Can we allow “democracy” to destroy a nation that even terrorism couldn’t?
Posted on November 20th, 2018

Keerthi Godayaya

Once again, a myriad of explanations has been emanating from all directions regarding the constitutional quagmire that has engulfed Sri Lankan politics at present. Many of these explanations are based on western democratic norms and traditions as to how important that can be to safeguard the Westminster parliamentary etiquettes.

Many are worried about the way our parliamentarians behaved in the chamber the other day, as if the parliament is a separate entity that supposed to exist alienated from the socio-political realities of the country. Their argument goes to the extent as if our parliamentarians’ supreme duty is to protect Westminster system and its etiquettes rather than the country. The most comical of this all is the fact that no other than the JVP has become the ultimate guardians of this colonial mechanism, the Westminster parliamentary system. Isn’t that funny?

People know that the JVP’s crocodile tears are nothing but a fig-leaf to cover-up Anura Kumara’s and Vijitha Herath’s personal grudge and vendetta against Wimal Weerawansa, and that is the true reason behind this outcry. They just can’ allow the policies that Wimal Weerawansa stands for to win. If Wimal Weerawansa stands for the people, then the JVP thinks people must lose. They cry wolf about the violation of democratic values of a parliamentary system today hiding their true intentions, but without knowing that they cannot trick the people. Due to their vicious personal grudge, they would destroy the entire nation at any cost rather than backing off realizing the heavy cost of their actions. It is the pathetic condition of a party that once had some credibility.

People want to know the position of the JVP about the newly proposed constitution by the former UNP regime that intended to bring provisions that could permanently end the unitary nature of the nation and create dangerous legal conditions encouraging the division of it? Do they agree with UNP with such constitutional coup d’ etat? If they do not agree with these constitutional changes, and ended up without having options to stop Ranil, what would they do? Wouldn’t they choose a revolutionary path? Oh sorry, I forgot, they are the red elephants, the current bedfellows of the “Thuppahi” affluent class of Colombo, and now they are accustomed to enjoy all parliamentary privileges and pensions that once they fought against some time back. They are the new haters of the “sadukin pelenawun.” and singing a different tune these days such as….

සාදුකින් පෙළෙනවුන් – දැන් ඉතින් හැමනියව්… 

මිහිතලේ කසලයින් සුන්වෙයව්!!!”

The enunciation of the criticism of current state of affairs is that whatever the situation, the western parliamentary etiquettes need to be upheld. We mustn’t do anything that can trigger white master’s laughter.

Hello…white master will laugh anyway. When he sees that our speaker is still wearing the blond wig that had been trashed centuries ago by the owners of it. Even though this part has been a part of the costumes of many former colonies, this has never been a part of the costume of the speaker of the USA, another former colony of Britain. Aren’t we becoming laughing stocks right there before the white gaze.

The critics are terrified, not that because white master has set-up all the traps against us through the Westminster parliamentary system, but by his mere laughter. So, these people are prescribing us to live according to a set of rules, although these ‘certain rules’ never can satisfy the yearnings of the nation, but only satisfies the whims and fancies of the former colonial masters. There has never been any other occasion other than current crisis that clearly demonstrated that the parliamentary system is nothing but a trap for Sri Lankan people.

For instance, how if the Judiciary branch of our constitution rules that the early dissolution of parliament by the president is unconstitutional? Ranil grabbed power three and a half years ago deposing Mahinda with a clear political agenda which he knew was anti Sri Lankan, ani-people and anti-unitary status of our country. He knew the new constitution that was in the pipeline will pave the definitive path for the division of the country that can never be able to undo again. Also, he knew if the executive branch had been entrusted powers to dissolve the parliament in a such critical political climate, which he expected to create due to his plotting against the nation, he will never be able to fulfil his task that was assigned for him by his colonial masters to the finish.

He knew the constitutional coup d’ etat he planned was going against the mandate he was given, therefore wished to function above the law. So, he devised a constitutional security mechanism to remain in power until he can fulfil the task of permanently dividing the country, which is what we recognize now as 19th amendment to the constitution. But since the supreme power of the 1978 constitution had entrusted upon people of Sri Lanka, at this juncture, there should have been a mechanism to stop such treacherous act of Ranil. But there was none according to the explanation of Ranil about the post 19th amendment of the constitution.

