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Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

20 July 2018


Hon. R. Sampanthan, MP representing TNA

Leader of the Opposition of the Government of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Parliament

Colombo, Sri Lanka.,

Dear Mr. Sampanthan:

What is this dishonest garbage that you had cried to the UN Resident Coordinator Terence D. Jones the other day.  Were you on your knees Sam when you cried choking with your cry-baby twaddle with tears

dripping down your cheeks? So you elevated the ego of Terence as the Tamil’s Godfather.   Come on Sam, for Pete’s sake give your non-separatist Tamil clan a break.  Don’t embarrass them, as I know that they think you are a no good fool, as they want to live in harmony with the majority Sinhalese who have been their friends for donkey’s years. Several of them are known to me.

Reading your piffle, you got my goat, Sam, when  you said: We don’t want the military to run farms on OUR lands when they are doing now, we want them to exit from these commercial activities which hinder the livelihoods of OUR people.”

HARO…HARA” You silly silver-haired fool.  Since when did you get the notion that the North of Sri Lanka was OUR”  Tamil land.  Didn’t your classroom teacher, Mrs. Sivalingam Amma at kindergarten  teach you and your school buddies to sing with her cane turned choir mistress’ baton swaying left to right  like the arm of a metronome

This land is your land,

this land is my land,

from Dondra Head  to Point Pedro

this land was made for you and me.


As I was walking that ribbon A9

I saw above me that endless fine

Jaffna-Matara skyway,

I saw below me Tea-green valleys

as this land was made for you and me.”

Don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember as a curious podiyan asking your Appah

(A. Rajavarothiam), in the early 50s, who was then the Superintendent of the Gal Oya Project Stores, where they had relocated the denizens of the dense jungle, where no Tamils lived, yet the jungles were criss- crossed by the  tracks of Veddas, the aboriginal people, the elephants, sloth bears, deer, leopards and the monkeys, and the air

was the territory of thousands and thousands of mosquitoes, before these dense jungles were cleared  for the massive Gal Oya Project  This was the project initiated by our first Independent Ceylon’s Prime Minister D.S.Senanayake Snr. to distribute among the landless Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities land to eke out a living by cultivating them.  And now, you disingenuous bully wants to claim that cleared real-estate as OUR” land.  That is carts loaded of poppycock, isn’t, it Sam?.

Did you not ask your Appah, if we Tamils claim that this area belonged to Our” Tamil community, where did you all find our Tamil People hiding from the denizens of the dense jungle, prior to 1940s?  Surely, there were no large rocks and caves of such for us Tamils to live in hiding?  Were there?  If you did ask, what did your Appah say, I’d like to know?

So let’s cut out your Tamil-Blarney Sam, and cut out your words OUR LAND” from your vocabulary which are really, active words  of spoiling for a fightwith the other communities that make up the united Sri Lanka.

You say Our (Tamil) people are unhappy with government.” and complained to your Tamil Godfather, Terence Jones. Do you really think that My (Sinhalese) people are happy with the government?   Na…not really!.  I have even heard the expression from some rural Sinhalese people directly – oya okkoma hora yakku, mahaththaya!:  I am tending to believe them.  So what the heck are you bickering and belly-aching about?

Your Tamil people are lucky to have a voice in you to complain. however  arrogant.  But my Sinhalese people, unfortunately, do not have a honest voice to speak for them and they are voiceless. That is the difference with that reality check, Sam.  That is indeed the Rub and you guys are winners by default..

Sam, you who were demanding OUR” land in the North, where the British missionaries  who started to arrive in the island starting in 1812

were able to increase the schools particularly in the North, within a very short time – the Baptists had 16 schools, Wesleyans 81,  the Church Mission 36, the American Mission 96, and the Roman Catholics had 61 throughout Ceylon yet your parents preferred to send you to Christian schools outside your OUR” land, like St. Anne’s College at Kurunegala, and St. Sebastian College in Moratuwa. So they preferred their young Sam, eat, drink and breathe the unpolluted air what the majority Sinhalese youngsters did.  How come Sam? Were you that much of a disingenuous twit  or did you go off the rails later having been brainwashed by the separatist-Tamil notion that there is only one Tamil enclave  in the island  of Ceylon, and that is in the North and East to call it OUR” land?

