The need to end the tyranny of minority politics in Sri Lanka” Part 11
Posted on December 29th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

29. 12.2018.

(Continued from 24th Dec 2018)

(Ending the tyranny of minority politics in Sri Lanka constitutes the number one in restoring political stability, economic and social development and preserving the 2500-year-old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country)

Before I  present my proposed  solutions to this vexed problem as stated in the foregoing backdrop and further elaborated below, I would like to state few more factors that have heavily contributed to this disproportionate rise of the tyranny of minority politics in this country

If you carefully analyse how our political system has been functioning in the post-independence era ever since 1948, within this divide and rule colonial policy and the subversive political matrix created by the British you will see how the following salient outstanding raisons d’etre have been responsible  for this unfortunate situation.

Among them I would like to list the following factors as the most important

1 The failure on the part  of  all politicians headed by the UNP in 1948 at the time of receiving Independence, to demand the British to restore the status quo in the Lankan State that was there in 1815 and abolish certain colonial creations as listed below.

For example the original name of the country ‘Sinhale’ (the Land of the native Sinhala people); the Sinhala  language (the language of the  native people}; the State religion Buddhism; the Law of the Land; the name of the Nation (Sinhala); and the vacant possession of the motherland (without over 1 million Indian indentured labourers, the British had imported to work on their plantations, who were not there in 1815) should have been the minimum demands the agitators for freedom should have made to make this country a free, independent and sovereign State. They should also have objected  for the inclusion of the concept of minority to Lankan politics under Sec 29 of the Soulbury Constitution, that gave legitimacy for a new set of people called minorities who were not there in 1815 (In 1815 and before from the inception of history there was only one nation in this country and that was Sinhala nation), demanded abolition of Thesavalamei and Muslim Law introduce by the British, the Provinces  created by the British to divide the country on ethnic basis  with an  idea of a future EELAM for Tamils in this country and demanded full independence instead of Dominion status so that they could declare an Independent Republic like what they did in India. Furthermore they also should have objected for naming the first political party  to form the Government under the Soulbury Constitution as UNP (United national Party) as it explicitly means the presence of many ‘Nations’ within this country, where as there was only one nation, that is Sinhala  Nation in this country at that time as it had been there continuously for 2500 years.

Had our leaders got the British to comply with these conditions in Constitution making, I think, none of the minority problems like ethnic or religious tension would be there today.

It is a sad tragedy this country did not have mature and patriotic politician with such far-reaching vision at the time of negotiating Independence.

Beside these appalling failures abhorrence, rejection and neglect of our millennia old native values, customs, indigenous technology and blind acceptance of technologies alien and inappropriate to our physical and socio-cultural environment, on the part of our politicians, the legacies of Western industrial and Jewish-catholic culture, failure of politicians and policy makers to invent suitable strategies of economic and social development have heavily contributed to the present confusions. Blind dependence on outdated development theories of Western origin like that of Rostove without going back to the roots of our  own rich indigenous wisdom that is more appropriate to local environment and the failure on the part of our politicians and policy makers to clearly understand the flaws and dangers of British imposed political, legal and institutional also have hampered  our forward march as an independent and free nation. Beside these major constraints  one could also highlight the  dismal failure on the part of our politicians firstly, to comprehend these  limitations and secondly, to find  a way out of this matrix and thirdly, to formulate  alternative policies and approaches to overcome this trap in order to reach  development goals expected by a newly independent nation.

Additionally foreign interference in domestic affairs with concepts like self-rule, human rights and RP2, the latest colonial inventions of the West, to destabilize the so-called third world countries struggling to rise from the ugly legacies of colonial exploitation, followed by false minority claims  like self-respect, human rights and  the claim for self-rule and separation also have contributed heavily for the present situation.

Above all, the increased political power of the minorities resulting from these colonial interventions and the apathy and of Sinhala leaders right throughout the post independent era and more particularly in recent times, is really alarming. This shows how the British conspiracies have been successful in destabilizing this Island nation and also how the colonial legacy has anaesthetized our politicians and got them to behave like their puppets to cater to their  global agendas.

