Rahul Gandhi is not a Mahathma Gandhi
Posted on August 24th, 2018

C. Wijeyawickrema

Rahul Gandhi (RG), the new president of the Indian Congress party wants to be the next Indian PM. That is why he thinks he could try to act like a new Indian Mahathma Gandhi, who was not his relative. RG says, when he saw the dead body of Prabakaran at Nandikadal, he felt sad, and his sister Priyanka too, because this RG was thinking about the children of the dead man! This is a kind of mental disease that political black-whites in Sri Lanka are also afflicted with. RG cannot be a new philosopher.  As Dr. Subramaniam Swamy once said Indira was not that intelligent. This young man is as silly as his father who was a racing car driver. Because he was a pilot he thought that he could drive his car on Indian broken roads as if they are airport runaways. It was a big problem for his security escort to follow him behind at high speed! Rahul got his new job because of blood connection, like the black-white political families in Sri Lanka. Lal Bahadur Sasthri was the only brake to the line of Nehru dynasty.

The truth is even Mahathma Gandhi accepted the just war concept. He once said, Kashmir is worth fighting for. Prior to that he went and met the Governor General to work as an agent to recruit soldiers to fight in the WW I.  Besides, one must remind this RG that both his father and father’s mother were responsible for the death of Prabakaran and his children that RG was/is so concerned. Prabakaran’s one son was a soldier and P gave his children a London education, while poor Tamil children were taken by force to end up as liberation (war) fodder. May be, 100,000 deaths could have been avoided if RG’s blood relatives did not feed the Prabakan serpent with Indian milk, missiles, bombs, guns and training. They did it not for the sake of humanity, a humanity that RG is now talking about, but for selfish political reasons. There is no doubt that RG is also playing the same game.

Did Rahul (RG) forget that Indira and Rajiv both lied to the world that they were funding and training Tamil terrorists to get TamilNad votes for them and to teach a lesson to JRJ for insulting them joining with Moraji Desai, who drank cow urine regularly as a meeicine, and for harassing their (Indira’s) friend Mrs. B, plus JRJ kissing the American ass. How finally JRJ got cheated by Ronald Regan is another matter. It was Balasingham who disclosed that Indira was training Tamil terrorists in India.

Rajiv, nursed Prabakaran, and one fine night after Prabakaran’s visit to his home, Rajiv asked Priyanka to go and get his bullet-proof vest from his closet and gave it to Prabakaran. Well, the mother and son lost their lives tragically. Rajiv had another narrow escape from death at the Katunayaka airport tarmac for his dictatorial treatment of Sri Lanka. Because of the helpless situation that JRJ was in and JRJ depending on Dixit for protecting his life by arranging for a ship for JRJ to escape in case JVP try to kill him with mass protests, Rajiv was able to boast that he got for Tamils more than what they had asked for!

If Rahul is so concerned about the correct way to help Tamils he should allow Tamils to have a Tamil country on the world map by agreeing to let TamilNad to become a free country. Until this happens Tamil politicians will not stop, and if they get an Eelam in Sri Lanka that will be the base they will use to sabotage India and fight to resurrect the greater Dravidasthan Movement of the 1940s. Modi was refused a visa to enter USA when he was a Chief Minister, but invited to visit USA as soon as he became the PM. This is how the American principles operate. Therefore, the love affair between India and America to corner China, would soon shift if a separate country could be promoted in South India. The Christian plan to balkanize India is buried not dead. Perhaps, RG should consult Dr. Subramaniam Swamy to get a history lesson from him on how his student-father was supported by his mother Sonia, then a pretty Italian waitress in London, and how some people try to link Sonia as an agent of Christian control of India. The chances are that Rahul will end up as another black-white Indian, just like his father. I doubt he has the capacity to work with Imran Khan of Pakistan and solve the Kashmir problem and open-up the border between the two countries. Except for the growing middle class, India is a poor country with 200 million in abject misery because of the black-white politicians in India. Unlike in Sri Lanka, the sheer size of the country and the huge civil service structure that politicians in India could not penetrate that much, the skeleton democracy survives in India.


4 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi is not a Mahathma Gandhi”

  1. Christie Says:

    What Rahul is saying is what Indian Imperialists want.

    LTTE is the Indian terrorist arm of India.

    India used its puppet terrorist Prabakaran to kill its Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who was not fit to lead the Hindu Nation; a man who ate beef and was married to a Christian.

    Monahdas Karamchand Gandhi is no saint; an Indian Colonial Parasite who made his financial and political fortunes from Africa. He referred to African as Kafirs and supported British in butchering Zulus. He worked as a Sepoy. He also slept with very young girls in His Ashram.

    Remember this man Mohandas came to our country in 1927 and met Indian Colonial Parasites in our country.

    There was no India before the British made India from different nations. British should have dismantled India before they left.

  2. Ukkubandage Gunasinghe Says:

    All Indians are the same. Nothing come out in favor to Sri Lanka

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Rahul Gandhi is a naïve idiot who is trying to cash in using his last name…

    By sympathizing his father’s killer – a brutal, blood thirsty terrorist who killed thousands of innocent people, RG is trying to get the support of Tamils in TN.

    He should stick to his dirty Indian politics, rather than pointing fingers to SL.

  4. Charles Says:

    Rahul is a coward. He lacks self confidence. He is not as intelligent as his sister. His days a

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