A WARNING and advice to the young Minister Wasatha Senanayaka
Posted on November 3rd, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara  

3. 11. 2018

News item

“Group of UNP MPs Led By Ravi K Seen At Wasantha Senanayake's Colombo Residence Last Morning November 03, 2018

A group of UNP MPs were seen at Tourism and Wildlife Minister Wasantha Senanayake’s Colombo residence, last morning.

The group of MPs was led by UNP Colombo District Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake.

The MPs had visited Senanayake’s house after 118 Paeliamentarians supported a motion claiming former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s appointment as the Prime Minister was unconstitutional and unacceptable.

Their aim was to convince the crossover MP to support Ranil Wickremesinghe again.

Senanayake switched allegiance earlier this week and pledged support to President Maithripala Sirisena and his new Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.”


In the context of the above news item I would like to make the following warning and advice to the young Minister WASANTHA Senanayaka

Sudath Gunasekara3 11.2018

Dear Mr Wasanthha Sennayaka.

I have never seen you or met you. But I know you as a grandson of that Great Leader DS Senanayaka the first Prime Minister of our country who died when I was in my 8th standard in School. In your decision to join the new Government I see a potential national leader of the future. I hope you will remember that even Badranayaka was in UNP before he left it to form the SLFP and created a new chapter in our history by ushering in a new era in the history of this nation by restoring the lost heritage of the Sinhala nation in 1956.

Whether a man is UNP or SLFP is not important for the people. What is important for them is what you do for them and the country and the Sasana. If you go through the Mahavamsa, you will see the longest Chapters and the most lavish praise has been paid to those Kings who rendered a notable service to religion, its people and who defended the country against foreign invasions.

I am happy to see that you have done the correct thing at the correct time as true patriot of that Senanayaka tradition at a time this country is being by Ranil and his outfit by bringing it under unprecedented Western colonial rule against which people like your grand Farther has relentlessly fought.

Therefore Don’t listen to these crooks and rogues who have ruined that great party UNP founded by your grand farther. Remember you are the real successor and true heir to UNP that has been brutally murdered and buried by Ranil, the sworn stooge of the West who has gone down in history as a great traitor like Do Juwan Dharmapala of Kotte

I would strongly suggest you stay with the patriotic group led by MR and Sirisena and show your true colours as a future Sri Lankan leader.

If you succumbed to pressure by these crooks, remember that is the end of your political future. I am giving this advice to you as an elderly patriot of this country who loves the country, its people, the Sassan and its Sinhala Buddhist civilization more than his life.

I hope and wish wisdom will dawn upon you so that you will end up as a great leader one day in future

Remember all people born to this world die; some appear to be dead even when they are alive. But there is a third category that never dies even after death. The best example in the worldfor this category is Lord Buddha. In Sri Lankan politics your grand farther DS, SWRD, Sirima are such people. So please try to live up to that tradition and I warn you not to get caught to the trap laid by these crooks led by Ravi to save an unpatriotic man like Ranil who designed the biggest Robbery, that is the Central Bank, and who is cursed and despised by at least by 90 % of Sinhala Buddhist and all Sinhalese who love this country.

I am sure you will understand what I say better if you listen to what Rev Cardinal Malcom Ranjit said to Ravi and crowed today when they went to canvas for support to Ranil and also the Anusasana Ven Kollupitiye Sangharakkita Thera, the chief incumbent of Kelani Viharaya delivered today to MR when he visited to pay respect to Kelani Viharaya

I wish you good luck and an illustrious future

One Response to “A WARNING and advice to the young Minister Wasatha Senanayaka”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, SUDATH! I add my voice to yours in URGING the son of my classmate NOT TO WAVER from his decision, in the tradition of his honourable Senanayake clan, to support the PATRIOTIC FORCES of Sri Lanka at this time!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE, your political future will depend on your FIRMLY sticking to the GOOD DECISION you have made to support the PATRIOTIC FORCES of your Motherland in its current STRUGGLE wrest its crown back from Foreign PUPPETS!

    NO Senananayake has ignored the cries of Mother Lanka in its TIME of Need!

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