Has this Government already handed over the North to TNA Tamils (CT)
Posted on September 18th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


Mr President please read the following statement in todays (CEYLON TODAY) and issue a statement I you have not then ask your Prime minister whether he has done it and ask him to tell the truth to the nation.

If both of you have independently, without the knowledge of the other, have not done it we presume this is a traitorous act by the said MP. Therefore we as citizens of this country would like to know what action your Government proposes to take against this treasonous statement by living LTTE proxy?

Tamils should fight to death against Sinhalara colonization – Sridharan

02:00 AM Sep 18 2018

Updated 16 hours ago

By Rasadi Gamage, Vavuniya Correspondent

The Tamil people must wage a war unto death against forcible colonization by the Sinhala people  as well as the setting up of Buddhist temples in the North, said TNA Kilinochchi District MP S. Sridharan.

He was speaking at a programme, on 15 September, to commence a voluntary organization at village level in the North against forcible colonization and constructing of Buddhist temples. The first group was launched at Sridharan’s office in Kilinochchi.

He pointed out that a group, including Bhikkhus, who came to the Kurundumal village first, on the pretext of archeological  development activities, installed a Buddhist statue and sought to build a Vihara, which was thwarted, because of the alertness  of the ordinary people.

Already 480 acres of land for construction of the housing complex for the Sinhalese, another 50 acres for archeological activities and 10 acres have been allocated for a Buddhist temple, the MP lamented.

As all these land allocations have been made forcibly and unlawfully, the Tamil people of the areas have a right to protest against it, and vigilance should be maintained on the construction of Temples and the Buddha statues that are being installed in their areas, the MP told the voluntary committee members.

There is nothing wrong if the Tamils of the North take steps to protect their religious places and lands in the same way as the Sinhala Buddhists are taking steps to protect their Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy and the lands at Sigiriya, the MP pointed out.

3 Responses to “ Has this Government already handed over the North to TNA Tamils (CT)”

  1. Christie Says:

    It is the Indian Colonial Parasites block vote that put Sirisena in power.

    When he was voted as President India and Indian Colonial Parasites world wide celebrated .

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Yes; since the election of TNA to run the NPC. Vigneswaran refused to take oaths in front of the governor which is a clear indication that TNA does not recognise the governance structure. Instead of ignoring him, he was invited to Colombo to take oath in front of the president. This established a wrong structure that equates the CM to PM!


    How about the Sinhala leaders objecting to the increased occupation of the Wellawaate-Dehiwela areas by Tamils?

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