Athul Keshap US Ambassador an Economic Hit Man ? Did he sponsor the New York Times’ article ? World Bank too is a client of Economic Hit Men.
Posted on July 13th, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

How ignorant we are ? Do you  really know the white man or woman  who  knocked against you some where in  Colombo ?

Was he or she just a tourist, an Economic Hit Man , a C.I.A sanctioned Jackal- a killer who would not hesitate to remove a politician dangerous to USA Strategy  for the making of the Global Empire, an undercover journalist, or a spy for the American State Department ? They come in different forms incognito, as a tourist, a Journalist, a highly paid specialist, or  professional from an American Multi Million Company.

One has to read John Perkin’s book The new confession of an Economic Hit Man ” , to understand how America prepares for the making of a global empire. ( New confessions of an Economic Hit Man eBook:John Perkins:Kindle Store)

John Perkins when he completed his tour of Peace Corps,  was offered a position as an economist at MAIN an American Company in Engineering business. His tutor Claudine” introducing him to his job told him that he was expected to justify international loans  that would funnel money back to MAIN( the employer) and their US Companies through massive engineering and constructive projects that would work to bankrupt the countries that receive those loans so that they would be forever beholden to their creditors and would present easy targets when we (US) needed favours such as military bases , UN Votes, or access to oil  and other natural resources…..and persuade the leaders  of those countries  not to align with  Soviet Union ( now China and Russia), and assure  loyalty  of governments around the world.

Below is an extract from the Preface to John Perkin’s book, which itself is a store house of information that discredits stories based on news items in the American  written media  repeated by the loud mouthed  UNP Ministers and deputy Ministers as Gospel truth, in their television debates or press conferences  to discredit the opposition- specially  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse .

Economic hitmen (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World  Bank, the US Agency for International Development(USAID), and other foreign aid organizations,  into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortions, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new  and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. I should know ; I was an EHM

I wrote that in 1982, as the beginning of a book with the working title Conscience of an Economic Hit Man.  The book was dedicated to the heads of states  of two countries, men who had been my clients, whom I respected and thought of as kindred spirits-Jaime Roldos of Ecuador and Omar Torrijos of Panama. Both had just died in fiery crashes . Their deaths were not accidental. They were assassinated because they opposed that fraternity of corporate, government, and banking heads whose goal is  global empire. We EHMs failed to bring  Roldos and Torrijos around, and other type of hit men, the CIA-sanctioned jackals who were always right behind us, stepped in.

I was persuaded  to stop writing that book, I started it four  more times  during the next twenty years. On each occasion , my decision  to begin  again was influenced  by current world events: the US invasion of Panama in 1989, the first Gulf War, Somalia, the rise of Osama bin Laden or bribes  always convinced me to stop.

In 2003, the president of a major publishing  house  that is owned by  a powerful international corporation read a draft of what  had now become  Confession of en Economic Hit Man.  He described  it as a riveting  story that needs to be told.” Then he smiled sadly, shook his head, and told me  that since the executives at the  world headquarters might object, he could not afford to  risk publishing it. We could market you in the mold of a novelist like John le Carré or Graham Green.”

But this is not fiction.  It is the true story  of my life. It is the story of the creation of a system that has failed us. A more courageous  publisher  one not owned by an international corporation, agreed to help me tell it.”  End of fist extract.

John Perkins was told by his informant Claudine of the MAIN Staff ”, that the educated men in the exploited countries will oppose America, burn the US flag  and demonstrate in front of US Embassies , but those who demonstrate may be educated people, however, they will have no clue that the main reason  why we (US) establish Embassies  around the world is to  serve our own interest  which during the last half of the  twentieth century  meant creating history’s first truly global empire- a corporate empire supported and driven by US Government.

John Perkin continues his Preface, ……………….This book is the confession of a man who, back when I was an EHM, was part of a relatively small group. People who play similar roles  are much more abundant now. They have euphemistic titles; they walk the corridors  of fortune 500 companies like Exxon,Walmart, General Motors, and Monsanto; they use the EHM system to promote their private interests………”

Let’s now go to the Introduction, The New Confessions.”  John Perkins states I am haunted every day by what I did as an economic hit man(EHM). I am haunted by lies I told them about the World Bank. I’m haunted by the ways  in which that bank,  its sister organisations , and I empowered  US Corporations to spread their cancerous tentacles  across the planet. I am haunted by the payoffs to the leaders of poor countries, the blackmail, and the threats, that if they resisted , if they refused to accept  loans that would enslave  their countries  in debt, the CIA’s jackals would over throw or assassinate them….”

