Please M.President, sack  your Prime Minister, before he sacks you.
Posted on July 28th, 2018

By Charles.S. Perera

Mr President Maithreepala Sirisena, time has come to stop your rein of political  terror of anger, hatred and vengeance in Sri Lanka. The 19th Amendment which was perhaps prepared under the direction of  the foreign advisors of the Prime Minister, provides the means to terminate the service of the President, but not that of the Prime Minister.

You really do not know Mr. President what your Prime Minister  is doing behind your back  with the advice of his American and Western backers. Mr. President since you became the President of Sri Lanka on the 8th January, 2015, Sri Lanka began its descent into a political hell hole. Today  it has descended into an unfathomable  depth from which we may not be able to recuperate it to be what it had been before you took over the presidency of this noble land of our ancient Sinhala ancestors.

Therefore, it is time that you stop your pilgrimages” to foreign countries and settle down in what remains of  Sri Lanka before the advent of the disastrous  Yahaplanaya,  and straighten your back bone if you have one, and act quickly to disperse malignant political nitwits who put you on the Presidential seat to profit from your naiveté to ransack the country, steal the Central Bank and destroy the Sinhala as a majority, divide the country, and sell as much of it as possible before they retire to settle down as multi millionaires in their luxury provincial residences..

Mr. President Sirisena you do not have any political vision for Sri Lanka, like your predecessor  the President Mahinda Rajapakse, who with his Mahinda Chintanya developed  Sri Lanka after eliminating the cancer of terrorism, as it had never been done before by any of the previous Prime Ministers or Presidents before him since independence.

Mr. President  while you get entangled in the tangled threads of an undone ball of a troubled political thread,  America is paying billions to NGOs to create trouble in the country by their  CIA interposed American  brain wave of inciting Yahapalanaya to take up further measures of reconciliation to seal the division of the country having instigated the TNA political lunatic Sampandan by the out going US Ambasador Athul Keshup to  demand the writing of the planned Sri Lanka’s new Constitution.

Withdrawal of the Army Camps from the North and East, and release of land  to the supposed to be original owners are some of the projects for the destruction of Sri Lanka  that was before President Sirisena’s advent into Yahpalanaya.

Mr. President your involvement in the insistence of passing a law to hang the drug dealers, is only taking your attention away from  more important political issues that are being hatched behind your back by your Prime Minister  prompted by USA and the West, to sell off the
valuable commercial and industrial  sectors to foreigners.

The hanging of drug dealers or other criminals would serve no purpose to deter the underworld mafia and criminal gangs from exercising their brutality.  It is more appropriate to  have an efficient police system, with a trained security force to survey the criminal
activities of the underworld mafia, the drug dealers and criminals. As it is the Sri Lanka police force seems to be playing politics with the  approval of he Prim Minister and the UNP.

Nothing can stop the downward sliding of Sri Lanka unless and until President Sirisena  wakes up, from his  deep sleep he has been lulled into since he occupied the high Office of the President of Sri Lanka, with an  open ticket to voyage first class to all the capitals of the world , to stop the Prime Minister Ranil W, taking his place to ruin Sri Lanka before long. The poor people have lost their voice and find  no way to act on their own to  kick out Yahapalanaya lock Stock and barrel and replace it with a more wise , patriotic, and  a visionary leadership.

It has been reported that there is already a four star  Commanding General of the United States Army Pacific Command  General Robert B Brown praising Sri Lanka for its reconciliation effort. For Sirisena and Ranil that would be a feather in their USA and the West subservient Cap.

USA and the West will  not help the development of Sri Lanka. They only want the Yahapalanaya  to go ahead with the reconciliation process  which would eventually make Sri Lanka poor, communally  divided,   undeveloped and subservient to USA and the West.  Mr. President are you really blind to these USA and Western pattern of destroying our country ?.

The defected American economic hit man John Perkins who admits to have put developing countries into economic peril making them indebted to American Companies, says that the American political strategists used to drop bags of food to people  living in  inaccessible  areas of  these poor countries, and in the bags were hidden electronic devices that could provide information about the geographical features and  valuable metal under ground.  They also introduced viruses.

Therefore Sri Lanka should investigate various USAID  projects in different parts of Sri Lanka to see that the USA was in way responsible for the kidney disease in the North Central Province..

The UNP  group within the Yahapalanaya Government does not stop saying that what they inherited on the 8th January,2015 was a country in debt and that it is because of  that they are burdened with the debts of the  Mahinda Rajapakse Government, that they were  unable  to develop the country. But they do not speak of their mismanagement and utter  corruption and their pilfering of the  Central Bank that has  put Sri Lanka into a perilous debt trap.

