Let us triumph  over TNA/UNP/JVP  Conspiracies.  – Happy Near 2019
Posted on January 2nd, 2019


Dear Lankaweb readers and all patriotic people of Sri Lanka resident in the country and in overseas

I sincerely wish a very happy, prosperous peaceful New Year in 2019, a year to be free of terrorist threats, western Indian and neo liberal subjugation and people’s uprising against attempts to colonise this country by  aliens.

The year 2019 will be different from all these years after the 2nd liberation of Sri Lanka in 2009 as it would compel of peace loving, magnanimous Sri Lankans to face enormous threats which would include:

  • Threat of  losing the sovereignty and Sri Lankan identity for ever by adoption of a federal and secular constitution under the pressurization of western, Indian and diaspora elements;
  • The permanent expulsion of Sinhala and Muslim people from the North and East;
  • Establishment of ISGA (Internal Self Government Authority) under which the Sri Lankan government will not be allowed to utilize any of the country’s national and natural resources and even send Mahaveli waters for the cultivation of Mahaweli areas in the East that would come under the so-called ISGA.;
  • The armed forces that even helped.fed, nursed, and rescued the Tamils stranded in the recent Kilinochchi, Malative floods will unsympathetically be forced to leave North and East;
  • Foreign countries, India and diaspora will share all national and natural resources in the North and East under ISGA;
  • And no access for Sinhala Buddhists to visit Nagqadeepa and other Buddhist shrines in the ISGA territory, the North and East;

Given below are the ISGA Proposals for the implementation of which had been agreed by both the Victor Ivan’s bandit queen Chandrika and the paragethi koti hithrthi (foreign servile and tiger fondly) Ranil Wickremasinghe.  You may be wondering what this bogey ISGA proposals are and which would become valid under the horrendous new constitution.  In brief the ISGA consists the following: An ISGA until a final negotiated settlement is reached and implemented.

  • Initially the members of the ISGA(Internal Self Governing Authority) will be appointed by the parties to this agreement with the LTTE (now the TNA, TGTE, GLF and the diaspora – the neo LTTE) appointing an absolute majority.
  • Democraticelections will be held if no final negotiated settlement is reached and implemented within five years.
  • The ISGA shall haveplenary power for the governance of the North and East including powers in relation to resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, development, raising revenue including imposition of taxesrevenuelevies and duties, law and order, and over land.
  • Any and all of its expenditures by the government of Sri Lanka or for the north and east shall be subject to the control of the ISGA.
  • The ISGA shall have powers to borrowinternally and externally, provide guarantees and indemnities, receive aid directly, and engage in or regulate internal and external trade.
  • The ISGA shall have direction and control over any and all administrative structures and personnel in the north and east.
  • The ISGA shall have the power to alienateand determine the appropriate use of all land in the north and east that is not privately owned.
  • Land occupied the armed forces of the GOSL must be immediately vacated and restored to the possession of the previous owners. The GOSL must also compensate the owners for the past dispossession of their land.
  • The ISGA shall be responsible for the resettlement and rehabilitation of displaced civilians and refugees in such lands.
  • The ISGA shall have control over the marine and off shore resources of the adjacent seas and the power to regulate access thereto.
  • The ISGA will have control over the natural resources in the north-east region. The GOSL shall ensure that all monies due under existing agreements are paid to the ISGA.
  • All future agreements concerning matters under the jurisdiction of the ISGA shall be made with the ISGA.


Meanwhile the most dangerous terrorist in the country, Sumanthiran  has told the media on 30th December 20 18 the proposed constitution will get approved prior to February 4th and 21 SLFP MPs will vote for it to make a majority of over 2/3 of the members.  The statement of this Tiger terrorist who work in close collaboration with  diaspora elements such as TGTE (Transitional Government of Tamil Eelam)’s self-appointed Prime Minister V.Rudrakumar, resident in the U.S.A   and the leader of the GTF (the Global Tamil Forum) Fr. Emmanuel resident in UK and who have become a terrorist leader more dangerous than the slain megalomaniac Prabhakaran indicates that this guy Sumanthiran has worked round the clock during the recent days indulging in soliciting the support of the SLFP members for his objective of getting somehow the proposed federal and secular constitution adopted  as this is the last chance for them to get their goals achieved through the parliament.  This terrorist who will soon be the future  TNA leader after the demise of Sambandan whose days are limited and who will be passing out his last breath soon, seems to have even  bribed to have the 21 disgruntled SLFP members as they are in the last few months of their political life and it is highly unlikely that they would get nominations from any party to contest in the next election and their getting  re-elected would be a mirage.

It was realising this fact that some of them attempted to get appointed as Ministers and this attempt miserably failed as  President Sirisena was adamant in not appointing any SLFPer as a Minister in the Ranil Wickremasinghe government. The foregoing situations may have made it easy for Sumanthiran to net these disgruntled and bleak future SLFPers at cheap rates and use them as scapegoats for getting his objectives fulfilled. . It is also reported that bandit queen Chandrika is also making all efforts to split the SLFP and make this disgruntled and politically invalid cabal servile to her whims and fancy .

The TGTE leader Rudrakumaran has clearly outlined the tasks of Tamil diaspora throughout the world and the tasks as that have been assigned to this to this local terrorist leader sumanthiran in order to achieve their  eternal objective.

Sumanthiran has said that apart from the UNP, the JEPPO leadership also extensively contributed to the new constitution which has features for amalgamating two provinces under a referendum of the people of those two provinces for such an amalgamation.  The last patriot in the JVP Mr. Somawansa Amerasinghe gone, nothing can now be expected from the JEPPOs that could contribute to the welfare of this country.  There only concern now of these scoundrels is to protect reactionary capitalists and neo liberalists instead of the suffering proletariats, and their new founder  leader Ranil and serve the sources that could fill their pockets with dollar notes.  It was a pity that several thousand youths in 1971 and nearly 100,000 youths during 1988 – 1990 sacrificed their precious life for upholding JVP policies and pave the way for a gang of robbers and quislings to reign in this country.

Under these circumstances the crucial time has come for all patriotic people, the national minded /MPs in the UNP and the national minded innocent rural members represented in the JV, all professionals, erudite persons, working and other masses in the country join together as a single body devoid of party politics, ethnicity, religiosity and other difference and demand for the abrogation of the proposed constitution and stage their Holy Hartal until the people of the country achieve the goal of saving the country from the threat that loom before all of us and vanquish terrorism from the soil of this country

Failure to get this objective achieved would result in the country getting divided into several parts and people becoming subjected to several autocratic rulers and the national and natural resources continuously plundered by foreign powers.

In an unfortunate situation if treacherous TNA, and the butterflies and the JEPPO scoundrels it will become imperative for the people to take up even arms and to rise against these anti national forces in villages, towns and work places  and complete eradicate them from this Holy Land.

Let the New Year 2019  be a  Year of Liberation from terrorism, slavery and foreign domination

One Response to “Let us triumph  over TNA/UNP/JVP  Conspiracies.  – Happy Near 2019”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    NEVER EVER TRUST JVP, TNA, UNP to save the country. They are bunch of self-centered politicians with hidden agendas.

    Sinhalese are the biggest idiots in the world if they think Ranil W, Anura Kumara, Karumaya (Speaker), and LTTE-Proxy TNA Sambanthan can be trusted to do the right thing for the country.

    These parasites are only after one thing – that is to serve themselves. They will NEVER protect the country.

    Wake up Sri Lankans….! You are been taken for a ride by these crafty, and cunning blood-suckers.

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