And so you Tamils went about ethnic cleansing the Jaffna peninsula and the East to make an almost pure Tamil enclave.    Did you tell Terence Jones how you Tamils went about ethnic cleansing the North and East.  If not why not, Sam? Tell him that between 1971 and 1981, you Tamils terrorized and kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese who had  lived there for generations.

Tell Terence how you rascals on 13th August 1977 stoned and kicked out 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna campus, They were brought South in a convoy of buses escorted by the Police and Army, while they were lying on the floor away from the hail of stones and rocks.   My nephew was one of them who was studying Statistics at the Faculty of Maths.

Did you tell Terence how in October 1990, your separatist Tamils gave 100,000 Muslims 24 hours starting from Chavakachcheri to get out, leaving all their gold and other valuables at the nearest mosque, making Idi Amin look like an angel as he had a heart and gave Uganda-Indians three months to leave Uganda,  These Muslims lived for generations in the North and East of the island.

Come on, Sam, show me your honesty.  Surely there must be a faint streak of humane humility in your Dravidian bones.  Let’s see it.  Let’s show it.  The island until this repugnant saga was – This land is your land, this land is my land, from  Dondra Head to Point Pedro ….”  Don’t understand you Sam, and you most certainly got my goat.  And as I said earlier – spoiling for a fight.

And you complain to your Godfather, Terence Jones, We don’t want the military to run farms on our lands which they are doing now, we want them to exit from these commercial activities which hinder the livelihoods of our people..”  Sam, that is bullish, that is crap, that is sick.

Alright then, Sam, if I read your logic right, that if the North is OUR” Tamil land, then I assume you would say that the rest of the island is THEIR” meaning the majority Sinhalese-land.  Right Sam!.

I want to know what your reaction would be, if I take your Tamil Godfather Terence Jones by his hand and walk down the mile long Main Street in Colombo’s Pettah, and pointing out to every third shop and tell Terence, I want these Tamil shops – Paskaralingam Jewellery Store, Sorthilingam Thosai Boutique, Ganeshalingam Sari Emporium,   Jothilingam Spice Mill Store, Yonilingam Pharmacy, Kanagalingam Hardware Store,  Sivalingam Buriyani Hut, Amirthalingam Gold Emporium,  and all the other Tamil Stores and Shops along the Main Street strip exit, and go up North to Sampanthan’s OUR” Tamil land as these Tamil commercial activities in Colombo’s Main Street hinder the  livelihoods of my Sinhalese people.”  Touche!  I want ethnic-reciprocity, as what is good for your minority Tamils should be good for my majority Sinhalese.  Won’t you accept my premise?  Let’s be fair, Sam.

You know what, Sam?  My  Made in Kandy knife cuts both ways and not one way as the Made in Vadukkodai knife  does, that you seem to use….  I hope you got it and will not go belly aching to your Godfather Terance saying …”No, no Godfather Terence Jones, I want to have the cake and eat it too.”

And then Sam, I read that you have told the Outgoing  American Ambassador Atul Keshap during his courtesy call .”If the Government does not deliver, the Tamil people are not going to be second-class citizens in this country.”  Phew! Really, Sam, did you really tell him that. I just can’t believe that you are such a blithering, arrogant,  Tamil Senior who has an obnoxious attitude thinking that your Tamil blood is a Royal crimson in colour, better that my Sinhalese blood which you think  is a paler red and not a Royal crimson as yours.”

Sam, I was disappointed in you and I wished that you would have reworded your complaint truthfully thus.

Ambassador Keshap, it’s true that we minority Tamils ruled the roost over the Sinhalese, for 131 years during the British colonial divide-and-rule policy being treated as the privileged minority”, and the majority Sinhalese, 75% of the population as the wronged majority” and as Second Class citizens and were the 10%  Tamils of the population were the First class citizens.  In the eyes of others, this divide seems unfair, but we loved and gloated on it and we didn’t want to let that privilege go.  Ambassador Keshap we are not prepared to accept that classification as ‘second class’ citizenry.  Sorry Sri Lanka, we want to regain our 131 year old privileges as the Privileged minority.”  I say to you Sam, and pass it on to outgoing Ambassador  Atul Kasap,  that this Sinhalese-Buddhist, Asoka Weerasinghe, says: Dream on Sampanthan, dream on!”

A wee voice tells me that you believe that you have finally met the  ultimate Sinhalese-Buddhist racist.  Right, Sam?   Wrong, when this Sinhalese-Buddhist,

  1. Came to an agreement with the father of the 7-year old young Tamil Kumar (not real name) to adopt him until I help him to accomplish his dream of becoming a Tailor.

