Posted on September 24th, 2018


Sirasa TV just concluded 30 part  Thaththa teledrama.  In it there were no highly paid well known actors or actresses.  The theme of the story itself renders value to us.

It is a well established norm that Mothers feel the pain of children (DARU KEKKUMA), seldom the value of a father is given due credit.  This is not to say Mother is not a loveable person, because Love of a mother was unchallenged.

A father, thaththa, appachchi,  is a person who look for the future well being of his children, always trying hard and undergoing difficulties, not for any personal gain, but to make your son or daughter, a great person into the future.

Siridasa, the Thaththa of the drama played, in my opinion, an Oscar winning role by Dasun Pathirana and Hemasiri Liyanage.  Shayam Fernando added value with high class performance of the son of Siridasa who was in Prison, where the son himself was the Chief Commissioner at the Galle Prison.

Without giving away too much, I strongly recommend this teledrama as a MUST TO BE SEEN by mums, dads and children.

Father cannot get pregnant. Father cannot feel the severe pain of a mother during pregnancy. Father cannot deliver the baby. Father cannot breast feed the baby.


My father who was a Sinhala Vedmahathya. The day I got a job at Ceylon Steel Corporation, I told him,  Thaththey, mata Vaney Sansthaway Job ekak lebuna”.  Then he said at once Umbata kawada hari hariyanne Yakada valin thamai, Umbath Yakadayek wageney mage Sudu Puthey”.

I joined Steel, in later years I found that the General Manager Mr Panchanathan Pillai Manickam, was nick named YAKADAYA at the Ministry of Industries and Scientific Affiars.

Once again I appeal to all, to watch all 30 episodes of Thaththa.  (This is not in any way a marketing or promotional article, as I had nothig to the Drama, except watching it every weekend).

Magey Thaththa Budu Wewa.

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you for letting us know Dissa.

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