Posted on December 23rd, 2018


We are moved and encouraged to hear that a high powered meeting had been held headed by the President with the officials including the Attorney General , CID and the Central Bank – Island report 22nd Dec- to pursue the master minds of the biggest bank robbery. We have already wasted nearly 20 months since the Central Bank alone incurred a loss of Rs 754 billion as a result of the unholy actions which took place on 29th March 2017. It is indeed a shame that the key player of the scam, fly by night Arjuna Mahendran has run a foil on our senior policy makers and powerful officials by flying into their faces. His is hanging out in  Singapore for last 20 months in the odour of sanctity!

The powerful legal machinery paid by the public appears hesitant to move the extradition orders while lesser mortals shoulder the burden of the heavy lifting caused by the loss of billions of rupees from the public purse for a long period of 20 months. This is in-spite of the fact that evidence provided by two parliamentary committees and a public commission of inquiry The chief architect, the chief operating officer and other partners who advised and opened the doors of state institutions to this perpetual crime and also who pocketed the loot, who destroyed the records and lied to the authorities pretend not to hear the sound and fury of the ailing public and continue to enjoy going on the bust.

It is high time to press the button. ACT NOW without further ado. The tired masses of the country is awaiting with a lot of hope so that the robbers will not be let off the hook AGAIN. We expect the President to take the initial step of publishing Bond report soonest and to bring justice to the criminals at the earliest opportunity,



  1. Christie Says:

    1. It is the Indian Parasite from Singapore who should be behind the bars and all the loot recovered by the government.

    2. The Indian Puppet President who appointed the Indian Parasite should have resigned.

  2. ranjit Says:

    President Sirisena wasted three and a half years of our time collaborating with Ali Baba and Forty thieves without taking any action against them for their treacherous acts as he described is a respect for their support for him to become the president of Sri Lanka. He too was responsible for the downfall of our economy, integrity and dignity by going along with them so long. Realising his mistakes at this stage even is a great thing and good for the country. Now he should act like a real president without wavering to anyside as he is the president for all citizens. He should not allow UNP TNA JVP unpatriotic traitors to move any bills in the parliament dangering our motherland or the Buddhist religion. You must safeguard it with all your powers as the president of Sri Lanka. These three western stooges should be behind bars for their crimes against our people before they talk about democracy. UNP has massacred thousands of youths in this country, JVP has massacred thousands of innocent civilians in this country. TNA was responsible for aiding and abetting one of the most dangerous terrorists outfit in the world LTTE and also the biggest bank robbery in history done by the UNP demo-crazy clan. Mustn’t allow them to live freely after doing all these dirty things against our people. Majority in this country will back you and hail you as a hero if you take action against these unpatriotic traitors who has a master plan to sabotage our forward march to prosperity and success with the help of western hypocrites and the Indian parasites. So act fast and save our motherland.

  3. Christie Says:

    Sirisena the puppet of India should come out clean and tell us what happened from 2012-2013 and onwards.

    1. Who was behind selecting him as Common Candidate.

    2. When did local Indian Parasites and other Indians including Indian Intelligence Service and Indian Parasites from other countries approached him directly and through his party members and relatives.

    3. Does he know how much Chandrika get paid for recruiting him as the Common Candidate.

    4. How much money was agreed for the 2015 campaign in Singapore and elsewhere to back you including payments to Ven, Gnanasara and Sobitha. Payments to Sobitha to divide Sinhalese on Good Governance and Gnanasara to alienate Christians and Muslims from Sinhala Budhists.

    Finally you have done a remarkable job for your puppeteers by appointing Mahinda as PM.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Great CB day light robbery was done by the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya chief
    samanalaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri
    Lanka only) Batalande Wandakaya pol pot r@ni_leech wickrma Sinhala killer with its catholic buddy maha
    horandran. Every time Batalande wandakaya get into the driving seat, it appoints portuguese nationals to
    high posts in police, army, navy and judiciary (as mentioned by MY3 in his speech, all MY3’s appointments
    were thrown away and wandakaya appointed its henchmen to it), police, army, navy etc.

    We all seen how wandakaya got thanapathihorun ambattayin and the judiciary to get the low life’s job back to
    further destroy Buddhism, Sinhalese race (Buddhists only, not porguese Sinhalese) and Sri Lanka. Traitor chief’s
    maha eka attacked Anagarika Dhammapala and chased away from the country. But to a lot of Sinhala dhrohiyas
    who go after a packet of rice/a shot of arrack/a bit of money/a lot of money, the traitor chief die hard catholic
    token Buddhist Batalande wandakaya is a Buddhist. Traitor low life wandakaya knows it is destroying Buddhism, Sinhaese Buddhists and Sri Lanka, and it gets all the support from the church, west, india etc. Wandakaya got its
    henchmen in judiciary so it can carry on the destruction without a hitch. Poor Mother Lanka to have a traitor of
    this caliber on her soil.

    Being a token Buddhist, wandakaya don’t understand one day it’s going to come to a horrible, horrible end.
    Hitler, murderous alugusuwa (to Sinhalese only) barrel man hitler mala paharan, traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) lk porisada R@, gaddafi, sad man hussein etc etc. History tells us that’s the case. Buddhism
    tells us the same. No tyrant has escaped a horrible horrible end to its horrible life. We can already see the signs from wankaaya’s face the intending horrible horrible end to a life of murders, robberies, lies, treacheries.

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