Here  is the story.  Let me roll back the years to January 1975.  I returned home to cremate my Dad who passed-away on 29 December 1974.  I was sitting in the front garden of the house  with my brother who too had returned from Sweden for the  funeral.  This young Kumar, clean looking in shirt and shorts, with three horizontal stripes of ash on his forehead,  he was  awed by the two rateng arepu Mahathayas’.  So we called him.

What is your name?’ we asked.  He told us his name.  ‘What

 class are you at school?’ I asked. ‘I don’t go to school’ was his

response. So what do you do during the day?” I asked.  I go

         to work, Sir.” he said. I work for a tailor on Sea Street” he

continued. What do you do at the Tailor shop and how much

         are you paid?”   was my next question.  I sweep the floor,

         keep the Tailor shop clean, make them tea, and sew buttons                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         and buttonholes and I am paid one rupee a day’, he said.

”What do you do with the rupee?” I asked.. ‘I give it to my

          Mother’, he said.  I believe the bus fare from  Dematagoda to

Pettah was 5 cents.  By then I was livid. Go home and bring

 your Father”: I insisted.  He lived in a large compound with about

30 one-room row-houses.  The father came, a Tamil like you

Sam, who worked at the abattoir on Baseline Road.  I admonished

this Tamil saying in Sinhalese (I wasn’t competent to speak

Tamil).”What the heck are you doing to your son?  He doesn’t

         go to school, he can’t read nor write, what do you expect him

         to do when he grows up.  Let’s come to an agreement.  I will

         adopt him until he accomplishes his dream of becoming a

         Tailor.  From now on he only gives his Mother 50 cents  a day

         from his pay.  I will have him bank the money he saves.  For

         every 50 cents I give him one rupee and 50 cents and he

         deposits in his bank account.  And he still goes to work and

         attends evening School at the Buddhist  temple and learn

         English.  And if I hear that you had forced Kumar to take  

         money out of his bank  account and give you the money I

         will lynch you from that mango tree (pointing to the one in

our front garden).

          I met the People’s Bank Manager at the  T-junction, and explained

to him young Kumar’s dream of his life, to become a Tailor. I

want to help him to get him there.  I want to open an account for

him to bank his savings.

The Bank Manager explained that it wouldn’t be a problem as

long as  Kumar could sign his name. So I got him to sign his name

hundreds of time in a ruled exercise book until he was competent

to do it.  The account was opened.

Every time I returned home he was given a Singer Machine

Company sewing kit of scissors, thread, needles, buttons, pins,

pin-cushions, fabric shears, zippers, etc.   The result of this

cooperative  effort was that  Kumar at age 25 was an independent

Tailor, with his own Singer  sewing machine gifted by the

Sinhalese-Buddhist surrogate Dad, and  renting a space in a

Kallathoni-Tamil laundry.  I then cut my adoption-umbilical cord

having given this young poor Tamil Kumar, a son of an abattoir

butcher, a life


My question to you Sam, being a gung-ho Tamil politician

promoting reconciliation with the Sinhalese community, have

you helped a single poor Sinhalese, and given the person a


With this Metta gesture of mine would you label me as a

  Sinhalese  Buddhist racist who is resisting your claiming the

North and the East of the  island as your Tamil Home” and an

eventual Eelam.  Don’t be embarrassed to tell me, I have done

sweet  buggerall, Asoka” if that is indeed your answer.  At least

you are being honest..


Sam, my coming after you for claiming that the North is OUR”

land meaning, the Land of the Tamils, and excluding me a

Sinhalese-Buddhist who believes that all of Sri Lanka, every

square inch of land belongs all peoples of Sri Lanka, you might

think you have finally met a true Sinhalese Buddhist racist.

Right, Sam!  Na…can’t be, especially when no Canadian-Tamil

who happen to be your people, came out to defend your Tamil

Culture, when Ottawa’s lawyer Matt Garvey argued in court to

defend a Tamil man who still believed that he was in Killinochchi.

and  that he could kidnap a Tamil woman even in Canada’s

Ottawa, was an acceptable Tamil cultural trait.


Do you know who came to the Tamil men’s defence in public?

Sam, sit on a chair and put your seatbelt on in case you drop

onto the floor in shock.   It was yours truly, the Sinhalese-

Buddhist,  Asoka Weerasinghe from Ottawa.  Did I hear you

say Haro…Hara…Praise the Lord!”