To quote the latest three events a) removing Mahinda Rajapaksa as President in 2015, b) depriving the JO of the post of the Leader of Opposition with 54 MPP in 2015  August Parliament even after MS hooked some 44 MPP from the MR Camp, again removing MR as PM and reappointing Ranil again as PM and the ongoing  joint UNP -TNA-  Muslim conspiracy to remove MR even as the Leader of the Opposition who has 104 numbers in Parliament, both by the UNP,TNA and Muslim  MPP and finally the Speaker’s attempt to remove MR and reinstall TNA  leader with 11 seats in Parliament (after disqualifying the three MPP who have dual citizenship) are glairing evidence for one to understand  the strength of the minorities inside this Parliament. What is even more  nauseating, and disgusting  is the Speaker’s calculated and deliberate negligence to remove Sambandan, before he appointed MR as Leader of Opposition and not asking Sambandan to vacate the Office of the Leader of Opposition further strengthen this argument. All these events one after the other clearly shows that the Speaker is again back in his seat to protect the treacherous Government of Ranil in which he is also a member and not only deprive MR of his legitimate place in Parliament but also the democratic rights and Sovereignty of the people. Why MR and party does not bring out these issues in courts or go before the people is also a moot question.

All these events clearly show the disproportionate power of the minorities that manipulate Sri Lankan politics and conversely how impotent and how powerless the majority Sinhala politicians  gone to Parliament on their back.  It is true that International intervention  and support given to the minorities have largely contributed for this situation. But I opine the division in to rival political Parties like UNP, SLFP and JVP and the resulting disunity among the Sinhala majority plus the struggle for political power among them is far more responsible for this  disaster than any other.

Under these circumstances, as I opine, political parties are left with only two options.  But before  you think of these options all Sinhala Political Parties will have to seriously understand the imminent peril before the nation and they have to begin to think and act at least now the way  Tamils and Muslims think and act about their communities  and their wellbeing and at least now after 70 years  of Independence they should start to think and act like Sinhalese and not like Europeans, Russians or someone come from another planet or those who  belong to the Sinhala  and anti-Buddhist pseudo internationalist who work treacherously against their motherland and their own nation shamelessly, merely for few dollars they get from conspirators and predators.

I see two options open for them.

Option one. It  is shorter, quicker and easier as well. That is  for all the Sinhalese  Political parties to forget about their hungry private agendas, think as Sinhalese at least now, and to come together as one Front on a  broader nation building agenda and work as one party at least for ten years and thick of preserving first, the rights of your own without betraying them, before trying to protect the rights of the minorities just to get few votes. Just follow what Tamil and Muslim politicians do. All of you should begin at least now to think and act as Sinhala people first. This does not mean that you should discriminate other communities. While first preserving the rights of the Homeports you still can serve the others as well without creating  the environment for the to dictate you a sit is done now. There is a long tradition to this in this country coming down for centuries until the arrival of the western powers. Please remember we Sinhalese have only this tiny Island of 25,000 square miles where as there are many countries and nations  all over the planet, both for Tamils and Muslims where they can go and from whom they can get support while we don’t have any. Also the Tamils have their motherland in India and the Muslims all over the Middle east and SE Asia.

But I know none of our politicians will think so. That is why you fellows like parrots call it a multinational, multiracial and multicultural nation as if you have come from some other planet. Because, from my own experience, I know for certain that you will never call ‘this is your own land. You will also never say ‘This is my own my native land” Because I am sorry to say your present-day Sinhala politicians of this country have never thought this is your country; you have only thought of votes, money and power. I warn you unpatriotic bunch, unless you change your heart, at least now, doubly dying as  Sir Walter Scott said shall go down to the vile dust, from whence you sprung, unwept, unhonoured and unsung.’ And of you Sinhala politicians of the day, every one of you has been only an axe to your mother’s virginity as  Alagiyavanna Mukaveti said in his Subhasithaya.

Option 2. If you cannot do that then you immediately dissolve all your parties and let the Sinahala people led by the Mahasangha and patriotic people  to prepare their own manifesto  and elect a set of statesmen to form a non-party  Government of their own and save this nation from the appalling situation you Politian’s have dumped it over the past 70 years.

