Posted on November 22nd, 2018


I, as a SPUR member wish to refer to D. Rajapakese’s concerns on purring SPUR (Island 19th Nov) . While he does not welcome” foreign interference” in Sri Lankan affairs, he obviously does not like when the protesting voice is originated by the overseas Sri Lankans. Be that as it may, among us are Sri Lankan citizens, dual citizens and others who have their parents, sisters and brother living in Sri Lanka and we do travel to Sri Lanka very often. We, in Australia encouraged by the State learn Sinhala, involve in Sinhala cultural practices and celebrate Sinhala New Year in a grand scale notwithstanding gathering  in thousands to cheer Sri Lankan cricket team. It is with pride we state that Sinhala plays, films, singers and musicians have a big audiences down under. We still consider Sri Lanka to be our second Mother Land. In short, specially, for the first generation of Sri Lankans or any other community group of migrants it is difficult to cut off their nexus to their own native land.

Let me also state that we also spur the Sri Lankan Nation at times of need. We have defended the unitary Sri Lanka and its territorial integrity at foreign fora when the FNG0 s and the separatist groups engage in destroying the image of Sri Lanka. We have presented our story of Sri Lanka to the United Nations. Within Sri Lanka we have been looking after over 200 school going children in remote, poor villages and sons and daughters of disabled soldiers  by getting sponsors to partly fund their educational needs. We are proud to say that some of them now serve Mother Lanka as surgeons, doctors, teachers including other categories, We funded the disabled soldiers garment factory at Yakkala and provided beds and other equipment to Victory military hospital in Anuradahapura and Ranaviru Sevana. We supplied over 150 artificial legs to the wounded soldiers and provided urgently needed medicine to the army hospitals. It may be interest to note that it was SPUR which send sniffer dogs to Sri Lankan army which saved the lives of civilians from bomb explosions. We took the lead in the building of 25 comfortable houses for Tsunami affected families in Madihe and sent funds to the flood affected in Aranyake and Kalutara. We also sent funds to Lady Ridgeway hospital and Cancer institute in Maharagma.

We reiterate that we consider it’s our bounden duty to purr and also spur Sri Lanka and we will remain as friends of Sri Lanka like the children for the Mother,



  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Great answer to an ignorant article.

    This is a good time to identify true lovers and true sons & daughters of Mother Lanka and opportunists and traitors of Mother Lanka.

    Following are simple acid-tests to identify if someone or some organisation is voicing the view of LieTTE die-ass-pora and are in their pay list directly or indirectly, if they are;

    • Talking against the Sri Lankans living outside who support Mother Lanka,
    • Feeling shameful about the affairs taking place in the SL Parliament,
    • Referring it to as a constitutional crisis or illegal government,
    • Talking about lack of majority in the parliament while accepting Run-nil as PM with 48 seats in Jan 2015,
    • Talking about further deteriorating of Rupees under new government,
    • Talking about further collapse of economy.

  2. nilwala Says:

    Good for you, Ranjith….and Thank you, as you speak for many Sri Lankans out there in “other” lands who are following with much concern the recent events in Sri Lanka.
    Many are unaware of your work since the 1970s connected with Sri Lanka’s long war with the LTTE’s terrorism and the efforts that you have made with so many who ached for what the country was being put through even after the war ended. This time around, the same groups seem to be involved in stoking an oncoming confrontation. They were misled once, werem’t they?
    Thank you for your commitment to your motherland.

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