WPLF expresses displeasure at SL diplomats’ conduct in Geneva
Posted on September 25th, 2018

World Patriotic Lankan Forum (WPLF) has handed over a letter to the Sri Lankan Consulate General in Geneva expressing their displeasure at the conduct of the Sri Lankan diplomatic agents there.

While stating that diplomats had not supported the activities of the forum, they accuse them of hosting a dinner to members of the Tamil Diaspora who protest outside the UN office” and raise unfounded allegations against leaders, armed forces and people of Sri Lanka”.

They also point out that, the officer from the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka who was at the UNHRC assembly never raised objections against any points upraised by the by the Tamil Diaspora, such as allegations of Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, human rights crimes and bringing Sri Lankan political and military leadership before the International Criminal Court.

In the letter, the World Patriotic Lankan Forum stated that it is shameful and embarrassing as Sri Lankans when their representatives keep silent and play with their hand phones when anti-Sri Lankan elements spread myth” about Sri Lanka at UNHRC.

Lastly, the Forum requests through the letter from the relevant diplomats that they perform at least the bare minimum to safeguard dignity” of Sri Lanka as they are being paid for by the people of Sri Lanka to defend their country.

WPLF expresses displeasure at SL diplomats’ conduct in Geneva

One Response to “WPLF expresses displeasure at SL diplomats’ conduct in Geneva”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    True patriots.

    I wish these people don’t shun politics of their own without dirtying themselves with existing parties and politicians. But the misfortune of Sri Lanka will ensure they will not.

    They for the first time stopped beating about the bush and attacked the substance – Tamil nonsensical claims and Tamil racism. This is what drives the LTTE Rump.

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