Prime Minister taking advantage of President’s lack of knowledge of English is selling Sri Lanka behind the President’s back.
Posted on July 13th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

On the 3 July, 2018 the Prime Miniter speaking in the Parliament on  the statement made by  State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran on the necessity to revive terrorism, said  that there is no need for a revival of terrorism and that he would take action against the Minister after listening to why she made that statement.

That was a reasonable statement but what followed after made light of that most serious statement with perhaps dire consequences, and certainly uncalled from a  Prime Minister to be made in the well of the Parliament .

In his usual circus clown style  turning round looking into the faces of his party yes men”,  who readily laugh at his  jokes and Wild Life Minister Sarath Fonseka the UNP’s Official Rajapakse vilificator” stated that the Joint Opposition that raised this issue made it to cover up the situation created by the New York Times report.

The Prime Minister  then added that the Joint Opposition has no right to make an issue of it as it was they who made a Minister of Karuna Amman who killed more than 600 police men,  and that they bribed the terrorist leader to win the Presidential election. What he said was quite irrelevant as Karuna gave up terrorism and said that he was opposed to terrorism as a means  to win the rights of the Tamil people. And there is no proof what so ever of any one bribing the terrorist leader to stop terrorism.

How ever  such arguments to blame the previous government  when they have no arguments to answer questions of  their mismanagement of  the country, have become  the UNP official methodology of  answering  their interlocutors ,  and in TV political debates. UNP has now  been provided further  ammunition by the New York Times,  and that is what  Maria Abi Habib  the American Journalist wanted.

A leading news paper in America providing material to be used against  popular leaders to make them unpopular and help the puppets put in place by America. That is how things have been done to remove leaders from countries like Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Iran, Congo etc. They also had the CIA and Economic Hit Men.

About this Mahinda Rajapakse’s presidential campaign fund of 7.6 million paid by China Harbour Company, the UNP makes a big issue of it, without answering what they did with the 585 Million Dollars  John Kerry said USA shared with Nigeria, Burma and Sri Lanka in January,2015, which was paid for the UNP  election campaign fund to change the  Rajapakse Regime.

If ,  the  Chinese Harbour Company paid  Campaign Funds to Mahinda Rajapakse  it should be a lesson to the ungrateful Sri Lanka voters  who voted out a great President a man with a vision to bring peace and Security to the people of Sri Lanka ,who had been suffering for thirty years from a ruthless terrorism, and develop the country for it to be in par with any developed country.

The  Chinese are a grateful people who know a good leader when they have one. They made Xi Jinping their President for life.

One should not allow UNP go scot free accusing Mahinda Rjapakse getting Chinese money for his  election campaign when the US State Secretary  of John Kerry himself stated that America gave 585 Million dollars  to be shared amoung Nigeria, Burma and Sri Lanka in 2015 on promoting democracy- for regime change .

Every one opposing the Rajapakses easily wag their tongues to  spit poison at  President Mahinda Rajapakse, when Rainil Wickramasinghe  and company are  neck deep in corruption.

The Yahapalanaya leaders are doing every thing to please the separatist Tamil politicians when unknown to them they are  clearing all obstacles in the North and East preparing the ground  for a resurgence of terrorism.

The UNP MP Vijayakala Maheswaran who openly demand a come back of terrorism should have been sacked from the UNP, removed from he Parliament  and taken into custody by the Prime Minister Ranil’s  FCID.

But they would not do it because  that is also a part of the American Agenda to divide Sri Lanka and both Sirisena and Ranil are undoubtedly  a party to the American strategy. The President Sirisena who should have demanded the MP Vijayakala Maheswaran to quit, has still not made any statement on the issue.

Both President Sirisena,  and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who support each other , one because he became the President because of the other,  and the other  because he was made the Prime Minister by the other, are unpatriotic leaders walking  hand in hand to ruin Sri Lanka, selling the economic centres of the Country to India, China, Bangladesh and Singapore.

Ranil Wickramasinghe who did not consult the then President and the Parliament when he signed the CFA with the terrorist Prabhakaran , will not hesitate to sell even the whole of Sri Lanka to foreigners if he could be the President of Sri Lank in 2020 .

He has already signed a 1500 page trade agreement with  Singapore , the contents of which is not known to most of the Parliamentarians and not at all to the President Sirisena.  Ranil the Prime Minister- now in Singapore ( for what ?),  will sign many other agreements such as the Ecta with India and another with India to sell the oil wells in Trincomalee. He will soon begin writing the new Constitution and the President Sirisena will have no word to say on that as well.

If  Maithripaala Sirisena who calls himself a son of the land coming from a poor farmer’s family has an iota of patriotism should sack the Prime Minister, who is acting on his own without consulting the President,  taking advantage of the President’s   having no sufficient knowledge of English to understand the agreements and other documents.

The President who has already been made  powerless under the 19A is unable to sack the President or even dissolved the Parliament.  The only alternative the President Sirisena has if he can use his intelligence  at all is to get together with the President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Opposition,  and stop  further political activities of the Prime Minster and force him to resign.

2 Responses to “Prime Minister taking advantage of President’s lack of knowledge of English is selling Sri Lanka behind the President’s back.”

  1. nilwala Says:

    It is expected that the President takes a team of officials along with him, who would be ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE NUANCES of the English language and alert him to ANY threats to Sri Lanka sovereignty and national security, if any, in the agreements that are being signed in through these agreements etc. The President cannot be excused under having an inadequate knowledge of English. He is responsible for the security of this Nation. Even in internal matters, clever Machiavellian leaders can find ways to cover their tracks the way the Bond Scam was carried out and to this day kept without serious action against the culprits. It is indeed far more serious when it comes to agreements with Foreign Govts. where the country can be written off on the agreements being approved ONLY by the Cabinet, and not even debated and voted in Parliament! What kind of DEMOCRACY is this?

  2. Christie Says:

    It is India, Indian colonial parasites and Indians from all over the world who are out to destroy the Sinhalese.

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