Welcome Back, Mahinda
Posted on October 30th, 2018

You have come back in a way even you didn’t anticipate, but hats off to you for going with the flow and taking up the challenge/opportunity. There’s a palpable sense of relief with the public when you’re at the helm. Probably they expect you to do the same miracle you did before, bring the country back from the brink. This time it’s not the terrorist/separatist threat, but an economic catastrophe. We feel you are quite up to it and wish you good luck. But at the same time would like to extend a reminder and a warning of the fears of the public regarding your rise to power again.

First we hope you will not release your former friends and colleagues who have been convicted of rape, murder, drug trafficking, fraud and corruption, creating communal rifts etc. Refrain from giving presidential pardon and setting them loose among the public of this country again. They have been convicted fairly and squarely, and this country should not be made to suffer them again. Ever.  Hope you can resist the allure of their ill gotten money. Their offers to sponsor you, to print your posters, to finance your party and election campaigns, should be totally shunned. Please spare this country of them.


Keep your distance from all religious extremists whether Buddhist, Tamil, Muslim or Christian. Scrap all these ministries too. The government should be for all citizens of this country, irrespective of any religion. Any government assistance given to religions should be available for all religions and people.

Do not interfere in the ongoing cases of corruption, even if these people have come back to support you. Let the legal proceedings take its course without any interference from you or your hangers on.

All members of parliament are also normal citizens of this country and do not deserve any special treatment than any other government servant for carrying out their duties. (Which was the case many years ago. Now they come into power only to fatten themselves) .This Idea has been already vocalized and have taken root. It is gathering momentum with lots of selfless people getting behind it and offering to do away with all the special perks members of parliament get, like pensions after just 5 years in office, duty free vehicle permits, and all kinds of allowances etc. There are people, who are coming forward to work without all that. In fact, there are people who have worked like that already. Prime example the retired Chief justice, Priyashath Dep and some JVP parliamentarians. At a time when people are desperate for a 3rd option, from the two parties that has ruled/ruined the country for so long, Mahinda, you have two options here. 1) Pick people like Priyashath Dep, who are willing to work for the country without the perks, for your team. Sri Lanka is blessed with many like him. Or, 2) do away with all these perks for the fat and salivating lot, who comes forward only to enjoy these callous perks created by the fattened for the fattened.

Do away with all antics done, with the claim of terrorist threat to their lives by all politicos. Like police escorts for going about on the roads, and breaking of all traffic rules.  This is the biggest harassment of the normal public of this country by the politicos of all hues. They all want to go about their business like the royalty. A parliament sitting day is well recognizable by the chaos on the roads on the day, these speeding buffaloes create with the assistance of the police.

Do not interfere, or let any of your cronies interfere, in the normal carrying out of duties by the police.

Prohibit making little children worship politicos. This bending over is trained at such young age by their own teachers/parents that it stays with them for the rest of their lives. Make their backs strong, so some day they will hold themselves up with pride, no matter what their job is.

Reduce the number of ministers, and Ministries.

Weeding out corruption should be as important a goal as developing the country. Give it top priority, like you did with the LTTE, Declare a war on corruption.

Do not make nationally important decisions on the sayings and predictions of astrologers. Good luck

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