Soon, Indians Visiting Sri Lanka To Be Exempted From Visa
Posted on August 6th, 2018

Courtesy  NDTV


India topped the number of tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka at 206,337 followed by the Chinese tourist whose figures stood at 136,294.

Indian tourists visiting Sri Lanka may soon be exempted from visa requirement as the government is mulling granting visa free entry to visitors from countries like India and China, Tourism Minister John Amaratunga said today.

Mr Amaratunga said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed a task force to study the possibility of granting visa free entry to visitors from certain tourist friendly nations to boost arrivals.

India and China along with some other European and West Asian nations can benefit from it, he said.

Following recommendations from the task force, this proposal may be implemented in the off season months of October to November and March to April, the minister said.

Sri Lanka’ tourism industry faced a difficult time until a decade back due to the civil war with the LTTE. However, in the recent years the island nation has emerged as a top tourism destination in Asia.

Tourist arrivals have recorded a growth of 15.3 per cent during the first half of 2018 compared with the same period last year.

India topped the number of tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka at 206,337 followed by the Chinese tourist whose figures stood at 136,294.

All tourists to Sri Lanka must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) before their arrival.


On the basis of reciprocity, citizens of Singapore, the Maldives and the Seychelles are exempt from the ETA and can obtain a visa on arrival free of charge.

7 Responses to “Soon, Indians Visiting Sri Lanka To Be Exempted From Visa”

  1. aloy Says:

    What else to do if we are a Southern state if India?. Already our top leaders behave like Indians. One way or the other they will get voting rights also for future elections. How many parasites were given citizenship on the sly during Gota’s time also?.

  2. Dilrook Says:


    Indian tourists can be better described as economic parasites. Instead of helping the Lankan economy, they are a drain on the economy and forex reserves.

  3. aloy Says:

    One thing we must keep in mind is that ‘things are always as what they seem’. So, what Christie has been saying is right.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Agree with Aloy. After all Christie has been right. India is in panic mode. Indian installed regime’s days are numbered and India is in a mad rush to extend its FTA with Sri Lanka and maximise its exploitation before this regime is sent home. Most unfortunate is the fact that the next regime will continue it.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Aloy and Dilrook,

    Christie had always read the international game from Indian perspective and identified that Indian colonial parasites are behind everything. It is true that no other country gives a hoot to what we are and what we do. It is their influence comes via the West for everything including the game of Cricket.

    The grave danger is, India has 226m youth between the age of 19 and 26.

    Natives of SL will be converted to dust if a part of them move here.

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    They are already here illegally in thousands ! Most of us simply not aware of. They have flooded the north doing KErala Ganja business and many illegal activity. By the way most in Jaffna ( except the converted Sinhalese) are Indians.

    Then we have “young powerful politician sons” connected to “young powerful Indians”. They have been doing business for long time now and from the face hanging on their backside they are uttering patriotic stanzas ! Most disgusting !

  7. Nimal Says:

    We must welcome Indian or other tourists that bring us money. We mustn’t throw the bath water with the baby.We need some time, Indians on Visa basis to pluck our tea and other jobs that our people are unwilling to do. They could earn the money and go back, like they do in Malaysia and Singapore.
    Most of the Sinhalese are one time Tamils encouraged by the British to convert to Buddhists and Sinhalese. The evidence is the devales are ether demolished or converted in to place of worship for Buddhist. I saw it myself one Britisher making Buddhist statues and planting them in Devales.Our leaders proving me right by acting like Tamils in their daily lives.Few Sinhalese from the South were encouraged to take over areas once populated by the Tamils.My father’s relative was placed in a walawa built by the British right next to the Ruwanvali saya at Basawakkulama Anuradhapura,then our othe family the Dissanayakes were given thousands of acres in Talawa,Sigaragama,Ralapanawa.My grand father and his good friend one Evlin Carni went there to settle and settled over thousand Sinhalese people from the south. To enable this mass migration the British army set up the Talawa Railway station, the Buddhist temple in Ralapanawa,My father and his brother were born in Talawa where his mother died giving birth to him. His mother and Miss Carny occupies the same grave in Talawa.Medical facilities were still in the make for the new settlers,she put the first hospital and the school.Sadly her house and the very place were my father was born was demolished by Gamini Dissanayake MP,trying gain credit being a another Dissanayake.You can see how dishonest our leaders are.He demolished Miss Carny’s and our house and made it into public toilet and a bus stand and he paid the price with his life just as SWRD paid.
    Then my mothers(Artigalle,Basnayake,Kothalawala,even Dissanayake) people were first move to places like Baddegama(perhaps by the Dutch),then to Piagala,some to area near Ratmalana,now known as Madapatha and they all ended up in Kotte and Mirihana.During this process all evidence of Dravidan rule was demolished and we the settled true Sinhalese owned the these areas.Sir John perhaps got a big land at Dodasgaslanda which I eventually bought part of it.We have sadly the Tamils masquerading like Sihalese,showing no regard to the noble faith exploiting to the full to make political gain.
    These pretenders demolished our economic base by taking over our lands, taking over the Buddhist temples like the Maligawa to make money.Kothalawalas losing their freedom and the control of Cylinco is a clear evidence of our fate,dry fish muddalalis losing their business by setting up the utterly corrupt CWC is another venture that demolished the true Sinhalese economic base that the British left us with.Sinhala only act was another set up to get rid of our educated and go getters like us.JR is a man who kept going to a temple in Kalaniya and was jealous of me setting up textile factories with an American friend who was kicked out of the country like a dog.I was so disgusted left the country the very next month.
    I was surprised to see the leaders and their ancestors who fought the British at UVA run a temple built by the British they ran it but their ancient communications they had with their kin in India were all in Tamil and in another language sound like Telagu.
    So these pretenders are running our country and we need the British to come back and give our country back.
    Sorry for any errors, too busy to check

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