Force white skinned barbarians to  halt their interference in Sri Lanka.
Posted on November 25th, 2018


The 20 odd nations of white skinned former imperialists, colonialists, slave traders and plunderers of international wealth and resources continue to fleece the countries of the world which consists 193 countries under various pretexts and abhorrent justifications forgetting that they are taken together only a minority in the world compared to some people friendly countries in the world.

Following the October revolution in Sri Lanka which was wholeheartedly welcomed by the natives and who continue to hold demonstrations demanding for an election except by a fringe unpatriotic quisling stooges these white skinned scoundrels are using the demented speaker and ousted opposition to slander Sirisena-Mahinda Rajapaksa government and project the new government as an anti-democratic, unconstitutional, autocratic government and obstruct the revolutionary government by threats, intimidation, warnings to impose sanctions, denial of GSP+ facility and warnings to cut aids and other assistances.

The Daily Mirror newspaper which has taken an extra mile to support its UNP masters claims that several countries including US and UK have expressed their concerns over the President’s decision  to dissolve Parliament on November 9, days before it was due to be reconvened and it poses a vital threat to Sri Lanka’s democratic institutions and  such actions jeopardize Sri Lanka’s economic progress and international reputation. It points out that the United States has called on the President  to respect his country’s democratic tradition and the rule of  law.,, and adds that the European Union has said that the decision of President Sirisena to dissolve the Parliament ahead of its planned reconvening risks undermining public confidence in the country’s democratic institutions and processes and further deepens the political and economic crisis in the country. It plagiarising EU statements the newspaper says that a fully functioning Parliament is an essential pillar of democracy and as a longstanding supporter of a democratic Sri Lanka, and the European Union expects a swift and peaceful resolution to the current crisis, in line with the Sri Lankan Constitution.

It was not a secret that that these white skinned minority in the world was responsible for regime changes in Iraq, Tunisia, Libya,. Egypt and Sri Lanka and it is reported that they are planning a similar action to prevent Prince Mohamed Bin Salman becoming the next King of Saudi Arabia but President Trump  is opposing a such move. The two personalities who call themselves as Muslim leaders who trade the interests of Muslims for their personal benefits and who allegedly got Umrah pilgrimages sponsored by the UNP from Bond Scam haram money, similar to JEPPOs keep quiet on this white skinned barbarians threat to Sri Lanka.  They may even if it become necessary justify these threats as Ranil Wickremasinghe justified American atrocities in Iraq in the past.,

The Daily Mirror further states that Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne has also expressed concern on President’s decision to dissolve the parliament on 9 November, and this  action undermines Sri Lanka’s long democratic tradition and poses a risk to its stability and prosperity..The newspaper also states that the UK Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field has called on all parties to uphold the constitution and respect democratic institutions and processes, while Norway has stated that the President’s action undermines Sri Lanka’s long democratic tradition and poses a risk to stability, prosperity, reconciliation and accountability.

The newspaper continuing its pampering the white skinned reactionaries says Switzerland also deplored the decision to dissolve Parliament and has called upon the President to settle the current crisis as quickly as possible while respecting the country’s democratic institutions and processes.”

It is pertinent to ask at this juncture from all these white skinned bluffers where were they when Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years under the jackboots of the ruthless terrorist LTTE when they massacred unarmed women and children, killed young Buddhist monks at Aranthalawa and shot and killed nearly 200 Muslims while they were in prayers at the Kattankudy mosque to mention a few incidents.  It must be reminded that that what they did was when the terrorists erer miserably losing the war making an attempt to stop the war and rescue the LTTE leaders and they failed in this ignominious attempt since Sri Lanka was under an iron willed unwavering and determined patriotic leader at that time.

Commenting on these concerns and threats enunciated by the white skins Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva has said that parliament had been prorogued on many occasions and the current prorogation certainly not a reason to be alarmed of as the President is empowered by the Constitution to prorogue parliament up to two months, Minister Silva alleged that UNP  MP Karu Jayasuriya was seeking a role beyond the scope of the Speaker. Accusing Jayasuriya of collaborating with a section of western bullies to cause instability, Minister Silva said that the Speaker , too, voiced the concerns raised by foreign missions.

Referring to two unofficial meetings the Speaker had with party leaders, Minister Silva said that the UNPer warned of drop in foreign investment and suspension of GSP plus facility in case Sri Lanka ignored international concerns. The minister quoted the Jayasuriya as having said that he wouldn’t stop talking when government representatives at the above mentioned unofficial meetings asserted the Speaker couldn’t act beyond his responsibilities.

Minister Silva alleged the Speaker acted in consent with some foreign powers to trigger chaos on Nov 14. Pointing out that as demanded by EU, Norway and Switzerland, the Speaker was threatening to go for a vote on Nov 14 in contravention of accepted norms, Minister Silva said that the UNPer couldn’t under any circumstances exercise power he didn’t enjoy constitutionally. Minister Silva alleged that Jayasuriya had responded to the situation like a chandiya (tough guy). The Minister said that they wouldn’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in parliament.

Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara criticized Karu Jayasuriya for what he called ‘entertaining’ foreign envoys in Parliament and inquired if the Speakers of these countries would have allowed the intrusion by our envoys in the affairs of their Parliaments and States. Minister   Nanayakkara said he was shocked to note that the Speaker had entertained foreign Ambassadors at his Parliament office when it remain prorogued to discuss matters that concerned the President, Prime Minister and the State.

