In 18 hundreds  Emperor Napoleon prophesied..” quand la chine s’éveillera, le monde tremblera »- when China awakens the World will tremble. And where is Sri Lanka in the meantime with pseudo democracy and an independent Judiciary  ?
Posted on January 7th, 2019

By Charles S.Perera

In 1933 Pearl S.Buck won the Nobel Prize for literature for  writing brilliant novels such as The Good Earth  describing the poverty of the Chinese peasants. She described  in moving terms  how the Chinese peasants who had no food to eat survived eating barks of trees , and how the peasant  women sold little babies on the way side.

Later the western press described  how Mao’s Communism  massacred its own people, and later how the Communist governments violated human rights of the Chinese people. When the west triumphed  in breaking up the powerful USSR, they thought they would follow it up with China and erase  Communism from the face of earth.

In 1989 the Chinese Students manipulated by interested parties  came out in thousands to manifest against the Chinese Communist Regime. The American and the Western press overjoyed rushed  in  to take images of floundering Communism to show the Americans to rejoice the end of Communism in China, and the victory of Western democracy.  However, the government of the People’s Republic of China  suppressed the students manifestation  which the western press immediately flashed  in large letters in the first pages as the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

America took away the student leaders who led the manifestations as heroes of democracy. The Western press described in details  to shock the American public the suppression of the student manifestations as brutal  and the massacre of thousands of Students . American Government as usual suspended arms sale to China, and imposed economic sanctions.

Thereafter, at every international forum America and the West condemned China for violation of human rights, and it became their preoccupation for a number of years continuing to do so even now. However, despite refusal of the West to transfer science and  technology, China which had begun its development process in stages first by even melting  iron ore in home furnaces, rose from the state  of poverty, despite  American and Western barriers for its development with  anti China propaganda, and  yet as if it were overnight  became the economic leader of the world, second only to that of the America.

When in 1969 the Americans landed the Spacecraft Apollo II on the moon, while relations between China and Russia had turned sour and there was conflict brewing between the two- the Dragon and the Bear, in 1969 China celebrated its 20th Anniversary of Mao’s declaration of the People’s republic of China on 1st October,1949.

To crown it all on the 4th January, 2019,  China Landed a spacecraft on the dark side of the Moon, the side unseen from the earth.  That is a first by China and perhaps a slap on America with Trirmph’s declared trade war against China. But the West are not generous even to accept such a great achievement of China. France television  while discussing this great Chinese achievement  shamelessly questioned on  China’s  violation of human rights. America and Europe are hopelessly involved in a political and an economic  crisis- America with a President who does not seem to know what he has to do, UK has problems with regard to entering or leaving the EU, France in a political stand still with thousands of people on the streets  protesting against taxation,  Germany’s political crisis over immigration. Italy in the hands of extreme rightwing politicians with a crisis over EU, all that while China sails peacefully on a  calm sea  bereft of rough political waves towards greater  hope and prosperity.

The Chinese people were able to recognise their President Xi Jinping  elected by them on the 15th November,2015  as the  man capable of leading their country forward to success, and  elected him  as their  President for life on 25 October,2017.  That is how countries could prosper. Russia too found a great leader in  Vladimir Poutine and continues to elect  him term after term  to develop Russia further  as he is  loved by  the Russian people and earned their confidence.  .

We in Sri Lanka should also have re-elected Mahinda Rajapakse and kept him as the President for  few more years, as in him Sri Lanka found the correct political leadership to lead the country to prosperity. All scandals started by UNP dictated to by the West about Mahinda Rajapakse being a corrupt politicians were all lies  because he was a great patriot who was in the service of the people and the country. It is still the educated Colombians, UNP and the Tamil politicians  that are a barrier to Sri Lanka’s development and prosperity. 

Not understanding this reality deprived Sri Lanka the services of a great political leader , as it has been proved today how wrong the people were  in electing another President to replace Mahinda Rajapakse for a change,   which brought back an incapable political leadersip under a Ranil Wickramasinghe a puppet of the West,   politically blind to lead Sri Lanka any where towards development.

