Ranil, Hitler, and Maria Abi-Habib
Posted on July 1st, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

Ranil Wickramasinghe is in a panic mode with the coming Presidential elections for which he is being proposed as a candidate by the UNP. Having lost at elections 30 times  facing the 31st election is  for him a very trying situation. He was already lucky to have had become the Prime Minister without having to face any elections , but the Presidential election is another kettle of fish.

Therefore he hangs onto any straw to keep afloat in the flood of votes that sounds rushing in another direction. In order to  stop the tide of the people’s anger  taking him away  it becomes necessary for Ranil W to pull up his trousers, turn round  looking at his group of parliamentarians ,and laughing at his own joke,  does his gipsy dance in the well of the Parliament . The PM Ranil tries to show his knowledge of Buddhism and comes out showing only his ignorance of Buddha Dharma. He claps and sings to Buddhan Saranang Gachchaami  in the cause of his speeches in the well of parliament and irritates the Buddhists.

Recently when a Buddhist Monk innocently referred to Hitler in referring to the necessity of a strong leader  who can work in order to put to right all the wrongs done by the Yahapalanaya Government of Prime Minister Ranil . Ranil holds on to the word Hitler” out of context to say the Buddha did not want any one to be a Hitler.  The Buddha was in a past era and  Hitler in another  and how can Ranil make that ridiculous statement,  for which his UNP followers clapped ?

Ranil Wickramasinghe is indeed a nervous man today , as his probable opponents at the Presidential election are already popular  amoung the people, and instead of winning over the people  he thinks his success depends on to the extent he could disable his opponents, by putting them in prison and spreading calamitous and damaging false news concocted against them. The international  trio-USA,UK and India,  who helped in the change of Rajapakse regime in 2015 are already at work to support RanilW’s Presidential election campaign.

A New York Times  reporter like some of those foreign reporters, human rights activists, the Human Rights Watch the Amnesty International, those American women  who were living with the terrorists during the period of military operations against terrorism in Sri Lanka have started their campaign against  those Presidential Candidates who are likely to be more popular than Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Ranil Wickramasinghe being  the candidate who has the support of the west, the CIA,RAW and the MI5. In addition to that  Ranil has his own circus clowns like Ranjan Ramanayake to exaggerate falsehood and make a big fuss over it making some people feel there is some truth in the falsehood.

For Americans and their henchmen like the UN High Commissioners of the UN Human Rights Council, lies do not matter,  it is the way they make the  accusations that is essential. The Committee members who wrote the infamous Darusman Report did not step into Sri Lanka,  but prepared a report that was accepted by the US State Department and the UN High Commissioner Zeid  al-Hussin to pass a resolution accusing the Sri Lanka Armed forces for war crimes. And the UNP to which Ranil Wickramasinghe gives leadership thrives on these ill founded accusations to the extent of even  sponsoring the US Resolution against Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

Maria Abi-Habib a reporter of the New York times reported that the China Harbour Engineering Company had given the former President Mahinda Rajapakse a large sum of money for his political campaign. The Reporter of course uses one stone to kill two birds Mahinda Rajapakse their  bête noire,  and China-  America’s Rival world leader.

Abi-Habib  has called her article How China Got Sri Lanka to cough up a Port. But it is more appropriately how Maria Abi-Habab got the New York Times to cough up a handy sum of money for a false report she could have written even sitting before her  Computer in her own home. For the New York Times what is necessary is  abig story” and does not matter how much of truth it contains.

Once the report is out the news paper washes its hands and poison gets worse and worse as it spreads.  Maria Abi-Habib may even get an award for Global Investigative Journalism.

The Local Nan reporting in the Island says she knew it all before Maria Abi-Habib got it. What is the guarantee that Nan was not the one who wrote the article for Maria Abi-Habib and that Maria did not cough up” some thing in return  for the tip ? Rajan Philip has already come out with his  bit of the contribution to Maria Abi-Habib’s tale  Kumar David  has still not stepped in but he will soon do.

This is all what Yahapalanaya wanted when it said that Sri Lanka which had been isolated from the International Community, and they are doing their best to make friends with  West and remove Mahinda Rajapakse’s fear of an electric Chair. We have seen that these new found friend did not cough up” any aid to Sri Lanka to help in its development projects , but they are doing things to benefit themselves. The New York Times article to damage the Chinese reputation is itself a gain for them.

In the mean time the FCID the Ranils Police Force is preparing the ground for a possible arrest of Gotabhaya Rajapakse. If he could do it the path would be clean for Ranil to walk up to the Presidential Chair.

Best thing that the Rajapakse camp could do is just to leave the issue alone as more noise they make to deny it,  more will be the spreading of fake news. Spreading of fake news is a crime and there are many who could be arrested if the law functions well in Sri Lanka with Ranjan Ramanayake  arrestd first of all then follow up with local journalists and columnists.

There will be more dreams, lies and  fiction turned into articles accusing the Sri Lanka Presidential Candidates opposing Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Candidature will be seen in the Sri Lanka print media including those follow ups from Nan, Rajan and Kumar David at al. before the end of the year.

In the mean time the Puravasi Balaya NGO Organisation led by  Dambara Amila thero is also, getting their Organisations to cough up” enough funds for their taking up the New York Time’s  report to spread it amoung the people.

That is the whole of it and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe sits back awaiting his rival Presidential Candidates to get nailed, so that he will come out  clean  as the winning  Presidential Candidate at the elections.

There is no end of fabrication of lies by the Yahapalanaya against its opponents since they came into power on the 8th January,2015. That will continue as long as they are in power, and that is all that the people will get from the Sirisena-Ranil Yahapalanaya they elected to see a change.

3 Responses to “Ranil, Hitler, and Maria Abi-Habib”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Charles for the article explaining the background leading to the events.

    Opposition should also force an investigation on American / Indian / UK funding of 2015 election in bringing their pet dogs to power.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    In accessing Maria Abi Habib, there must be a hand of LieTTE rump.

  3. Charles Says:

    Hirantha I think it is the Tamil Diaspora at work. The information however is not difficult to come by. It may have come from some of the UNP members. I saw a young UNP back bencher supporting Maria Abi-Habib.. Even Duminda Dissanayake was speaking of the Clocks and Sarees. They are now all together . There should be investigations on the issue and also what John Kerry said about funds provided to Nigeria , Mynamar and Sri Lanka for regime change, and the funds supplied by USA for the Yahapalanaya 100 day programme. Please see Shamindra Ferdinndo’s article in Sinhala in Lanka web.

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