The land fraud -Colombo 7 -August 12 2018 -Times newspaper
Posted on August 16th, 2018


An elderly couple  found that a tenant  of their premises   forged and transferred the deed in their favour

Are you the next victim –Enforce the internationally recognised   land transaction /owner identification laws to prevent fraud and forgery.    They are-

1] photograph of the owner and buyer duly certified  after face to face interview and consultation   to be affixed to the   copy of every  transaction  and retained

2] thumb impressions of owner and witnesses    to be affixed to every transaction  and retained

3] two identifications to be retained –ID  , driving license or Birth certificate copy .  [ copies ]

 BUYING LAND –Retain the above identification documents of owners to prove that you purchased  from  a genuine owner

OWNING LAND –Obtain  certified  copy of the extract and the copy of the Duplicate   from the land registry fraudsters destroy your evidence from the registry –Deed in your hand is not sufficient.

Sri Lankans must volunteer to maintain the Rule of Law –we cannot depend on the law makers

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  1. hela patriot Says:

    This whole thing is a joke. I have with me a falsified fraudulent deed by a lawyer whose fraud was found out. The lawyer then writes another deed and registers it in land registry disclaiming any ownership to that land and the police then clears him of fraud. It is not a new constitution we need but a system where by ordinary citizenship rights are protected by government. The delay in the judiciary is an added cause for these frauds.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Previous regime was responsible for this sorry situation where one of my dearest burgher friend’s house in Ward Place was forcibly occupied and I had to warn the top man personally to keep off,which the eventually did.
    This truly disgusting in our horrible darmadeepaya,where people getaway with murder. One could fool the people but not all the time and there will be day of reckoning. Our leaders are responsible for this sorry situation.

  3. Christie Says:

    The Title Deeds are executed by Lawyers.

    So how can there be land frauds without the lawyers getting involved?

    Hope I am not in trouble for saying this.

  4. Christie Says:

    Deeds are executed by Lawyers.

    How come this happens without lawyers getting involved.

    Hope I am not getting in to trouble!

  5. hela patriot Says:

    It is a question of corrupt lawyers and corrupt police. The innocent victim is always a law abiding citizen. Until this corruption is corrected this country has no future. It is the law of the jungle

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