Parliament dissolved to form a People’s Government – Part III
Posted on November 13th, 2018


The UNP suffering from perennial electrophobia and utterly fearful of facing voters in elections its Paroxetine JVP ,JHU Muslim Com-gross TPA. Dollar voracious NGO vultures and pro-tiger terrorist sympathiser Rajan Hoole, despite being a member of the so-called Independent election commission (perhaps on behalf of the Tamil diaspora) and some others have submitted petitions at the Supreme Court against the dissolution of Parliament and calling for ele4ctions by President Sirisena.  Hoole should have resigned from his post before he submitted the petition and if fail to so even now belatedly the government should take swift action to remove him as otherwise people will lose faith on the independent nature of the Election Commission. Reports indicate that this pro terrorist Hoole has refrained from signing the letter authorising officials to proceed with carrying out election related activities and thereby creating a conflict between Election and Commissioner General of Elections and hence Hoole should not only be dismissed but also taken into custody on the charge of obstructing legitimate government activities.

The hearing of the petitions by a three-member panel of Judges led by the Chief Justice Nalin Fernando started yesterday and is being continued.  Despite these petitions of election phobia addicts Maha Nayake Theroes, prelates of other religions have wholeheartedly and enthusiastically welcomed the election saying that it has offered an opportunity for them to get rid of the butterfly clan and the foreign slavish quislings from the political arena of this country and replace them with national minded, patriotic and progressive people and revive the country as it was in the yore.

In the Supreme Court the Attorney General Mr. Jayantha Jayasuriya making his submission ns asserted that the action taken by the President was legal and was in consistent with the constitution and has asked the Courts to dismiss all petitions.  During his submission the AG has cited all constitutional clauses that validate the action taken by the President to ensure the law and order sovereignty of the people.

The Supreme Court, in the meantime gave it ruling this evening by issuing a Stay Order on the gazette dissolving Parliament and calling for elections until 7th December and said that they will take up hearing of the petitions on 4th, 5th,and6th of December. Many political analysts and politicians have welcomed this decision as the time frame given to call for nominations from 19th to 26th November and hold election on 5th January were insufficient for selection of candidates and prepare for a detailed Manifesto.  Government sources said that thy are in the process of presenting a joint manifesto and the relevant works are being carried out.  They said that the new Manifesto will have many concessions including granting of car permits every five years, expediting the work of development projects which had been suspended by the Ranil Wickremasinghe government and extensive review of foreign slavish trade agreements. .

Government sources indicated that there will be no more Ranil era even if the Supreme Court gives a verdict in favour of the UNP and its proxies.  Legal experts apprised that in such an event the government can call for a referendum for they people to express their franchise and it will only delay the election by about one month or by a maximum 40 – 50 days.

Meanwhile Ranil Wickremasinghe has said that Parliament will resume sittings tomorrow the original date of reconvening the Parliament by President Sirisena before he issued a gazette notification to dissolve parliament and call for a snap election. He has said in his usual arrogance that he will prove his majority when they meet tomorrow despite the fact that the can appoint anyone regardless of majority as the Prime Minister as he did so om 9th January in which he appointed Ranil who had only 41 clears as Prime Minister instead of Mr. D.M,.Jayaratne who had 146 members with him at that time.

Reports said that the double-tongued dollar voracious JVP leadership held their Il Maha Semarum” November commemoration in Colombo today)(Nov. 13th). They hold two commemoration events – April 5th– in respect of those idea in 1971 and Nov. 13th in respect of over 60,000 died in 88 – 90 period, including some of my relations, school mates and neighbours.  A neighbour of mine became insane when his two sons got killed reported by Rajitha Senaratne’s PRRA outfit and subsequently died in that status. Many eye witness accounts have said that JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera was thrown into  Cremation Chamber alive when he was arrested at Ulapane St. Mary’s Estate and brought to Colombo.   On the day he was supposed to have been killed the then Minister of National Security Ranjan Wijeratne in an interview with BBC and in response to a question whether Wijeweera’s  killing has been informed to the President said that they do not need to inform President about the killing of a dacoit.  The JVP current leadership despite their collaboration with the UNP has not taken any action to verify about this death.  The JVP hold these commemorations for their self aggrandizement and for fooling their village members and make them hire buses spending from their hard-earned money to ferry the people to them in Colombo and other main towns.

The last genuine leader of the JVP the late Mr. Somawansa Amerasinghe told media once the present JVP leadership under dollar voracious Anura Kumara and his cabal is shamelessly money slavish and Anura Kumara who is reportedly owns a palatial residence in Ireland was given Rs. 25 Million by UNP stalwart and UNP financier Malik Samarawickrema to help their party in the 2015 General Elections.  Ranil also helped Anura Kumara in numerous ways and he functioned as an advisor to Ranil having an office in the Temple Trees and Anura Kumara has allegedly advised Ranil on persons to be prosecuted by the notorious FCID and on what charges.  NFF leader Mr. Wimal Weerawansa, PHU leader Mr. Udaya Gammanpila and the famous Buddhist monk Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera had to serve long terms under custody perhaps due to instigations of Anura Kumara.

(To be continued)

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