Posted on July 2nd, 2018


It seems that many religions have done a mistake attempting to interpret beginning and end of the universe as a religious event.  If religions were limited to preach only the social philosophy there wouldn’t be many religions with different philosophies. The social philosophy of all religions seems to be very similar. As the social philosophy purely focuses on the practical policy and the implementation of such aspects, we could have seen more different world today and no many religions exist in the world at present and there wouldn’t be conflicts between religions or the sects of them and the world would be more peaceful and the best place to live.

Current researches have revealed that when human beings manifested to this world, they were living with fear due to the threat from outside. Human has a unique power of thinking as they have a brain which supports to think on a broader spectrum of abstraction and a capacity to understand possible threats as well as working out strategy to problem solving.  The behaviour of other animals reflects that animals also have an ability to understanding threats, but human has a superior power of thinking and consciousness to workout successful strategies to avoid threats. Animals have no such thinking power and strategic wisdom to avoid threats although they have purposes such as a bird to fly and fish to swim.

Using the thinking power, human attempted to worship things, manipulate ideas, adulate images or animals or spirits to get out of fear believing that such worships could be influenced to human life and gain relief to minds from the unrest or anxiety created, which subjected life threating or changing human to deceases. As a result of such thinking, religions originated to this world and later they were differentiated with a variety of philosophies invented through thinking and beliefs of different personnel. The ascendency of religions was that they were supported to achieve the purpose of human being at the high extent and the existence of religions also bolstered to develop highly regarded moral values in the human society.  Therefore, nobody can undermine the role of religions though they have many differences from each other.

A religion is a way of helping and training human to civilized practices in the society and an apparatus for socialization.  It controls human attitudes, which are related to actions of human and judging the right or wrong of the attitudes.  Sometimes religions might teach incorrect and harmful philosophies and actions as they were invented by humans without practically testing how practically impact such philosophical views in the world, despite the invention of religious philosophies the science practically test the way experiment results concussion in the society before authentic its findings.  But the social philosophy of religions tremendously supports to build a right-thinking pattern of human and to prevent the possible wrongdoing of human and to build a just society.

Religions have originated to this world as a spiritual support to a successful life, which could be interpreted by different people prioritizing the attitudes. The true story is that religions originated in this world as a result of humans’ thinking power and a supportive mental instrument to provide security to human beings. According to this point of views, religious believers must use their thinking power to avoid insecurity among human beings and to maintain peace and stability of the world.  The role of religion is to maintain peace and stability of the world whilst providing mental reliefs, comfortability, and patience to human society.  Current experience in the world appears that religions in the world are working against the originally expected role of religions. Sometimes, the actions and attitudes of religions are visibly harmful humans as they are involved in philosophical myths.

As a result of the operational patterns of religions in the modern era, it appears that many people are distancing from religions without trust in them.  In Australia, 30% of the population expressed that they are not affiliated to a religion at a recent census conducted.  Why religions have faced with a declining trend, the factual interpretations or reasons have given to the declining trend is many believe that religions are on the hands of wrong people who become administers or an authority of religions despite the original purpose and role of the religions. Current administrators or authority of religions work against the fundamental objectives and the roles of religions.  Religious inventors haven’t had such intention to convert the philosophy into a commercial enterprise or corporate institution, which gives prominence to desires.  It was observed that at Sunday mass in churches collect donations disturbing the religious practice of devotees. Many activities of Buddhist and Hindu temples are related to business, politics and dividing people against the unity. As in the modern era, religions become commercial enterprises with profit motives they would not fulfil the expectations of people from a religion.  It also seems that religious administrators are having a more comfortable life than the majority of the followers of the religions. In Sri Lanka recently revealed that many Buddhist and Hindu Temples collect Rs billions as a donation from devotees but nobody knows how much volume of money actually used for the benefits of humans. There are  many stories expressed about behaviour of religious priests, Buddhist monks, Muslim Mullahs and clerics and Hindu curates.  The lives of religious inventors were related to fasting, praying, meditating, preaching and helping human beings and they refused comfortable living conditions.

Religion inventors did not intend to use religions as human disasters.  The original philosophy of religions attempted to find solutions to human disasters and problems through peace, justice, and liberation. However, modern religious authorities attempt to interpret religious philosophies in the way to destroy human beings.  Current Middle East experiences clearly indicate that religions are using as an instrument to destroy the human.  They would not bring necessary peace and stability to human.

Religious believers do not want to divide religions into sects and launch wars between sects to destroy human and make collateral damages.  Many religions have this type of internal struggles openly or silently, but religious leaders or administrators of religions have not taken any actions to prevent such internal wars and to unite believers under the philosophy of the religion.  Therefore, it is obvious from the current actions of the religions that modern operations of religions are not confined to religious inventors’ wishes and religions are managing consistent with administrators’ attitudes. The nature of humanity is that it is subject to commit mistakes.  As leaders of religions are human, their decisions might not accurate always and there is a possibility of human errors and erroneous judgments.

All over the world, we can observe that religious leaders involved in politics and believers do not like this political involvement of religions. Religions can make comments or act against political judgments if such decisions are fundamentally contradicting with religious philosophy, what we can see in the modern world is that religious leaders are willingly participating political process and support to political parties for own advantages.  The consequences of such political process are to spread hate against a human being and working against the original purpose of the religion.