RanilW has taken  Sri Lanka many miles backwards on the path of development that was traced by Mahinda Rajapakse. They accused Mahinda Rajapakse  for a family regime having his brothers around him, but those brothers  were an essential part of Mahinda Rajapakse’s equipment for his vision of development. 

America and the West  mindful  that wide powers  of exploring the space  vested with  people with special qualities, wanted to guard that knowledge for themselves. Hence America  did not pass on scientific and technological know how to China, as such knowledge they thought  requires making important decisions which will affect the whole world  and most of such decisions may not be reversible to make.

This sounds same as those wise words of Sri Lanka’s appeal court  judgement in which the judicial duo said to be independent  democratic appeal court judges, said why they cannot entrust the function of the duties of  a Prime Minister  and Cabinet of Ministers to a group that had been sworn in by the President of Sri Lanka.

No one can stop China reaching greater heights in  all fields of development. Sri Lanka should take a lesson and elect a visionary leader as a President of Sri Lanka, or while China goes from prosperity to prosperity we in -Sri Lanka,  with our pseudo democracy and pseudo independent Judiciary is  going down from poverty to poverty.

It is  time that the people take note and end this nonsense of  Sumandiran- Ranil Wickramasinghe Regime- for that is what it has become with their determination to pass a new  federal Constitution, with nine provinces, allowing JVP to present a 20th Amendment to the Constitution to have a President for Sri Lanka elected no more by the people, but by the Parliamentarians of no-confidence motion with 122 votes fame, allowing North and East to form a Single Tamil only Province, enact the Trade Agreement with Singapore and ruin Sri Lanka making it a puppet state of the West.

Sri Lanka cannot go to the Moon. But Sri Lanka has to preserve its territorial integrity, without allowing it to be  divided by a power crazy UNP and its allied political parties, to please  a handful of racist Tamil  politicians. Therefore  , the patriotic Sri Lankans should determine never  again to vote for any one from UNP or from its  allied parties for them to form a government or be party to a coalition government.

8 Responses to “In 18 hundreds  Emperor Napoleon prophesied..” quand la chine s’éveillera, le monde tremblera »- when China awakens the World will tremble. And where is Sri Lanka in the meantime with pseudo democracy and an independent Judiciary  ?”

  1. Christie Says:

    There are two groups of people in our country.

    The Indian Colonial Parasites who came under the cover of the British fire power.

    All the others are Sinhalese Budhists, Muslims and Christians.

    The problems are caused by Indian Colonial Parasites as they do in other Indian Colonies including Fiji in the Pacific.

    The problem we have is these Indian Parasites. We Sinhalese have to unite and stand up to the Indian Union and Indian colonists.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    There is a dearth of leadership material in Sri Lanka. In the UNP even after nearly 30 years, they are in a quandary to find a leader to replace the ineffectual and incompetent Ranil.

    In 2005, Sri Lanka found a proper leader in Mahinda Rajapakse but failed to keep him and give him support to take the nation to prosperity and greater heights in nation-building.

    The notion of that one person cannot contest more than two times is good for the rich Western Christian nations who can afford such luxuries. In the Orient this notion does not work. A good leader must be given a chance time after time to lead as long as the person is popular and can win elections for they are difficult to find and are in serious short supply!

    After all this position is not very different to that exist in the UK and similar countries where a person can contest time after time to be the PM!

  3. Geeth Says:

    Dear Charles, I don’t know if you wrote this article in a shrine room or by the altar. I don’t know your religion. Because what you have said here sounds like exclamations from heaven. But the sad aspect is that people write like this only when they get really tired of existing conditions, utterly disappointed of situations; and these words sound like the end of such people’s intervention to change such conditions. But I hope you still have a lot of vigor left in you, so please never give up. Unfortunately, the fools around us do not understand what they are doing.

    You have said …” It is still the educated Colombians, UNP and the Tamil politicians that are a barrier to Sri Lanka’s development and prosperity.” Very true. But congenitally idiotic Colombians think they are the smartest to know what is best for Sri Lanka.

