Non-existing Problems,Unrealistic Demands,Wrongful Historical Facts and Genuine Reconciliation by People of Vishwamadu
Posted on July 10th, 2018


Whatever it is no homeland for Tamils here and no special problems for tamils in Sri Lanka and therefore, no separate state, federalism or elam in Sri Lanka for Tamils as it is the country belonging to Sri Lankans where Majority is Sinhalese as a race and the Majority is Buddhist as a Religion and accept it and live as this is the reality.

We do not want any reconciliation with Racists thugs, But, reconciliation among Sinhalese, Tamils already there genuinely heart to heart and definitely not to the terms of so called Tamil political leaders and other Racists thugs. The genuine reconciliation was dislayed in no uncertain terms by the people of Vishwamadu, Mulathivu, Kilinochchiya whilst extending a fitting farewell to a Very Senior Military Officer much to the annoyance of Racist thugs such as Sivajilingam, Wigneshwaran, TNA and a few other individuals. Today, tamil masses have realized the truth and the reality very well and there is a serious rift and gap has created between so called Tamil political leaders carrying the racist agenda and the ordinary Tamil masses.

So called Tamil political leaders genuinely concerned about well being of Tamil masses for their day to day living, they shall join hands with other races to fight for common problems of Sri Lankans rather than wasting time for fanciful slogans for non-existing problems with unrealistic demands as solutions.

If the racist thugs claim the tamils converted to Buddhist and as Sinhalese, the balance Tamils in the present day is also can do the same if they want to and we welcome you as well because they all become Sri Lankans where they start thinking as Sri Lankans and Living as Sri Lankans.

We have no problem if they stay as Tamils, but no separate state or elam or federalism under any circumstances.Do not ever think that it is going to happen.

Do not bark like  dogs with all the wrong facts and if you do not know the real facts about the history, do not  make comments like  Racists thugs. Besides, it is not a surprise that Tamils who have come to Sri Lanka as Pluderers, Smugglers,Slaves, Kallathonies, Captured during invasions etc do not know about the history. Everybody knows who fought against Portugese, Dutch and British when they occupied Sri Lanka where Portughese and Dutch brought Tamils from Tamilnadu to work in their Tobacco cultivation and Tea estates respectively as SLAVES.
In fact, Tamils as a whole siding with colonial powers to get benefits rather than fighting with them.

Having said so, we would like to tell the Racists thugs that you all will never ever get any respect or acceptance among the majority of this country as long as you talk against the Majority race and the Majority Religion.

In the midst of talking of resurrecting LTTE, we are very confident that Tamil masses will  ever accept any violent means for non-existing problems with unrealistic demands as solutions preached since the formation of Tamil Arasu Katchtchi by Chelvanayagam in 1933 as the 1st Terrorist and taken through over the years by Amirthalingam and ended up on the banks of Nanthikadal Lagoon by annihilation of LTTE and its leader Prabhakaran and his lieutenants.

3 Responses to “Non-existing Problems,Unrealistic Demands,Wrongful Historical Facts and Genuine Reconciliation by People of Vishwamadu”

  1. Christie Says:

    Tamils in our country are Indian Colonial Parasites like other Indians here. These Parasites are in all former British-Indian colonies.

    Tails should claim their own country that existed for thousands of years in the Indian Sub Continent before the British made it part of India.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    As President Putin told the minorities in Russia ” We don’t need you. You need us”. If the Tamils are not happy with all the rights they have, they are most welcome to go to their homeland Tamil Nadu, the biggest cess pit on earth.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Well said Sarath W.

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