Posted on July 9th, 2018


Ranil – Maithree government is providing its blessings for the LTTE Diaspora to accelerate its propaganda work.  In this regard the latest strategy is to enhance the international support for the change of Constitution through a massive protest movement against Sinhalese.

It is also a timely step in the right direction before the Provincial, General and Presidential Elections, as anti Sri Lankans lobby groups are sensing the return of President Rajapakse to power.  To strengthen  these lobby groups, Ranil-Maithree are  encouraging provocative statements from Tamil Leaders with the intention of creating a racial tension amongst the Sinhalese and trap Rajapakse Leadership as a scapegoat.

At a time the Government need to arrest MP Vijayakala and prevent her from leaving the country, this dumbfounded regime is keeping the door open for her to leave Sri Lanka.

When she arrives in London very soon, she will be received by a massive crowd of Tamils, supported by an equally anti Sri Lankan White Dickheads.

The resurrection of front line LTTE agenda will begin, the restrictions against the banned LTTE movement will diminish, a new Leadership will begin its operations against Sri Lanka, with its unofficial Tamil-Ealam Head Office set up in the heart of London.

Ranil and his clan will enjoy the stolen funds from the Central Bank fraud, whilst adding more and more funds through LTTE as well to win the forthcoming Elections.


  1. Christie Says:

    Indian interests used London s base to start and propagate Indian terrorists (LTTE) going back more than half a century. Anyone heard of EROS?

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    We cannot stop their re-grouping. Until they get their selfish and unfair dream Ealam established on this Island which belongs to Hela people, they will not sleep.

    Rising of Pohottuwa was the biggest thing happened in the modern history of SL after the 2009 May defeat of killer Velu and his gang of psychopaths. February 2018 changed the confidence of Yahap team and they started panicing. Out of their panic, all these clandestinely done activities got highlighted aiming for the Ealam project.

    When this news goes to the ordinary folks, whether they are Green or Blue supporters, chill of fear will start running in their spines as the horrible memories of Killer Velu’s atrocities will come to their minds and hound them.

    This will group them together in the defence of their Mother Land for the second time in a span of 10 years. Good for Mother Lanka.

    Yahaps and Ealam team knows this, but they cannot stop taking actions as 100,000’s of Diaspora members will stop contributing to the LieTTE coffer. The key LieTTE members are living with these funds and also they are paying their home mortgages with this money collected from ordinary Tamils.

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