Psychological Ailment of Tamil Politicians
Posted on October 24th, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan

On independence, GG Ponnambalam became a minister in the Ceylon government. It is to be said that GGP earned his income through his excellent practice in criminal law. SJVC formed the Federal Party joined with several people. For SJVC funds flowed from Malaysia his mother country where he was born. Once they become politicians somehow, they tend to introduce malpractices to earn money. Poor voters without realizing the consequences help people to get jobs, through which Tamil politicians earn money. The author is a Tamil from Vaddukoddai and a nephew of a great medical expert who knew the malpractices of the Tamil politicians. Tamils right from a coolie to the minister had no obligation to be a SriLankan patriot. At KKS cement Officers misused corporation vehicles, tradesmen stole lots of technical items, and most of them were recycled through shops in Jaffna. Tamil Storekeepers were responsible for these corrupt practices. Right from electric bulbs to cables, bearings, and relays etc. were recycled through shops in Jaffna. Executives who try to expose these corrupt practices were threatened by the Coolie gangsters. Therefore, most of Tamil community was/is a corrupt race. It is definite that Prabakaran siphoned explosives from the magazine at cement for his use. Any executive who talks about this was told that it is not his duty to catch a thief and further, it is government property. LTTE damaged transmission towers to make use of the steel and the ancillaries. This is the true history of Tamils in the North.

My intent is to bring out all of the hidden characters of the Tamils.

Ananthi wanted to be a minister. What is the intention? She knows that it will pave the way to accrue wealth. Going through the media readers: please visit this page. Ref: (i),  (ii) If Ananthi wanted to serve the people she could do so without being a minister.

It is a presumption to state that any minister earns money through illegal ways. Ananthi was sworn in on the 29th June 2017. What did she sacrifice for the Tamils? In my view – NONE. Sasitharan AKN Elilan was to be assassinated on the order of V. Prabakaran and he (Sasitharan) went shrouded before the war. Ananthi is/was his wife.

In October 2018 Ananthi has floated a political party. It is called: (ஈழத்தமிழர் சுயாட்சிக் கழகம்) Well the basic translation is: Eelam Tamils Autonomous Corporation. Ananthi; where is this Eelam? Is it buried under the Indian Ocean where your paternal fathers and mothers are? Come to the real world. Do you know about INCARS, red Indians etc. They were the power of the world several thousands of years ago. They all speak English now and live in Americas.the  You  are no different to the red Indians. Some resemblance of the R. Indians. Read the history of Peru, Chilli, Venus vela etc in the S. Americas. Some of you are mentals going in circles shouting Eelam. Where do you think it will take you and your mental mates? CVV is another mental case. Wonder how he got his CJ position?

Well, we knew from the natural characteristics of the Tamils, that when CVV appointed Ananthi as a minister, it was a conspiracy planned to form a party in due course and float funds for such activity. First, he blew up the political situation by floating a congress. Appointed you as a minister and forced you to form a party. The other person is the Terrorist brother, K. Sarveswaran as the minister for education, where money can be siphoned from people. Now Ananthi will be the Secretary-General of ESK (it can only laugh off) and CVV will suck Ananthi and at some stage, it will collapse or merge with TNA. Tamils in the North should understand this strategy.

The main issue here is the character of CV Vigneswaran. How did CVV get his Chief Justice position? Is it by intelligence and/or competency in Law? Or being a relation of Arunachalam? Can he be compared to the former Chief Justice Sriskantharajah? It looks like in his old age, he is acting as if he is suffering from the psychological or bipolar disorder. He has no intention of engaging people in economic and technological development but only accrue power and authority. The main issue here could be attributed to the Tamil Diaspora in the UK forcing him to do things which are outside the norm.

Mr. CVV. A question was thrown to you: What is your IQ score?

To Ananthi- Do you know what IQ score means, and if so, what is your IQ level. Please explain: What has your so-called husband Sasitharan (Elilan)done to the Tamil people?

(Do not assume that IQ means your political crudeness, wickedness or cunningness)

Mr. CVV: Please understand that building a Buddhist temple in the North is the democratic right of the citizens of SL. So many Tamils in Tamil Nadu are Buddhists and in Jaffna will like to pray Buddha.

Basically, with the current illegitimate Opposition and government, you are able to maneuver your way in funding your coffer.

Karuna is able to stand himself as the fifth richest person in SL. Ref:

Well, the question is he was the commandant for the Eastern province for the LTTE. Apart from that position, is he an engineer, doctor, Architect, or did he do business to earn such 1.7 million US$? The fellow cannot even speak English. He is a murderer and has catchers all over the world with his Ferric Oxide coated money.

The fun part is people think he is an excellent/good politician. The idiocy should be passed onto  Ranil Wickramasinghe and his team to have brought such a killer into politics without realizing the consequences of such an act. The downfall of MR was due to Mervin Silva, Vaas Gunawardane and some untrustworthy people. The downfall of Sirisena and Ranil will be as a consequence of appointing TNA as the opposition and giving into them. Ie being submissive to the TNA.

In the real world is this true governance? It looks like some villagers with lack of education, and most of all lack of intelligence governing a country. All these political imbecilic clowns in SL, visit foreign countries. Why cannot these wags study the system there? Maybe they are governing imbecilic foolish public. If the Jaffna man is supporting Ananthi and CVV, it cannot be ruled out that the public are fools and illiterates.

You cannot be compared to MA Sumanthiran on any functional cerebral capabilities. MAS is a much superior intellect than any of the NPC politicians. Both must read on political science.

The NPC, on the whole, is manned by such people.

The Sinhala politicians are not better, but corrupt unpatriotic foes to the country.

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  1. Charles Says:

    Kanthar it is interesting to read how these rogues mislead the Tamil people for their own personal gain. How wonderful it would be if we all form a one Nationhood of Sinhale- after all we are all children of this land the Hela Bima. If that sounds racist lets call ourselves Sri Lankans.

    Yes ofcourse the politicians could all be the same whther they are Tamil or Sinhala. But we as there is no likely man to lead us all together, we have to lay our anchor besides some one who showed he could develop this country and perhaps unite the Communities despite Sumanthirans, Sampanthans, Vigneswarans, Hackims and Badiyuddins, that is Mahinda Rajapakse.

    DS and UNP laid the poison of division despite fighting for Independence. It was then that the Sinhala Tamil and Muslims should have come to an understanduing of unity. SWRD tried with an idea of one language, one flag and one national anthem to build a one nation, and failed with SJVP,GG,Suntharalingam and the rest, then JR gave into India as he had no help even then from USA and the British, R Premadasda had Ranil and the like who helped him in the massacre of youth misled by JVP Crowd, Chandrika had a chance but she messed up and the Muslim Ministers with her betrayed her after she took away the Ministries of Ranil the PM.

    We are left with Mahinda Rajapakse who did a wonderful job not only by eliminating terrorism but also by developing the Country as it had been done never before. He is accused of a family regime , but it was thanks to his brothers whom he could trust that he was able to do so much of good work. Perhaps she should be put back on saddle to do as much as he can before he fails again…………………

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