Adrenalin and Sri Lankan Society
Posted on December 13th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

I read much about Adreline –the hormone produced within your body .

I am citing the definition of Adreline from the from English Dictionary.


hormone produced by the body, for example when you are frightenedangry, or excited, that makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger.

Here is no simple one-to-one relationship between a specific emotional reaction and a specific endocrine reaction but consistent relationships are demonstrable between adrenalin output, behavioral efficiency and emotional reaction.”

I have read about leaders in the world and also the people who have led companies to the pinnacle of success who may have reacted under the influence of the Hormone Adreline .Leaders who may have been confronted by oppressive and aggressive opponents may have taken some decisions under influence of Adreline .He was angry and forceful when he gave orders to his generals to fight against Hitler’s aggression.

I myself enhance my thinking power and decision making capabilities when I am confronted by aggressive forces.

Stalin who led Russia to win the Hitler’s aggression would have happened under the influence of Adreline ?

In today’s context in Sri Lanka we should look at the decisions made by the Leader of the country. He may have taken the decisions under influence of Adreline .According to his latest statements expressed to the media, he may have admitted that he made some wrong decisions.

The decisions made by the Supreme Courts today may have infused some Adreline to the politicians, You may note the action they may take in the future to prove my point.

Quote from Web

  I had an interesting experience this weekend where I was very pleasantly buzzed off a few drinks, and an emergency came up that required me and a couple other people to jump into fast and complex action for a fairly prolonged period. I felt completely sober and could focus and act “together” in a way that I know I normally cannot when I’ve had more than two drinks. I could remember first responder training stuff that I normally have trouble with in sober non-emergencies. Based on the reports of people around us and the (good) outcome, I do not think I was just feeling sober but then I am when I haven’t had a drink at all.”

Some of my friends expressed the same experience. We know we weren’t actually sober, but we definitely felt like it and could act as if we were. It’s gotten me very interested in how adrenaline works, exactly, and how it behaves when your system is already altered – what makes me feel like I’m sober when a sudden shock pops up, and how valid is that perceived sobriety? I know my BAC was the same, of course, but I was more coordinated and quicker with reactions than I am when I haven’t had a drink at all.

I suggest that the Leaders who run the country raise Adreline by consuming few drinks rather than staying sober.

I am quite positive that being a teetotaler is a good thing as far as health is concerned, but few drinks once in a while in order to raise your  Adeline .

Then it will be easier for the leaders to take sensible decisions??


Alcohol’s Effects on Adrenal Glands

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol keeps your heart healthy, reports the Harvard School of Public Health. However, the benefits of drinking alcohol evaporate when a person’s drinking crosses the line from moderate to excessive. This has detrimental effects on many organs in the body, including the liver, cardiovascular system, digestive system and kidneys. The adrenal glands are located near the top of each kidney, says Medline Plus. They produce essential hormones that are vital to bodily functions. Unquote

Dr Sarath Obeysekera




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