Tender Bender in Sri Lanka for Galle Marina
Posted on August 22nd, 2018


Recently government embarked on a export development program with the name of NES (National Export Strategy ).under which Nautical Tourism with boat building is mooted as one of the prime area for development.
Port City in Colombo has given prominence to this by creating a Yacht Marina ,by 2020 and state regulations are to be relaxed for foreign and local yacht owners can use the area for leisure industry .Maga Yachts  plying from Europe to Far East and to places like Pukhet in Thailand  may also make a stop in Sri Lanka,giving a boost to tourism .
Government  has also been planning to develop Galle Harbour as a tourist destination and called for tenders to develop the port as a Yacht Marina.
Two years back an Indian company made an unsolicited proposal to then minister ,who has taken the Investment proposal to CECM chaired by   the prime minister .
Under Yahapalanaya  , unsolicited proposal are somewhat frowned upon and government officers are scared to take action due to fear of being dragged to much feared CIABOS ,hence CECM decided to entertain the proposal under Swiss Challenge Method where insolicited proposal is later put to public who can offer a better deal .Successful investor is selected under this scheme .
(So far Sri Lanka could not implement any project under Swiss challenge )
New minister came and ordered  the authority under whom port is run to call offers from investors to establish a yacht marina .
Tender opening was fixed for 21st August
On 17th August just few days before a letter and email has been sent to all the prospective bidders , members of cabinet   approinted tender board ,prime miniseries office with an allegation that tender conditions were extracted form the previous unsolicited proposal with an allegation that ,it is prepared with ulterior motive to beinefit the previously submitted by the Indian Company.
After receiving  this letter few bidders were reluctant to submit proposal suspecting a foul play .
It is suspected that one of the bidders who was trying to discourage his competitors to submit offers ,so that they will be benefitting due to lack of competition.
Now there is a fear that Yahaplana principles may be invoked and the tender may be cancelled  and recalled .
This is how Sri Lankan tender bending take place

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