Veteran female singer K Rani passes away
Posted on July 14th, 2018

Amrutha Vasireddy Samayam Telugu | Jul 14, 2018, 01.12 PM IST

HYDERABAD: Veteran female singer K Rani, who is famous for her song ‘Anthaa Braanthi Yena’ for Devasau movie, passed away on Friday night at her daughter’s residence in Kalyan Nagar, Hyderabad, at 75. K Rani, the most popular singer in the olden times, has sung more than 500 songs in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Sinhala and Uzbek.

She started her singing journey when she was eight years old. She also sang the national anthem of Sri Lanka. Rani’s initial films in 1951 were Roopavathi (Telugu) and Mohana Sundaram and Singari (Tamil). A year later, she was singing for the lead characters in films like Kalyani, Kalyanam Panni Paar, Pelli Chesi Choodu, Dharma
Devadhai and Dharma Devadha. Rani’s “Antha Bhranthi Yenaa” (Telugu) and “Ellaam Maayai Thaanaa” (Tamil), from 1953’s Devadasu, became very popular.

She also gave a performance at Rashtrapathi Bhavan during the time of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Congress leader K Kamaraj called her “Innisai Rani”. Rani was invited to perform at the Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya centennial, travelling in a plane chartered by the government of Karnataka. Raj Kapoor provided the rhythms when she sang Hindi songs, including “O Maine Pyar Kia, Mai Kya Karu Ram Mujhe Budda Mil Gaya”, at a stage show.

She first performed in Sri Lankan cinema for Sujatha in 1953 under the direction of composer Ananda Samarakoon, and contributed to Seda Sulang in 1955 and Sirimali in 1959. She sang Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) songs and recorded Tamil Islamic songs with Nagore E. M. Hanifa.

After marrying Seetha Rami Reddy in 1951, she stayed away from singing.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    I think someone got the names wrong.I remember the film Sujatha that was filmed in 1953.Many of the actors and other connected to film came to our big house at Brownrigg St Kandy for a meal and watched the Perahara in one of our burgher friend’s house at Cross St Kandy.
    I was such a rebel and a rascal that led a gang of burgher boys and we were very restless catapulted the balloon man where my father intervened and bought all the balloons and we were punished severely. The people who ran the production changed the name of the actor to Nihal after seeing me.I think the actor was one Prema Jayantha and the Sujatha was Florida Jayalath and we met them all.The film was made in a house above the Kandy lake, also around the Kandy lake.
    There was another couple that sang a song in car that was filmed at the botanical gardens in Peradeniya.Our gang was there, cutting school.
    It was not K rani that sang but Jammuna Rani,Also another lady named Laxmi Bahai.One of them sang in our home without Moheeden Begg who did not come to watch the perahara.
    I think K rani was too young to act in 1953,only 10 year old but that name was familiar in the TN films, perhaps came as a child actor.
    I must say that there was so much unity among us, with the Tamils and Muslims and that unity was inculcated by the last colonials. These minorities tried to impress on us the majority Sinhalese by singing patriotic Sinhalese songs and beautiful songs for lord buddha. Only our rascal Sinhalese leaders and the other two bit third world leaders who brought the phrase ‘Divide and Rule ‘which is utter nonsense. We even adapted their names on our own will.
    Now our ambude clad leaders are hoodwinking us to rob the country.
    We must get back the glory days for us the citizens by asking the colonials to come back and our civilized culture is so dented, with the best of intention and vigour will take 70 years get back to what we were prior to 1948.This is the honest truth.

  2. Randeniyage Says:
    K Rani and K Jamuna Rani are two different singers, both sang Sinhala songs ?

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