Now I go for the last option which is briefly given below under my proposals.

A Homemade native system of government

This is why I consistently maintain that the political party system introduced by the British is the biggest disaster of our nation and  I therefore reiterate that it has to be replaced immediately with some native system of people’s government by consensus that fits in to our customs, values and environment  as soon as possible before the doom day of the Sinhala  country and the Sinhala Nation, together with Sambuddha Sasana, call at our door. This is the only way available to rescue this country from the abyss in to which our politicians have put this country, envied as a paradise on earth by many a foreigner. This again  has to be done by  an eminent group of patriotic statesmen like leaders under the leadership of  Mahasangha organize both at the grassroot lend National level. This is why I am fully convinced that there is no other way, beside this path I have stated here, for us to rise from this socio-political abyss and save the country and the nation for posterity.

The above analysis clearly shows that the root cause of this political and social instability is directly linked with the legacy British have left behind and their continuing interference in our domestic affairs violating all principles laid down in the Geneva and Vienna conventions  regarding intervention in internal affairs of other countries. An analysis of how our political parties have functioned ever since 1948 and their yielding to Western pressure up to date, clearly shows how these externally driven  policies have influenced the internal  politics of this country and ruined it. Take for instance Indian  citizenship problem, the claim by Tamils for 50 x  50 and the ITAK Federal demand of 1947, EELAM 1983 -2009, Amirthalingam becoming the Leader of the Opposition and Sambandan assuming  the same position with 16 seats in  parliament in 2015 while denying the 54 JO MPP the legitimacy of holding that position, and how people like Thondaman, Ashroff, Hakeem, Badurheen, Ganeshan and  Digambaran win their demands at the peril of the Sinhala majority and how they behave and destroy our heritage with impunity and how extremists like Vigneshvarana, Sambandan and Pakyasothi Saravanamuttu behave and openly talk and act in a country with 75 % Sinahlese. In fact these minority politicians are the people who held the reins of government at all times.

The so-called International Community behave and interfere in our internal matters as if we are their vassals. It bis a shame how minority communal politicians control the Majority Sinhalese political parties who own the undisputed credentials to rule this country with a 2500-year civilization in this country, though sadly our present-day foolish Sinhala politicians don’t understand this reality.

Another significant factor in this field of external interference is their involvement in regime change  from time to time. Starting from 1956 General Elections in this country, one can see continuous US interference in this field by way of providing funds and imposing economic sanctions and even direct interface through international agencies like the World Bank, IMF, USAID, British Commonwealth of Nations and allied and interlinked agencies like NORAD, ADB CIA and RAW and also world Media under their control. Now the latest is the Internationally powerful Tamil Diaspora linked to all these institutions through political and monetary linkages.

Ending the tyranny of minority politics in this country under these circumstances is a Herculean task. It is indeed an  epic challenge.

Nevertheless I am fully confident that it is definitely not impossible. As the say goes  ‘if there is a will there is a way, but of cause it has to be followed by a well-designed master plan armed with a clear strategy, fortified with courage, determination and strong commitment. It is only two decades ago the whole world in one voice  said the war against the LTTE was unwinnable. For 30 long years  3 Presidents (JR, Premadasa, Chandrika and one Prime Minister Ranil) had almost accepted defeat and  knelt down  before Prabhakaran and Chandrika and Ranil were almost on the verge of handing over the North and  East comprising 1/3 of the Motherland for a Tamil Homeland comprising 2/3 the coastline with adjoining marine territory just for a mere 5% of the population of this  for 10 years, before Mahinda Rajapaksa came in to power in 2005. Fortunately for the Sinhala nation and the Sambuddha Sasana, unlike his predecessors he thought otherwise and finally defeated the LTTE in 2009.  This episode clearly shows that even the current problem of defeating the tyranny of minority politics could be definitely done and it is not beyond the capabilities of  the valiant Sinhala Forces under a patriotic and able leadership

My proposals to end this minority tyranny

1 To make this a reality the Sinhalese have to first unite  as the  Sinhala nation,  discarding all petty political ideologies and social and religious differences in keeping the word ‘Sinhala’ as the guiding moto to rescue their beloved motherland and the pristine identity of their 2500-year-old proud Sinhala  nation. they have to first understand our patent strength as a nation and before becoming international first, they should become national without dabbling in foolish hair-splitting rhetoric’s and Until such time, you will never be able to understand what I say here.