Claudine Martin, Special Consultant to Chas.T.Main, Inc.,  Perkins’ tutor says , We’re a small exclusive club, we’re paid-well paid- to cheat countries around the globe  out of billions of dollars. A large part of  your job is to  encourage world leaders to become part of a vast network  that promotes  US commercial interests. In the end, those leaders  become ensnared  in a web of debt that ensures their loyalty. We can draw on them when ever we desire – to satisfy  our political, economic, or military needs. In turn, these leaders bolster their  political positions by bringing industrial parks, power plants, and airports to their people. Meanwhile ,the owners of US engineering and construction companies  become fabulously wealthy…….”

Economic Hit Men draw their salaries from the private  sector . As a result , their dirty work , if exposed ,would be chalked up to corporate greed rather than to (US) government policy. (Chapter three of  John Perkins The New Confession of an Economic Hit Man.)

The World Bank which advices the Yahapalanaya on its financial management  is not so clean as it appears. It appears on the list of clients  of the Economic Hit Man John Perkins designated as  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The World Bank and the IMF are not friendly towards developing countries they have their own agenda which is the preparation for the Global Empire. The World Bank helps poor countries to be indebted to  America and move away from the influence of China and Russia.

The Americaan Ambassador Athul Keshap was not a friend of Sri Lanka. He was in the regime change business, if he was not an EHM. Before he left Sri Lanka after the end of his tour of service, he made a  call on the TNA Leader Sampanthan to tell him to continue to agitate for the writing of a new Constitution knowing very well that the majority Community of Sri Lanka opposes the writing of a new Constitution. But the  Kith Athul the American Ambssador  had told  Sampanthan that it is only with the writing of a new Constitution that Sri Lanka could expect development of the country.

American Ambassador Athul Keshup  was working for the separation of communities in Sri Lanka and not for their unity. That is the object of the EHM,  the CIA and the Jackals coming after them. The Sri Lankans should be happy that at last Kith Athul  is leaving Sri Lanka even though there is no reason to be happy knowing already what  we will get in return is not any different from the one who is leaving.

With the withdrawal of America  from the membership of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva , the resolution against Sri Lanka which was moved by America becomes legally ineffective and further action on it should come to an end.

But the American Ambassador had said that America’s withdrawal from the Council does not end America pursuing the effective implementation of the resolution. But it is incorrect  for America to now  interfere into the activities of the Council when it has rejected all interest in the Human Rights Council calling it a cesspool of  political bias.

How can USA come back to the Council which it insulted as a cess pool and a biased institution to dictate terms as to what it should or should not do with regard to the Resolution it  moved against Sri Lanka?

In the  chapter 25 of his book John Perkins seems melancholic. He had decided to resign from MAIN. He says ……..I came face-to-face with the shocking fact that I too had been a slaver, that my job at MAIN  had not been just about using debt to draw poor countries into global empire. My inflated fore casts were not merely  vehicles for assuring that when my country needed oil we could call in our pound of flesh, and my position as a partner was not simply about enhancing the firm’s  profitability.  My job was also about people and their families , people akin to the ones who died  to construct the wall I sat on, people I had exploited…….”

After leaving the MAIN and giving up his role of an EHM, John Perkins was later called to be a witness to support over estimated development projects proposed to poor countries. He was however a sad man  because he had seen people friendly leaders like Jaime Roldos of Ecuador  and Torrijos Herrera of Panama assassinated by the Jackals of the CIA.

John Perkins says that America wanted them removed, as they were not  ready to allow to be manipulated by America with its EHM, the CIA , the World Bank and the IMF and deprive their people of the benefit from the oil in Ecuador, and from nationalisation of the Panama Canal in Panama.

They were called Dictators by America like they call the people friendly leader Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka by the West and American Funded NGOs. John Perkins says  now that he is a father of a young girl, he feared for the future she would inherit , and that he was weighed down with the guilt for the part he had played.

This book has to be read by every one in Sri Lanka who thinks that the West friendly  Yahapalanaya of Sirisena and Ranil still has a role to play as leaders of Sri Lanka. Longer the Yahapalany continues to lead the country more difficult will it be to recover Sri Lanka  from the disastrous political abyss into which it has fallen.

It is the duty of every one in politics in Sri Lanka,  including the young UNP back benchers in the Parliament to read every page of this book The new Confessions of an Economic HitMan by John Perkins.”

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  1. Christie Says:

    I like the last para.

    The writer and all Sinhalese should go for a walk in our economic nerve center and see our economic hit men.

    You will not hear an English word but a language spoken where Athul Keshap comes from; India.

    Athul is an Indian Parasite of USA who sucks both USA and our country.

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