The Ottawa Citizen of Friday, September 12, 2003, carried  this

letter of mine:

  Lust, not tradition, led to kidnapping.

          Re: Tamil courtier accepts guilt, Sept. 10.

          Lawyer Matt McGarvey has confused lust with Tamil tradition

          in his defence of his client, Sureshtharan Nadarajah, who

          kidnapped Bamini Maheandralingham to try to force her to

          accept a thali the symbolic marriage necklace.

         Sure, the thali, also known as Mangalayum, is the  most

          important symbolic tradition to be tied around the neck of

          the intended bride, at an auspicious time agreed by the

          families of both parties.


          This gesture implies that she is now tied to his community

           and now takes the responsibility to uphold the ethnic,

           cultural position and status of his family.


           However, the lawyer gives the impression that Tamil men

           have the habit of kidnapping women to force them to accept

           the thali.


           This is nonsense.  Generally, Tamil men know and are

            respectful of this cultural tradition, which also inculcates

            them to respect their mothers, sisters, daughters and

            women in general.


             What Mr. Nadarajah did was to break the golden rule of

             Canada, to live by the law of the land that gave him this

             privilege to live here.  He cannot just kidnap Tamil women

             willy-nilly, as they have the freedom to walk in the open 24

              hours a day in Canada without being harassed.


              It was kidnapping for lust, not because kidnapping a Tamil

              woman who he wanted to marry was an accepted tradition

              in  the rich Tamil culture.


              Asoka Weerasinghe,  Gloucester.”

              So, Sam, do I look like a Sinhala-Buddhist racist?  Na…not

half.   But you would be certainly right if you would say that

this Sinhalese-Buddhist guy, Asoka Weerasinghe in Ottawa

is not happy when we  Tamils claim the North and East of  the

Island as   OUR Land, which excludes him.   Darn right Sam,

Not that he is Not happy”, but he resents it. As he says under

his breath,    Pox on all those who want to dissect Sri Lanka

into two. Even surreptitiously and hoodwinking the masses with

the treacherous adoption of a new Constitution.  You don’t have

to second guess me, Sam!


Let Me try one more incident on you Sam.  Let me roll back the

years to 1994.


So this Sinhala-Buddhist racist, Asoka Weerasinghe’s phone

rang  at breakfast time on 5th December 1994. A voice

introduced  himself as the lawyer representing a Tamil friend of

mine,  a resident of Montreal, Quebec, to inform me that my

friend had  passed away of a heart attack the day before.  He

was  a 72-year old bachelor, a former Virologist at the Montreal

General Hospital and an old boy of Kingswood College, Kandy.

He had appointed me as the Executor of his Will.


That request almost made me fall off the chair. Why me, when

              he had so many Tamil friends in Montreal and a family in

              Ottawa, with whom he spends every Christmas,”  I asked

the lawyer.


  Let us look at it this way, Mr. Weerasinghe.  He obviously

              trusted you with his fortune he had stacked away in the

              Bank.  Please honour your friend with his request”, said the

Lawyer  And I heard my wife’s voice requesting me to Honour

our friend.


So I did,  dispersing his fortune equally to his nephews in Sri

Lanka, and  Australia and a niece in the UK.  Tracked down

two of his sisters in  Madras, India.


Go figure, that one Sam.  This was an act of Metta and

friendship with members of the Tamil community, and not

reconciliation as you Tamils were no Paragons-of-Virtue

 sans the word Sorry” as part of their vocabulary..


So you  want to dissect that beautiful island of Ours into two.

Claim the North and East, which amounts to 33% of the

sovereign real estate bordered by 66% of the coastline as

OUR” meaning Tamilo land. Ha!


That is extreme, that is bullish, that is sun- dried

patties of cow-dung, Sam. Cut out that rubbish, and go get

a life, and you do absolutely  nothing to displace the 54% of

Tamils in the South, who seem to be happy living and inter-

marrying with the majority Sinhalese, or else they too would

have got on a plane with a legitimate passport and arrive at

an airport in the West, saying that they do not have a travel

document, having flushed it in the toilet, and begging for refuge.

Right, Sam!


 Haro..Hara!, give this Sinhalese-Buddhist a break., Sam.



Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

(Born and bred in Colombo, son of a CGR steam locomotive-

driver and an old Nalandian)

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