In this regard the first and foremost condition is we have to first discard this deadly virus and get rid of the blind  political party mentality  and servility of the Sinhala modayas, the ‘Keupwath kola- kepuwath nil’ mentality  in which most of them are blindly indulged in, (not for their gain but that of their party leaders, to keep them in power for their benefit only), which has ruined this Island nation for the past 70 years by dividing the Sinhala nation almost beyond recovery, as it has never been before in known history. I reiterate the need for this sine qua non  repeatedly as the most crucial prerequisite for nation building, as it has proved to be the most dangerous virous introduced and left behind by the colonial British in 1948 for the purpose of dividing the Sinhala nation.

  1. Next what we need is a deeply committed and a strong national liberation plan and a fool proof strategy of  a countrywide people’s movement charged under a-patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader invariably under the command of the Maha Sangha who had saved and rescued this country and the Sinhala nation right throughout history.

In order to realize this dream, first the Sinhala majority has to unite under one slogan, “The motherland and the nation first”, leaving aside all their petty religious, political, social and regional differences like ‘Keuwath kola- kepuwath nil mentality and servility’ on a broad common programme with a clearly spelled out  priorities of national targets that should include restoring the status quo that was there in 1815 and failed to regain even in 1948, including all rights and privileges we lost as a nation  such as the name of the state as Sinhale, the national language of the Nation (Sinhala), the Religion (Buddhism as the State religion) and the Law of the land applicable to all citizens to replace the currently prevailing  imported  Roman-Dutch and English Law imposed on us by force by the British. This also entails the abolition of Thesawalamei and Muslim law applicable to Tamils and Muslims introduced by the British as special privileges to minorities to divide and weaken the Sinahla nation.  This is the only way   to form a stable  and sustainable and strong government under which not only the Sinhalese also all other communities can live happily and peacefully.

This proposed national  movement should have its own election manifesto to mobilize the masses and  compel the politicians  to  fall in line with its demands. In fact the Sinhala people comprising over 75% should prepare their own nation building manifesto to be replaced with the hitherto practice of manifestoes prepared by Colombo based self-cantered parasitic political parties being blindly swallowed hook, line and sinker by the people. Under this approach the politicians have to abide by the people’s agenda for the first time in history and carry that out to  their satisfaction failing which they will lose their job as politicians. The present practice of ‘politics being a naked practice by the politicians, for the politicians’ and of the politicians will come to an end and it will become ‘a sacred practice by the people, for the people and of the people’ thereafter.

This national manifesto should include the following conditions as sine qua non constitutional provisions.

1 One country – Sinhale as it was mentioned in the Kandyan Convention in 1815 at the time of ceding to British and as it had also been known for 2500 years or Sri Lanka as an alternative.  Therefore to call it by any other  name like Ilankai or Ehelam by any one should be proscribed and declared illegal

2 One Nation– Sinhala as it had been for 2500 years, minorities like Tamil and Muslim shall be referred to as communities only. Thus like in any other country this Island also shall have only one nation

3 One State (Official) language  Sinhala -again as it had been for 2500 years

4 Buddhism -The State religion –                again as it had been for 2500 years.

Buddhism should be declared as The State religion and enshrined in the Constitution subject to the rights of minorities to freely observe their respective religions  without causing any problem for the Buddhists

5 One Law  for the whole country. Thereafter all Citizens of this country have to be governed  under that Law. Again as it had been for 2500 years. Thesawalamei and Muslim Laws introduced by the British to discriminate against the Sinhala Bhumiputras should be abolished

6 One National flag and one National Anthem

Citizenship (Ratavesikama) Twofold

  1. a) By Descent -Those who descend from people who were living here prior to 1815
  2. b) by registration-For a person to be registered as a citizen he/she should abide by the above conditions, give up citizenship of any other country, learn the official language of the Land that is-Sinhala, pass a test in Sinhala and History of the land, agree to accept this country as the Traditional Homeland only of the Sinhala race as it had been so from the inception of history and agree to integrate with the Sinhala nation as it had been the practice up to 1815 and also agree to not to engage in any anti Sri Lankan activity.