Significant among those who were invited were the envoys of the US and the UK as well as those from other western countries. It is common knowledge that some of these countries actively engaged themselves in the Presidential Election held in 2015, in which they played a pivotal role to oust the then regime. He said Jayasuriya was a part of the plot to oust the government in January 2015 and colluded to compel the President to appoint a Prime Minister, who had the backing of only 48 MPs, whilst there was a sitting Prime Minister who had the support of 155 members of the House..

Many patriotic organizations and scholarly personnel have come forward to the streets even with their kiths and kin vehemently condemn these Sudda fellows and in many parts of the country daily demonstrations are being held with the participation of massive crowds and demanding the President to hold elections soon. Petitions are being signed in support of the President and the Prime Minister at these demos.

Under this situation the pseudo patriotism of JEPPO political chameleons have got exposed fully and about their servitude to white skinned barbarians despite their hollow talks about patriotism and confirmed their only desire is to destabilize and destroy this country which they failed twice to achieve despite sacrificing several thousand youth.

Sri Lankan organizations throughout the world too condemn the Kalu Sudda Jayasuriya for his servitude to white skinned barbarians and the reactionaries and call on the President to hold elections soon.  The Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) has called on all Sri Lankans  to respect the authority of the Executive President and abide by the rulings given by Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court.

The SPUR condemns the blatant interference of the European Union, Britain, the United States and a number of other countries who erroneously believe Sri Lanka to be a colonial state under their rule, forgetting that we have been an independent nation for the last 70 years. It says that these so-called guardians of democracy have been joined by a few international agencies and a bunch of tin-pot civil society organizations, who couldn’t muster a crowd to fill a dozen Tuk-Tuks plying on Sri Lanka’s roads.

The organization states the collective body of these paragons of virtue stands condemned for maintaining deathly silence:

  1. When Ranil Wickremesinghe became the Prime Minister in 2015 January with only 46 seats in parliament, whilst the party with over 150 seats was condemned to the opposition;
  2. When the United States of America blatantly boasted in public that they funded and was a major stakeholder of the initiative to execute Sri Lanka’s regime change;
  3. While the Ranil Wickremesinghe led government continued to delay provincial council elections manipulating the parliament to subvert democracy and disenfranchise the voting public;
  4. When Ranil’s Finance Minister had to step down due to corruption allegations and the Central Bank was relieved over a billion dollars by Rani’s bosom buddy, Arjuna Mahendran; and
  5. While speaker Karu Jayasuriya is crafting a constitutional crisis blatantly violating the law challenging the authority of the President.

In a lengthy article the former Chief of the UN Treaty Section (1995-2006), a former Sri Lanka Permanent Representative United Nations Headquarters in New York and a former Foreign Secretary Dr Palitha Kohona has condemned the world body for behaving like a mere mouthpiece of the West in joining the Western bloc to condemn happenings in Sri Lanka without any balance His article is highlighted here in a brief form.  .He has said that a raucous barrage of statements on the political situation in Sri Lanka is flooding the media from US and other Western sources. Dr. Kohona points out that the US Embassy in Colombo has imperiously called on the President to respect the country’s democratic tradition and the rule of law. He sways the ostensible theme motivating all these interventions appear to be the need to protect the s-called democracy and democratic institutions in Sri Lanka. There is a paternalistic assumption that democracy is somehow threatened, and it is their duty to intervene to protect it. The assumptions that h these Western interventions are based seem to suggest that the events of  26 October and the actions of the President c somehow would be a threat to democracy in Sri Lanka. Dr. Kohona emphasizes that Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia, the oldest country to enjoy universal adult franchise in Asia, a country that has faced elections on a regular basis and held its course despite being challenged by three bloody insurrections since independence from colonial rule.

Dr. Kohona further states the appointment of Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister by the President on 26 October and the refusal of the former Prime Minister, Wickremasingha to acknowledge this realty appears to be the root of this disquiet in the West. The fact that the relationship between the President and the former Prime Minister had broken down completely and the governance of the country had grounded to a disturbing crawl while the economy was slithering rapidly downwards requiring drastic measures.

The political editor of Sunday Times, an utterly pro-UNP newspaper owned by Ranil’s family members has said today that that this white skinned diplomats have held a meeting with government Ministers led by Leader of the House Minister Dinesh Gunawardene and warned that some of their countries had been contemplating punitive action such as a halt to aid and other forms of financial assistance including sanctions on politicians and their immediate families  directly responsible for alleged violations of the Constitution. It seems that they have a mindset that we are a colony of theirs and not a sovereign country and they gone far beyond of tolerable limits.  They should not be allowed to act in this despotic manner and some of them should be expelled soon as persona non-grata” to teach a lesson to all of them

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Ever since the so called barbarians came to our countries we had public toilets,schools,police force, courthouses and even a parliament where we could go there and hoot, throw chilli water and even throw the chairs and books at the police officers. Sadly our politicians have second homes in the countries of white barbarians. So let’s admire our civilized culture perhaps going back to 2600 years.
    But I am honestly happy with the so called white babarians,the only people who helped me to come up in life but not my people back home where they put every obstacle to destroy our honest livelihoods and sadly had to pack up and come to live and work for the so called barbarians.

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