Why do people hate the politicians chosen by them? – Gammanpila
Posted on September 8th, 2018

Courtesy Adaderana

Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) leader Udaya Gammanpila says that an age had dawned where the people of the country are asking for a new political culture.

He made this observation while addressing the gathering during the launch of a booth authored by SLPP Colombo Municipal Council member Milinda Rajapaksha on Friday (8).

Gammanpila said that the country’s people are today facing a situation where they are cursing the very same politicians who were elected by them.

The people are today wishing for the Parliament to be flooded during rainy seasons. He questioned as to why people hate the public representatives chosen by them.

The UPFA MP also asked as to whether those criticize the way the country is governed are ready to take the country from the bad place to the good.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    I was in SL 10 days ago and could feel the anger and the hopelessness of the people where the politicians of all colours are so detached from the people who put them there, shows no responsibility and regards to the people. Cops seem to grab any fine on the road where ever possible where they invent regulations as they go along.
    Politicians who were elected by the people are never to be seen and all the people see is the politicians banding together to fleece the country, where there politicians are fighting among themselves for the spoils of the country and enjoy privileges and even immunity from the normal rule of law of the country.
    Penal system along the judiciary is treated with contempt and as a joke and they are getting away with it.
    They mock democracy and people hope the other well established, well run democracies of the world out side the island will give some consideration.
    Just as in Egypt now the justice is catching up with the sons of the former president…..
    My childhood friend’s house in Colombo 7 is still being claimed buy bogus owners with false deeds which I have brought to the notice of the politicians in power where her family was threatened with life. These culprits and criminals are very close to the politicians and we will never allow them succeed even if it takes decades. People despise them and there will be day of reckoning for them. Days of people having the frog in the well mentality have gone as they could see the world beyond their island with the help of the internet. This awakening is in many third world countries where people seem to take the law into their hand. See what is happening in Greece and Uganda ?

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