Sirisena’s claims on LTTE seen as totally baseless
Posted on October 21st, 2018

Nirmala Joseph Courtesy Gulf Today 

Informed people have rejected an allegation raised by Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena that the now-defunct Tamil Tiger outfit had planned to attack Colombo with an aircraft flying from Chennai in 2009. 

Speaking to the Sri Lankan community in New York where he spoke at the UN General Assembly, Sirisena said, No one knew it better than me.”

Retired Indian military intelligence officer Colonel R. Hariharan was quoted in the local media on Saturday as dubbing the Sirisena claim as fiction. The Chennai airport was fully secured and the Q branch of the Tamil Nadu police was on high alert,” he said.

They would have known had the LTTE hatched such a plan.”

Hariharan now works with the Chennai centre for China studies and the international law and strategic analysis institute.

TR Baalu, prominent leader of the opposition DMK, who was a Union minister during the days Sirisena refers to, said: What he says is totally baseless. How can he say either the Centre or the State government would have allowed our territory to be used to attack any other country?”

There was no such plan of the LTTE, a banned organisation. It is totally false.”

The DMK was in power in 2009.

Sri Lanka expert Prof PS Suryanarayana said, It is wild imagination that the LTTE had plans to attack Colombo from Chennai.”

Sirisena was the acting defence minister during the last two weeks of the civil war with the LTTE in May, 2009, when the Tigers were eliminated.

The former president (Mahinda Rajapaksa) was away, the former prime minister was away. There was no defence ministry Secretary and Army Commander in the country at the time,” Sirisena said, adding that all senior leaders were out of the country fearing an LTTE air raid.

The Tamil Tigers were going to operate an aircraft from Chennai or some other jungle area to bomb and destroy targets in Colombo,” the President said.

Sirisena said it was a well-guarded secret that all senior leaders were out of the country fearing an LTTE air raid. Even I did not stay in Colombo. I was at several locations outside Colombo in case the Tigers attacked the capital city,” he said.

2 Responses to “Sirisena’s claims on LTTE seen as totally baseless”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Modi hosted Sambandan, Mahinda and Ranil in consecutive months. In doing so, he bypassed Sirisena. Obviously nothing good for Sri Lanka can come from India/Modi. Sirisena’s refusal to sell Colombo East terminal, Trincomalee port and Palali airstrip to India are the real reasons India is irked.

    Whatever petty issues are, Sirisena is the best protector of Sri Lankan interests at this moment. He obviously was not until now and India helped elect him but politics has strange bedfellows.

    Given these issues, it is very likely India is plotting to harm Sirisena.

    For most Sri Lankans, any enemy of the nation is good as long as they help their darling political clans grab power.

  2. ranjit Says:

    We all know that Sirisena is a damn liar. He twists his words every now and then. His lectures are good for the gallery. His knowledge as a president is very poor. Because of his stupid comments here and abroad has made him a weak president in the eyes of the public. He had enough time to recognise the traitors to the motherland and now he should stop fooling the people anymore and act like a real president to save our country from enemies within and from abroad specially his co-partner UNPers who were responsible for bond scam and many more irregularities in the government. He should think of his country more than pleasing our enemies who were waiting to grab our land with the help of western world and Indian parasites. He should not be afraid of India who were always trying to bully us like the white Satan. Sri Lanka is a free nation and should have a free hand to solve our own problems without any outside interference.

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