JVP denies pledging support to Ranil
Posted on November 2nd, 2018

By Saman Indrajith Courtesy The Island

The JVP yesterday said it would remain neutral as regards the ongoing power struggle between the UPFA and the UNP. It denied rumours that it had pledged support to ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe during a meeting, chaird by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, at the parliamentary complex yesterday.

JVP Kalutara District MP Dr Nalinda Jayatissa, contacted for comment, told The Island that he and his parliamentary colleague Vijitha Herath had attended the meeting, summoned by the Speaker.

Dr Jayatissa said MP Herath had vehemently opposed an attempt by the UNP to move a resolution to the effect that the 118 MPs, who were present at the meeting were supportive of Wickremesinghe.

The MPs met in the Committee room one to discuss the current situation and the next sitting date of Parliament.


UNP MPs proposed a two-point resolution to condemn the prorogation of Parliament and condemn the appointment of the new Prime Minister and Cabinet of ministers. However, the parties including the JVP, refused to sign the resolution stating that they had been summoned for a different purpose, which was to discuss the issue and not to signa resolution against the government.

The resolution was presented to the group of 118 MPs by UNP MP Ajith P Perera and was seconded by MP Champika Ranawaka.

Former Minister of Public Enterprise and Kandy City Development Lakshman Kiriella said, at the meeting, that the President of the country had acted against his mandate.

“First it was wrong to appoint a new MP who does not have a majority in parliament. Second, the prime minister was appointed from a party which had lost the last general election. The prorogation of parliament was against parliamentary traditions. As per the traditions of parliament, the President should have consulted the Speaker before proroguing parliament. There had been no such consultation. We follow the traditions of British parliament. Even the Queen of England does not prorogue the British Parliament without consulting the Speaker. We should stand against this. We have the majority of MPs here and we are asking the Speaker to oppose the unjust act.

JVP Propaganda Secretary MP Vijitha Herath said that he and his colleague Kalutara District JVP MP Dr Nalinda Jayatissa were at the meeting to discuss the next course of action with regard to the convening of parliament and not to support either party to the dispute. We are not signing the resolution and if we are to sign any such we need to discuss it before within our party and make a decision.

JVP MP Dr Jayatissa later said that some pro-UNP websites had reported that JVP”, too, had supported the UNP resolution and that was wrong. The party issued an official statement stating that it only wanted the reconvening of Parliament and nothing else.

MPs of UNP, SLMC, TNA, JVP, ACMC, JHU, Tamil Progressive Alliance and Democratic People’s Movement attended the meeting.

The meeting lasted for nearly two hours from 10.15 am.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    JVP must stand firm and support the constitution of the country and this not a case of supporting RW but adhering to the rule book.

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