President Mahinda Rajapakse when he became the President in 2005, inherited a troubled Sri Lanka, with a ruthless terrorism gaining ground over the Sri Lanka Armed Forces with the terrorists  about to wrench away a large chunk of the Country to form a Tamil Eelam State.

It was thanks to the President Mahinda Rajapakse that the 30 years of terrorism was eliminated and the country was developed . The IMF itself praised the Rajapakse Government  for its  economic management?  It was said that Sri Lanka was then developing even faster than China.

The Mahinda Chintanaya the formidable visionary plan for Sri Lanka’s development had planned out ways to put into profitable use the Mattala Air Port and the Hambantota Harbour, with the development of an Industrial Zone in the surrounding  environment.. If President Mahinda Rajapakse had won the Presidential election of 2015 he would have certainly avoided all the problems the stupid Yahapalanaya is faced with today.

Neither President Sirisena nor the Prime Minister RanilW are capable of ruling Sri Lanka as it should be. They mismanaged the country in all its aspects from the very beginning and today Sri Lanka is facing bankruptcy.

President Sirisena talks big of making Sri Lanka a corruption free country with the remaining two year he  would be in power, while he had  ruined the country during the  last four years.  He will surely not be able to do any thing positive to Sri Lanka during the remaining two year of Yahpalanaya rule, though his Prime Minister will be able within that time to do more damage to Sri Lanka, selling  it to China, India, Bangladesh , Singapore etc. and perhaps he will also abolish the election of a future President of Sri Lanka by the people making a President elected by the Parliament. That procedure will be helpful to Ranil W,  as he cannot face a Presidential election and win it.

The West as well as Ranil, knows that even if they remove the name of Mahinda Rajapakse from sign posts, bill boards,  and buildings, they will not be able to remove the memory of Mahinda Rajapakse and the great love and affection of the people have for him, from the hearts of the people.

If Mahinda Rajapakse were to contest a Presidential election today he will win it hands down.  Election of Maithripala Sirisena was a mistake by the people and the people will definitely  not repeat it again.

Now the UNP is planning to remove certain areas reminiscent of Mahinda Rajapakse  on the ground that UNESCO has made a demand for its removal . But that is a lie as the World Heritage list  specifies, that the World Heritage Site in Galle is  the, Old town of Galle and its fortifications”,  which does not include buildings and sites out side the  Old Town of Galle and its fortification.

Why don’t you speak up Mr. President and stop this continued fooling of the people by the Prime Minister and the UNP Ministers ?

The stupid UNP MPs and Ministers participating in TV debates are unable to answer intelligently any question or explain any criticism levelled at them without comparing  what they say are wrongs  committed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government. Most stupid  is their  repeated  quoting of why Mahinda Rajapakse called for presidential elections two years before time.

They say it was because the President Rajapakse  had incurred so much of debt that he was frightened not being able to  pay back that debt, which  prompted him to call for elections two years before time. The inference is that the election was called by  President  Mahinda Rajapakse to lose the elections, so that the debt burden will fall on the government of the new President that would  be elected by the people.  What a foolish  idea that Mahinda Rajapakse called for elections to loose it !!

UNP thinks that they could fool the people with that kind of absurdity.

Mr. President, both you and your Prime Minister Ranil W, do not stop fooling the people. The people are not naïve to believe any one of you any further.

Next Mr. President, is about writing a new Constitution. Before you go down the history as the most un patriotic and clueless  man to have become the President of Sri Lanka, you can at least to a certain extent reverse that opinion, by stopping your Prime Minister go ahead with writing a new Constitution to Sri Lanka.

It is Lal Wichramaratne, and the anti Buddhist  Christian Tamil Sumanthiran who are taking the lead in preparing a Constitution, which they will make it a Federal Constitution at the committee stage if they are ever allowed to do it. We do not want a new Constitution now, we can still do with the 1978 Constitution.

 The Constitution if ever written should be written by the Sinhala Buddhist Majority and the minority Communities should have nothing to do with it. It is only the Sinhala Buddhist who are capable of writing an honourable  Constitution without discriminating any community or any religion.

Even the ordinary Tamils who are not politicians will agree that the Sinhala Buddhists will give them a better chance than being under the TNA and other Tamil politicians.

A Constitution written by any Committee, including the minority communities in the process will not make it an acceptable Constitution as minority Communities of Sri Lanka are prejudiced anti Buddhist, and anti Sinhala. They cannot therefore take a balanced view necessary to write an acceptable  Constitution to whole of Sri Lanka respecting Sri Lanka’s ancient history, its religious heritage, and the culture that has made the Sinhala people-its majority Community  a tolerant, friendly, and a peaceful community.


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  1. Christie Says:

    Both are Indian puppets voted in by the Indian Parasites block vote.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Very sensible suggestion. Charles, you may even, if you have the time, send this document to the presidential secretariat, with at least the highlighted sections translated into Sinhala.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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