest, police said on Wednesday.

Sagaya Stephen from Thalaimannar was seen moving around in suspicious circumstances near the coast last night along with two others when he was arrested, ‘Q’ Branch inspector N Rajeswari said.

Representational image. News18

Representational image. News18

The two others managed to escape into a nearby forest, she added.

The trio had come from Thalaimannar by a fibreglass boat, she said.

Police also seized the boat which was fitted with a Suzuki engine.

Enquiries are on to find out why the trio had come to the town.

Police had on Monday recovered more than 50 boxes of abandoned ammunition, 41 light machine guns, 22 machine guns and five landmines near Thangachimadam area in Ramanathapuram district.

The explosives were recovered after occupants of the house alerted police to what they had discovered while a septic tank was being dug following which police were dispatched to the spot.

2 Responses to “Tamil Nadu Police arrests Sri Lankan man near Rameswaram, seizes boat and cache of ammunition”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I must add something to this article. It is one of my pastime to meet many foreigners as possible for a drink, tea and even a meal. The business I have is bought and run just have a social gathering with these strangers. I do that almost daily just to escape the hectic busy business life I live.
    A few year sago at a similar social I met a Tamil Nadu high ranking police officer who was on an official invitation and for the first 1 hour he was cautious and apprehensive about meeting a Sinhalese like me.
    First like of his defence on me to know that I came from the Christian background.
    I explained to him that that we Sinhalese are a friendly bunch which some of us are historically linked to people from TN and even to Portugal with every other name has a Portuguese sur name and our Sinhalese language has many Portuguese words and even Indian words.
    At that very moment one of our Portuguese maids turned up and I got her to use the computer to give the Portugese words used in the Sinhalese language like
    Shoes — Sapathu
    Shirt … Kamisa
    Had … Thopi
    Table Mesa
    Liver ….Fekuddu
    Last and the most important word which I used to entice the numerous Spanish and Portugese gils I had was

  2. Nimal Says:

    Last and the most important word which I used to entice the numerous Spanish and Portuguese girls friends I had was the most important word that got their attention was MARRAGE and the Portuguese and Spanish word is KASADA.
    He was flabbergasted and I too told him that 99% of the Tamils live amicably with us the Sinhalese and our kings had Dravidian Devales for them. At the end of the day he was very pleased and he showed his anger that some Tamils in SL is using the absurd separatist issues to either make money,unfairly seek refuge in the Western countries thus degrading the people of TN.
    He visited Kandy as a guest of my people and saw to himself the peaceful lives of the Tamils who live among the Sinhalese. I am sure they will now take a hard line on them.
    We also must blame our leaders for the sorry situation when like of Gota gives a diplomatic passport to Karuna,KP is given a VIP status and MR as the Prez allows Cameron to go up, north. He might as well allow likes of Cameron to canvass for VP to become the next Prez.
    We must blame our leaders of the past for our sorry situation, when we should be the real miracle of Asia.
    Too busy to correct this.
    Why can’t our two bit roughish leaders do what I could do to promote the island. I am ashamed to be a Sinhalese and we are a failing race….

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