If Ranil’s explanation about the post 19th amendment constitution is valid, then what he is telling us is that he had created a constitutional safe haven for him through 19th amendment to function unobstructed to bring whatever the harm he wanted to bring to the country without being challenged by any checks and the balances in the system. Adding even more mockery to the already rigged system, the speaker also functioned as a part of this UNP regime’s rigging of the parliamentary system. Then where the people were left in this situation Ranil created? The people of Sri Lanka have been left without having any options. Isn’t this a condition worthy of a revolution? Yes, Revolution is the only answer. Let us line-up this again.

If Ranil is correct in his explanation about the constitution, then he has conspired and strategized with his Indian and western masters to divide the country through a constitutional coup d’état.

According to Ranil, in post 19th amendment constitution, there is no way to stop him via legal means.

In such political stalemate, what’s left for the people?

The answer is written on the wall, Only a bloody revolution!” 

People cannot allow Ranil to live above the law or against the will of the people of Sri Lanka. Of course, revolutions are bloody. Many will die in such events. But the history of mankind has gone through such bloody events to up hold the will of the people.

At this situation there is no relevance whatsoever of judging our parliamentarians’ behavior that has nothing to do with resolving the problem of our country. The unruly behavior was only the symptom of a larger problem. Then the question is what was the cause for this unruly behavior? Ranil’s treacherous constitutional coup d’ etat was the cause, wasn’t it? Can good behavior that satisfies the white master resolve this problem of division of the nation through a constitutional coup d’etat? No! Of course not; the gentlemanly behavior can satisfy Sudda,” but not the nation. Is it worthy to exchange the national security and the unitary state with white master’s whims and fancies or his satisfaction and approval?

By the way, gentleness of the gentlemen politics in colonial master’s country comes from the ability to exert power through influence. In other words, the gentleman in England can commit any crime in England or in their former colonies without using his own fingers but can get things done by others. So, you do not have to be emotional there; Instead, you can get anything done cold bloodedly. You can name many such gentlemanly criminals, Winston Churchill was one. But the prescribed gentleness of the politician in the colony (such as in Sri Lanka) comes with the castration of independence, obedience abiding to white rules. So, what do you value the most? Having balls to do whatever necessary to safeguard the nation or the slavish obedience seeking approval of the white master?

But whatever the answer could be, I must make one thing very clear! I have never sent my representative to the parliament to safeguard the white master’s Westminster etiquettes but only to safeguard my country at any cost. What I really want from my repetitive in the parliament is to save my nation from the unfolding constitutional coup d-etat of Ranil and the clan. And not only that, if the verdict of the supreme court goes unfavorable to the peoples will in early December, and going against the people’s determination for a snap election – to decide the fate of the nation, then definitely I want my representatives to take the ultimate political action…. the




2 Responses to “Can we allow “democracy” to destroy a nation that even terrorism couldn’t?”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Having an election is the ONLY way Sri Lankans can avoid the awaiting disaster.

    Let the people decide the future of the country, not by the selfish, cunning, political parasites who shed crocodile tears while using democracy as an excuse to hang on to power.

    The three-member Supreme Court has done the biggest blunder by temporarily suspending the elections, extending chaos and mayhem further with potential for violence and blood bath.

    May be this is what Ranil and Karumaya (speaker) wanted, as they had predicted there would be blood baths in the country. May be this is what they wanted all alone, to keep their white masters happy, so that they can intervene in the name of democracy, rule of law, and other BS.

    It’s time people rise up and demand an election ASAP, if they want to save the country.

    Democracy is useless if they cannot exercise their civic duty by using their vote….

  2. nilwala Says:

    All these attempts to transform a Presidential Democracy to a Parliamentary Democracy via an ineptly crafted 19th Amendment thereby giving more power to Parliament and the PM is what has caused the mess. That together with a very partisan Speaker.

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