All South Indian Estate Tamils brought by British should be registered as citizens only under the Nehru Kotaaklawala Accord of 1954 .All subsequent citizenships awarded under all other forms should be declared null and void. Those who  decline to accept these conditions should be repatriated to either South India or Briton, as they were British Citizens on 4th February 1948. They also have to give up all allegiance to India and agree to get fully integrated  with the native Sinhalese not as Indian Tamils but fully integrates Sinhalese thereafter as it was done in the past.

8 Both Tamils and Muslims should forthwith stop calling themselves separate Nations within this country. They should be designated only as communities and thereafter and they should give up all agitations for separate States, self-rule and claim for Tamil or Muslim Homelands. Any violation should be made punishable by law. If they still want to maintain their identity,  they can call themselves Sri Lankan Tamils and Sri Lankan Muslims.

9 Stop all direct dealings by India, Arab countries or any country with any minority ethnic group    like Tamil and Muslim in this country

10 The Rajive/JR Accord of 1987 and the 13th Amendment should be abolished forthwith . together with the abolition of cancerous white elephants Provincial Councils system.

11 Abolish the Provinces set up by  British from 1832 – 1897 to divide the country on ethnic lines and to pave the way for EELAM

12 Ban bigamy throughout the country

13 Allocate all State jobs on ethnic population  ratio basis

14 Ban burcha for Muslim females that arouse religious tension and pose a   to national security

15  Ban ethnic segregation of all type in all parts of the Island

16 Ban naming any school after ethnicity, religion or by another name that does not go with our traditions and cultural identity

17  Ban all International schools and rename them as Private schools with names that do not  go against the nativity of the country and it should be made compulsory for them to strictly follow the Government’s Education policy.

18 Divert all Foreign assistance through Government and the Government should decide the project for such used. No country or any international organization should be allowed to operate any local Project directly

19 All Embassies must be advised to strictly restrict their dealings with he government of the country and all direct contacts with individuals or agencies  of any ethnic group should be banned and they should be advised to strictly adhere to Vienna and Geneva conventions in their business. Those who violate should be banished and Diplomatic relations with such countries should be terminated forth with.

20 Abolish the present District, Proportional and preferential systems. Even multi-member system, and the National list should be abolished

21 Implement the provisions of the 6th Amendment to the very letter and give maximum punishment to those who violate it

22   Re settle all displace Sinhala and Muslim people in the North and east due to LTTE atrocities.

23 Punish all those who  destroy any religion place  particularly in the north and the East and restore all Buddhist religious sites encroached by Tamils and Muslims back to the previous Buddhist Temples

24 Ban all political parties  named after ethnicity, race,  religion, language or  geographical region (TNA, SLMC,CTC Federal etc)

25 Establishment of a Supreme National  Advisory (Purohitha) Committee above all political institutions consisting of the following persons to advise the Government on all matters on National policies as a mechanism of checks and balance to avoid arbitrary  decisions by all the political institutions including the President and the Cabinet

1 The Mahanaayka Theras of the Three Nikayas                                                                     4

2 Mahanayaka Theras of Kalyani, Kotte. Ruhunu, Dambulu  Vanavaasi Sects                   4

3 Another 2  outstanding erudite scholarly Monks nominated by the above 7 Mahanayaks Theras                                                                                                                                                                                             2

4 Three other members to represent the Catholic, Hindu, and Muslim Religions             3

5 Attorney General                                                                                                                           1

6 President of the Uttara Mantri Mandalaya (proposed to be set up)                                1

7 The  Kathanayaka of the Jatika Rajya sabhava                                                                     1

8 The Head of the Public service                                                                                                1

Beside these major  I have made, I am sure my readers also can add their own ideas to  make it a perfect prescription. for this national malady which has almost reached  incurable levels by now failure to arrest it definitely destroy this wonderful and beautiful paradise island for the world including all three communities, Sinhala, Demala and Muslim who have lived together in peace  as  brothers and sisters  for centuries.

