Contempt of court -Ranjan Pleads not guilty
Posted on August 9th, 2018

Dr Sarath obeysekara

Should we have people’s Courts to judge politicians for contempt

They have many broken promises and violated constitution in many instance.

We take them for judgment every five years

Government should establish a special cour like the one they installed for judging Corrupted ones .

Any one who acts in contempt against people should be tried in Special court consisting some judges laymen and citizens silva”s

Punishment would be to take over the properties and wealth .They should also be deprived of universal franchise

Court should also name and shame them



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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Good idea!

    But who are going to be in these judges’ seats?

    How can we trust anyone?

    • Most of the educated, who can advise on harmfulness of Glyphosate have been bought by Monsanto.
    • Most of our university professors were bought by NGO’s who participated in the Regime Change.
    • Some doctors and higher Health officials were bought by the drug companies.
    • Some Buddhist monks who are supporting anti-national camp have been bought by Norway and NGO’s.
    • Some Buddhist monks who are acting as they are guardians of the Buddha sasana are being funded by the Church

    What is the guarantee we have that a true and clean periotic leader is safe from these “civilian” judges when the whole West and India are trying to destroy this nation?

    Anybody can be bought and manipulated to match their pay master’s agenda.
    There is no escape unless all people are becoming true humans leaving the wild habit of craving and manipulating to get more for its own advantage.

    Currently we can see that certain sections of our society are acting as hyenas in the jungle by:
    • telling lies to change history to create own Tamil Home Land,
    • trying to sell whatever possible for today’s living,
    • trying to destroy the greatest ever philosophy from the surface of the earth,
    • trying to jail who ever coming forward to defend the mother land.
    • trying to jail own agents to demonstrate that they are holy and clean and make them more stronger so they can come back and do bigger damages.

    It is actually the law of the jungle and hell in operation.

  2. aloy Says:

    And now the politicos want to import chairs from foreign lands for the comfort of their backside by spending billions of tax payers money. So, the list of misdemeanours grow larger and larger. Perhaps the guillotine was invented by the French people for use when this type of situation arose there.

    Scrap the whole system altogether!.

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