    How can we change this political and ideological dominance of the foolish Colombians? One way to do this is moving our capital from Colombo to Trinco. One stone, many birds will fall. Let us fight for that slogan. Move our capital to Trinco!

  4. vyasan Says:

    As Charles has put it, Sri Lanka should have not only an obligation to choose a patriotic leader, who is none other than MR. MR has proved that he is the only leader capable of eradicating terrorism from Sri Lanka, and created a condition in which every citizen of the country could move around with confidence and without any fear for their life anymore! Not only that he also concentrated in development of the country as no other leader before him, and it is evident for anyone who visits the country after 2013. The real problem is not the so-called democracy as preached by the Western powers, or the abuse of power by a leader of the country who continue to be in power for a long time, but a certain country slipping away from the hold of the interested parties, in this case the Western powers, including India! The Sri Lankan people should be aware of such tactics by interested parties, and only think of a better future for themselves and act accordingly! We have never seen a better leader than Mainda Rajapaksa since independence, and he is a must for Sri Lanka as a leader in power! Like Putin for Russia, Mahinda is for Sri Lanka! So, it not only an obligation for the people of Sri Lanka, but they have to show their gratitude by electing him as their leader again and again!

  5. Randeniyage Says:

    @ Geeth
    <em?"Move our capital to Trinco!" ?
    Why not move to Hambantota or Polonnaruwa ?
    Colomban live in all cities, unfortunately.
    What should be dispelled is not Colombian-nesss but “foolishness” of those who worship politicians, of those who change their writing according the action taken by politician even if the actions are foolish.

  6. aloy Says:

    Charles you are correct.
    “China has woken up” and I think no one can stop their forward march. What is require in our part to join those marching forward is a true Sinhalaya to give leadership to SL’s people.
    I concur with Ratnapala that we have a dearth of leadership material. Most elected leaders appear to be crazy for money; either to do politics, as that profession needs lot of money to organize supporters, or to enrich themselves. So they give contracts at exorbitant rates and get ready for elections. Just imagine the LRT that they want to give ( from Malabe to Borella) on contract is going to cost a whopping $100 million per KM to put just four carriages on top of some pillars.

    MR is no exception and is wavering. What WW was telling yesterday was true; he indirectly said that someone need to garner the opposing forces to give a challenge to Sumandiran, Chandrika et al. There should be someone in opposition to give the leadership and confidence to those in that side halfheartedly. MR is handicapped with various legal issues for himself and his family members that we cannot rely on him. Sinhalese have to find that Diyasena kumaraya fast.

  7. Charles Says:

    It is not bad to hero worship politicians but the right type of politicians. Not the politicians who sell the country,divide the country to please a communities to have their votes to stay in political power. Not those who do not care the history , culture and the religious identity of the country. If you find the correct politician who has provided visual proof of his patriotism, willingness to defend the country at all odds, and be with the people and uphold the rights of the people, and think interms of their welfare then even “worship” such a politician. You will then be doing it not for yourself but for others and the country you love.

  8. Geeth Says:

    @ Randeniyage,
    Moving the capital of SL to Trinco and or moving it to Hambantota or to Polonnaruwa are completely different things. It is sad you haven’t seen the political, historical and strategic difference of such move of moving the capital to Trinco. Trinco is the capital of the envisioned Elam. Without Trinco Elam concept collapses. Taking capital to Trinco leaving ‘Colombian congenital idiots’ in Colombo helps the polity. Because it will automatically cleanse the political culture polluted by Colombian ideology and at the same time sabotage the Elam concept completely. Rest of the Colombians will be delt with eventually.

    People of all races will move to Trinco and its suburbs, majority of them definitely will be Sinhalese. We can begin a new life looking into the east every morning with the rising sun, instead of looking into the west from Colombo to see the death of the light; every day.

    I didn’t explain the reason why I suggested to move capital to Trinco in my first comment. By the way Randeniya, I can’t wait to see your comment for the video about our proposed new constitution that has been posted in the forum. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENT TO THAT VIDEO ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION.

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