People’s power
Posted on July 11th, 2018

Chandrasena Pandithage

Nowadays Sri Lankan government need 250 billion rupees for its monthly operations. These 250 billion rupees monthly flow from people’s pocket to the government treasury. This is the Powerball and Its always give strength for ongoing government operations. The government and the people of Sri Lanka must understand their relationship to this Powerball clearly. These 250 billion rupees are the power of government and this money is the essence of people of Sri Lanka too. This is a circulation process and the Powerball must roll in both courts equally. But under established Sirisena government, the established circulation process stopped and introduced a flow mechanism. The newly established mechanism started to flow the people’s essence for government operations continuously without giving any benefit to the people. Mostly this is similar to the olden days’ slavery system with a modern outlook. This system cannot improve people’s earning capacity and now its reach to the end. Now it has no power to move beyond this point anymore. People strongly stand against established the new system and they show their anger through the local government elections held on 10th of February 2018. Since then the people have been waiting for the new era with high hopes.

But the people’s message is ignored by losers and winners too and accelerate the government oppression much higher than earlier. The tax commissioner starts to threat to people. The circumstances force people’s to think new technics to fight against the government’s brutalism. People know very clearly about their power and the way to use it wisely. The Powerball is the real power of people and they can turn the Powerball into a fireball easily to burn down the government under strong leadership. The question is who got the power to give leadership at this stage? People look at the sky keep searching a bright star who could light their path for a bright future.

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