Posted on January 14th, 2019


In politics, when fighting an election, there are two plans, Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A:  Formulate a broad based plan to win the election.  Primary purpose of Plan A, will be to WIN the election.  Avoid isolating voters, bring them into your fold.  Do not provide any weapons to opponents in Plan A implementation stage.

Plan B: After winning the election, continue educating the masses the value of unity as against disintegration.  Continue rapid industrial and agricultural development in all parts of the island, as previously done by Prez Mahinda  Rajapakse.

All voters are now in a position to make a comparison with Prez Mahinda Rajapakse Regime Vs Maithree/Ranil  Regime.  They have identified the Leadership that is capable of tackling difficult issues, with a vision into the future.

With so much of political misgivings taking place in Sri Lanka, the average voter is not at all distracted by these political games.  They continue with their daily life, build their families.  The voter is far more intelligent than what the political leaders think of them. The voter is not persuaded by sudden movements in the game of musical chairs,  as they are aware that such actions by the so called Leaders are aimed at staying alive in their current political positions.

As the votes have now garnered a clear cut picture by comparing Mahinda Vs Maithree/Ranil Regime,  they cannot be fooled. 

Therefore, the political manifesto in Plan A, should be aimed at bringing everyone together.  The voter will decide whom to believe.

The voter will decide whether to believe the:

  1. Bunch of cocktail leaders who placed a spanner in the wheel of economic progress of Sri Lanka;


  1. Bunch of astute leaders who delivered more than what they have promised and brought Sri Lanka to rapid economic, social and cultural development;

Those who are arguing about  13 and 19 amendments are out of touch with the voters.  They have nothing else to add.  They will shout, parade or write articles  demanding whether or not 13 and 19 will be scrapped.   These are traps. They are few isolated people pregnant with prejudice!  No need to answer them,  as we identify their motives.  Stick to Plan A.

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