Posted on December 13th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I was taken aback during my walk today along the walking path by the side of the parliament when I saw a very strange banner .I was under the impression that the banner was quite a sarcastic, with an innuendo that the people sitting in the parliament, spending colossal amount of public money, are cronies who have been elected by the people of this country .They meet and fight with each other’s like crows fighting for a piece of bread picked by one of their members.

Banner also carries a slogan in Sinhala with a meaning Establishment of an artistic exhibition to build a public opinion /movement against social injustice, crime and corruption

Along the green fence installed by SLLRDC to prevent crocodiles who are protecting the parliament, was also decorated with white long banners with word Crowism and artificial crows with a white neck tie perched.

I personally do not approve what has happened on a Friday 26th October giving two days in the weekend ,some breathing time to the citizens in the country to fathom what happened to us all of a sudden. It is like your teen daughter comes home and tells the parents that she is pregnant .You are lost and helpless and you have no clue what to do.

The banner may have originated due to incidents taken place in the parliament a 26th Friday

Criminal activities carried out by MP’s was visible and the President himself admitted that parliament is full of corrupted people .Most of the MP’s are also involved in criminal activities which are  taking place in the country.

I went home and perused the dictionary to find the real English meaning of the word Crowism

I am not sure whether the Crowism originated in America .Dictionary provides following

a practice or policy of segregating or discriminating against blacks.

Also called Jim′ Crow′ism, jim′ crow′ism.

The systematic practice of discriminating against and segregating black people, especially as practiced in theAmerican South from the end of Reconstruction to the mid-1900s.”

  1. Upholding or practicing discrimination against and segregation of black people: Jim Crow laws; a Jim Crow town.
  2. Reserved or set aside for a racial or ethnic group that is to be discriminated agains

Does it mean that a movement is needed in Sri Lanka to segregate that people who are corrupted ad criminals? ( it does not mean that all blacks are criminals )

Does that mean that all the members sitting in the parliament beyond the fence are corrupted and involved in criminal activities? We should rise against them and form a movement to fight against them?

I wonder whether we really need a parliament.

I am eagerly waiting to visit the art show depicting the real meaning of Crowism in Sri Lankan Context.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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