British colonial robbers did not  give us an Independence!
Posted on July 7th, 2018


British when took over our homeland by conspiracy and force in 1815 which was then SINHALE that is clearly documented in the Up Country Convention” comprised of Maldives Islands which was belonged to the SINHALE Kandyan Kingdom until then and when the bogus duped independence was granted in 1948 was CEYLON sans Maldives Islands.

Well, if the English translation to SINHALE is CEYLON fine.

If it is true independence we need our Kingdom of Thun Sinhale RUHUNU, PIHITI and MAYA, Our Sinhale legal system and everything else associated with it and more importantly the Maldives Islands back, unless we are yet a partial colony of British and which is why they fingering on all our affairs to date.

Whatever they plundered should be returned, our Heritage, Assets, Lands and Environment, Sinhala medical system and everything that was robbed from us. British colonials have no self-respect if they decline and they are mere invaders, robbers, conquerors and bastards.

The British also should take care of the estate Tamils who were brought here and gave us another unwanted shit to become headache so far, we did not ask southern Indian Tamils to come here. There can be no Tamil Malayanaadu here.

Dutch who brought Indians for Tobacco cultivation and settled in North should also be taken back and given their homeland elsewhere, because we did not bring them here nor they have any hereditary rights here for a claimed homeland with the help of their colonial masters.

All of them speak Tamil language whether they are Hindu, Christian or Muslims belonged to same above and has no land rights here. Thus there is no question of Tamil or any other Homeland or Designated areas for minorities, illegals and cult followers.

Sinhela people should learn this reality, learn the history, comprehend the cause of all the problems and garbage we are enduring and stop voting politicians who maintain and feed MULTICULTURALISM that will over the time decimate SINHELA nation, our Motherland, Culture.

Your future generation will curse you living today for not having done the duty of the era and our millions of forefathers, mothers, infants alike, who gave their lives in a sacrifice and faced brutal, inhuman punishments at the hand of western occupiers.

You cannot expect relief from any of the problems and you will be plundered continuously by duped politicians who follow damn multiparty democracy enforced on us by bloody colonials.

This land that was offered several times to Buddha and his noble Dhamma is polluted, colonial rules practiced and we are being cursed by Devas.

You continue to slave these bastards and their preaching, endure pain, get decimated and get lost!

  • Devas unhappy are cursing you.
  • Kings and Hela people who built this land and culture over two millania are cursing.
  • Dhamma is disappearing from land, the Cause and Effect taking on you.

Simply, Multiparty democracy cannot do !



4 Responses to “British colonial robbers did not  give us an Independence!”

  1. Christie Says:

    “Devas unhappy are cursing you.”

    Sihanese never believed in the so called “Deawas”

    “Kings and Hela people who built this land and culture over two millania are cursing.”

    We Sinhalese have a history spanning more than one hundred thousand years according to latest archeological findings. Please read Ramayana.

    “Dhamma is disappearing from land, the Cause and Effect taking on you.”

    One has to understand Cause and Effect and take necessary actions.

    The cause of our problems are Indian Colonial Parasites. Our current situation is the Effect.

    We Sinhalese should unite and stand up to India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

  2. Caesar Says:

    Dear Sinhela people!

    All problems that developed and existing in Ceylon is due to damn multiparty democracy that was imposed on the country and western legal system by British colonials when leaving here.

    Multiparty democracy and western legal system does not suite Ceylon and its lengthy culture should be totally eliminated if you need country back on development and it’s former glory.

    First of all it should be Sinhale (Ceylon).

    Then Kingdom and Sinhale law and order.

    We will develop fast flourish in every Sphere and gloryfy in the world.

    No other solution at all. Changing pillow does not cure the headache. Bandaging wound no solution fuzz is oosing.

    Treat the headache or wound. Treat to the cause. Waste of time and resources.

    – Wimaladharmasooriya the 6th (yet to come) –

  3. Caesar Says:

    Hard truth!

    There is no question of ethnic problem in Ceylon.

    1. Northern Tamils were brought in by Dutch for labour in Tobacco cultivation. They evolved populated and claiming a homeland in North and East.

    2. Estate Tamils were brought in by British for labour in Tea industry. They too multiplied and J R J gave them cizenship for votes in 1978.

    3. Muslim issue.
    South Indian Tamils converted to Islam and came for trading staying and multiplying.
    Middle Eastern traders came in to save life from Portuguese stayed back multiplying.
    Dutch brought Malay morons (later became Moore) for police duty.

    All three types Muslims well flourished and increasing population in unity wants to conquer our hela land.

    They all became well established above the Sinhela people due to your own faults.

    None of the above has heraditory rights to hela land.

    There is no so called ethnic problem but minorities conspiring to conquer our hela land and Decimate Sinhela people.

    If this is not eliminated now and early as possible they will eliminate Sinhela people silently and tricky will take over our hela land that was saved by thousands of our heroes of the past by sacrificing their lives.

    No time to waste. You should know what to do.

    Hail H*****!

  4. Nimal Says:

    Looks like my comment had disappeared. As I written our true independence began after 1815 where we had all the tools of our liberty and security. The colonials were duty bound to have court houses, the police, hospitals schools, civil service ,cemeteries and public toilets etc etc. What we have now is a poor imitation and we need the colonial types to change our weak culture that might take at least 70 years.

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