Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the then Minister of Public Enterprise Kabir Hashim got SriLankan Airlines CEO confirmed without performance appraisal’
Posted on July 25th, 2018

By Rathindra Kuruwita Courtesy The Island

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the then Minister of Public Enterprise Kabir Hashim had instructed the Board of Directors of SriLankan Airlines to confirm Capt. Suren Ratwatte in service as the airline’s CEO prior to his performance appraisal, which was mandatory for his confirmation, the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on irregularities at SriLankan Airlines, SriLankan Catering and Mihin Lanka was told yesterday.

SriLankan Airilines Secretary Dalreen Thirukumar said that according to the terms of the appointment at issue, a performance appraisal and a development evaluation were required for Ratwatte’s confirmation. It was to be done after the conclusion of his six months’ probation period on April 14.

“At the board meeting on February 26, 2016, appraisal forms were distributed among the directors. They were to be filled individually and sent to an audit firm.

However, at the following board meeting on March 24, 2016, it was announced that the Ministry of Public Enterprises had ordered the extension of the probation period of Ratwatte by another six months. This was due to the uncertainty that prevailed regarding the airline as the government was attempting to restructure it. Thus, the appraisal of Ratwatte was postponed.

On April 28, 2016, Wickremesinghe and Hashim asked the board to confirm Ratwatte. “Directors did not object and acceded to the request of Wickremesinghe and Hashim. Ratwatte was confirmed without an evaluation of his performance.”

Following Kapila Chandrasena’s exit as the CEO, in March 2015, SriLankan advertised for the post in May and 59 local and foreign candidates had applied, Thirukumar said.Out of the 59 applications 14 had been shortlisted, which included 11 foreigners.

“The three local shortlisted applications, Manoj de Vass Gunawardena, P.A.W. Kumarasiri and Suren Ratwatte were interviewed by SriLankan board members on July 15, 2015,” she said.

Thirukumar said that during the board meeting on August 25, 2015,

Chairperson of SriLankan, Ajith Dias told members that Ratwatte was the best candidate, given his qualifications and personality. Dias also proposed to give Ratwatte a salary of Rs. 3 million and a Rs. 10 million bonus if budget targets were met. The board deferred taking a decision on the matter. However, Dias presented a draft board paper on Ratwatte’s appointment and this was presented to the Board Meeting on Sept. 21, 2015. The board did not approve the appointment on that day as well. Thirukumar said Dias had instructed her to draft Ratwatte’s appointment letter, which was issued on Sept. 22.

Thirukumar told the commission that Ratwatte had been appointed without the approval of the board of directors.

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