Is this our legacy?
Posted on July 3rd, 2018

Chandrasena Pandithage


Moving clouds bring them news

Spread darkness throughout the state

Bam! Bam! Bam! a new song

Make people run, singing run run run


Oh, our dear heroes!

You are the prominent figures who love the country

Dark clouds are removed

Open the pathway to see Sun, Moon and stars


Sun, Moon and Star rays began to flow back

Blood and flesh smells vanished

Blooming flowers spread freshness

Parties, kinds of music uprooted past


Liberation has no long life.

Satan stand and demand a change

And they override the society

Satanists are released and compensated


You are openly insulted

Liberation is still far away

Prison gates are open

The dark high walls are sadly waiting


Our history nominated a person for this stage

Where is he now?

Dear leader, where are you?

Prince “Diyasena ” come soon, people are ready!


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