Note: On the name of the country:

(All countries in the ancient world were named after the Language used by the people who invented the civilisation of that land, Examples: England, Germany ,France, Spain , Portugal, Italy  Greece, Russia, Iran, Egypt, India, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China to name a few. At the same time some countries have been referred to  by a second name under different reasons or for some distinctive feature they possessed. For example England = Briton, India=Bharathdesh and China=Cathe. Similarly this country also was known by two distinct names from very early times as Lanka and Sinhale.  Lanka in our context was used in two contexts, firstly meaning resplendent or beautiful and second meaning central (Lakshaya) in relation to its location on the globe and secondly Sinhale meaning the Land of the Sinhala people. Meanwhile some countries call their people by both names for the  purpose of citizenship: Britton refers to its people both as British and English. England calls its citizens, British citizens but not English citizens Similarly people of this country also had been referred to as Lankans as well as Sinhalese and the country had been named both as Lanka and Sinhale in all historical contexts from the days of Ramayana or even before. Therefore citizens or Ratavesiyo of this country also could be called Lankans, Sri Lankans  or Sinhalese only. However it should be clearly noted here that they can never be known as EELAMISTS or Tamilians  or Ilankeyists as this country had never been named as EELAM or Ilankai until very recently when the separatist communal Tamils did so, under the pretext of claiming a separate historical Tamil Home Land (A  Tamil  Home, in addition to the original Tmilnadu already they have in India

2 Responses to “The need to end the tyranny of minority politics in Sri Lanka” Part 11”

  1. Christie Says:

    Lanka is the name people in the Indian Sub Continent used to call the island nation.

    Ceylon, Seylan, Selan’ Xylon, Celiao etc are the names that the island nation was referred to as by people of the East, West, Middle East etc meaning the land of Sinhalese people.

    But unfortunately Indian Imperialists and Indian Colonial Parasites have managed to make us call ourselves Sri Lankans.

    The typical brainwashing by an oppressor and an aggressor.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism being systematically destroyed since 1505.
    Parangis brought its religion of convenience and a lot of Sinhala dhrohiyas converted and became non-Sri
    Lankans with no loyatly to Sri Lanka or the Sinhalese race. 25% destroyed

    Bandesis replaced parangis and brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations in the north and the east.
    Today they all are anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist and anti Sri Lanka with their hearts, minds, loyalties in tn with
    1000s of years of history (in books and www. only). No ancient tamil brick older than 500 years to
    substantiate the claim and aspire for separate EXCLUSIVELY THEM ONLY drealam while living in all parts of
    the country comfortably. 25% destroyed.

    British replaced bandesis and brought tamils to work in tea estates. Today all of them are anti Sinhalese, anti
    Buddhist and anti Sri Lanka with their hearts, minds, loyalties in tn and aspire for a greater drealam.
    25% destroyed.

    Then traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyaselage jr@
    implemented 13, 13A to have separate countries, created Mother Lanka dismembering diasporats while
    murdering Sinhalese mercilessly and at the same time sacrificing 1000s to catholic tigers of tamil drealam terras when it could’ve easily stopped the blood bath. Since the traitor thambi mudiyaselage jr@ time, traitor anti
    Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic_rats party have been destoying Sinhalese race, Buddhism
    and Sri Lanka spearheaded by the biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic
    token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkdiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists,
    Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande Wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@n_leech wickrama Sinhala killer.
    25% destroyed.

    To sum up the systematic destruction of the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka.
    parangis 25%
    bandesis 25%
    british 25%
    UNPatriotic_rats party 25%
    TOTAL 100%

    While UNPatriotic_rats party destoying the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism to the delight of traitor
    tamils, mussies and catholics, still a lot of Sinhala dhrohiyas support these murderous, thieving, lying, corrupt
    thugs for a packet of rice/a shot of arrack/a bit of money/a lot of money. Is there another uncaring, ungrateful,
    pathetic, UNPatriotic race on this planet? Sinhala dhrohiyas have shown it time and again the answer is NO.

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