There is no argument that religions have made a tremendous contribution to human civilization and the existence of human beings.  Religions had a single origin when it manifested and later it was divided into many faces.  Greek philosophy indicates that when the universe was created knowledge also with it and human has a responsibility to discover the knowledge.  The role of discovering the knowledge is done by the science and technology and we can see that science and technology also play a destructive role as a part of the process of discovering the knowledge.  For example, we can see that science and technology have invested weapons, which could be used to destroy human being as well as the universe.  Therefore, religions need to join hand with science and technology then the original purpose of religions would be fulfilling a highly effective role-playing for human civilization.

Science, technology, and religions need a coexistence with a view to discovering the knowledge with practicing moral values and to direct the science and technology to go ahead right way.  When the coexistence of developing between three factors, it would remove religions from the hands on wrong people.

The modern world is highly dependent on money, someone can argue that religions cannot play their role without money.  That idea is correct to a certain extent.  Religions need money to survive its administrators and to help human but obvious experience in modern time is religious administrators use religion to get rich them.



    I strongly suggest that you read and reflect upon, Professor Yuvan Noah Harari’s two books – Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind, and Homo Deus: A brief history of Tomorrow, which have become international sensations, New York Times Best Sellers and translated to 40+ languages. These books will help you in increasing your horizon of thinking to take various issues, especially of theistic religions, in very objective manner.

    The following are a few random thoughts on his thinking:
    All large-scale human cooperation is based on fiction. This is most clear in the case of religion, especially other people’s religion. You can easily understand that, yes, millions of people come together to cooperate in a crusade or a jihad or to build the cathedral or a synagogue because all of them believe some fictional story about God and heaven and hell.
    What is much more difficult to realize is that exactly the same dynamic operates in all other kinds of human cooperation. If you think about human rights, human rights are a fictional story just like God and heaven. They are not a biological reality. Biologically speaking, humans don’t have rights. If you take Homo sapiens and look inside, you find the heart and the kidneys and the DNA. You don’t find any rights. The only place rights exist is in the stories that people have been inventing.
    Another very good example is money. Money is probably the most successful story ever told. It has no objective value. It’s not like a banana or a coconut. If you take a dollar bill and look at it, you can’t eat it. You can’t drink it. You can’t wear it. It’s absolutely worthless. We think it’s worth something because we believe a story. We have these master storytellers of our society, our shamans — they are the bankers and the financiers and the chairperson of the Federal Reserve, and they come to us with this amazing story that, “You see this green piece of paper? We tell you that it is worth one banana.”

    If I believe it and you believe it and everybody believes it, it works. It actually works. I can take this worthless piece of paper, go to a complete stranger who I never met before, give him this piece of paper, and he in exchange will give me a real banana that I can eat.

    This is really amazing, and no other animal can do it. Other animals sometimes trade. Chimpanzees, for example, they trade. You give me a coconut. I’ll give you a banana. That can work with a chimpanzee, but you give me a worthless piece of paper and you expect me to give you a banana? That will never work with a chimpanzee. This is why we control the world, and not the chimpanzees. Because it is based on stories, human society is far more flexible and dynamic than any other society on earth, and at the same time, it’s also far more fragile.

    Sapiens rule the world, because we are the only animals that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. We can create mass cooperation networks, in which thousands and millions of complete strangers work together towards common goals. The end result is that in contrast to all other animals, we Sapiens are living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand, the imagined reality of gods, nations and companies. As history unfolded, the imagined reality became ever more powerful, so that today the very survival of rivers, trees and lions depends on the grace of imagined entities such as Almighty God, the European Union and Google.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    All religions were founded pre-science. In the olden days people used to worship trees, mountains etc. etc. But
    today in this scientific era religions have to pass the ‘science test’ to be accepted as true. Scientific discoveries,
    theories have shown the world how the universe was formed, life began etc. etc.

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution showed the world how the humans evolved for 3000 million years to be
    what we are today. Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all these other species, including plant life
    came to being. These discoveries made creator god or any god for that matter a mockery. In addition to all
    that NASA’s missions showed us the size of the earth is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where
    distances are measured in light years and no scientist knows the edges of it to date.

    What we see in the night sky as stars are billions of miles away from us. They look so tiny because the vast
    vast vast distance from us. Some of them could even be suns in different solar systems. That’s how big the
    universe is. To think a god created something of this magnitude is laughable in this day and age. But who is
    going to say/admit they are following a myth when those religions have powerful organisations to safeguard
    the existence/propagation. What’s more they have paid priests/imams, unlike Buddhist monks, to
    propagate their religions. Simply put, those religions are run like multi national corporations who have
    so much to lose if they tell their followers it is not god’s work. So they carry on.

    Buddhism, the only true religion in the world, meantime get destroyed/frowned upon by these other religions
    since it poses a real threat to them. All powerful media in most countries are run by followers of those religions.
    While one religion uses its money and power to propagate, another uses having more and more children to
    destroy Buddhism in Buddhist countries. That’s how old Buddhist iran, pakisthan, afganisthan, maldives,
    malaysia and indonesia became non Buddhist countries within a few hundred years. Google to see those
    countries old Buddhist heritages. So is there any wonder they are hell bent on destroying the only true
    religion in the world?

    Buddhism was
    founded over 2,500 years ago. Sadly, Buddhism disappeared from India within a short time. Reason?
    Buddhism isn’t a religion of convenience and it didn’t fit the Indian society with its caste system, animal
    sacrifice etc. So it quickly disappeared. Late religions copied some of Buddha’s teachings like the Five Precepts
    (last 5 commandments in ten commandments), heaven etc. etc. Today, Buddhism isn’t even mentioned in some
    countries when they talk about major religions. Buddhism’s non violence nature itself is used to destroy the
    only true religion in the world.

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