Dilemma over  TNA/UNP/JVP Constitution
Posted on January 21st, 2019


Initially all the above three parties were talking very much about what they called the injustices that had been done to the Tamil people in the North and East and added that a new constitution will be introduced to devolve land, Police, administrative, fiscal and other powers to the provinces under the new constitution which is being formulated by Sumanthiran-Jayampathy Wickremaratne duo to redeem the so-called injustices. .  The terrorist grandpa Sambandan and the diaspora proxy Sumanthiran carried out a continuous process of meeting foreign Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Heads of UN organisations and visiting foreign dignitaries and requested them to urge the government to implement this federal and secular constitution before the end of last year.

However, their target misfired owing to the October 26th Revolution which dismissed  terrorist docile Ranil Wickremasinghe from power by replacing him with motherland friendly the leading patriot and populist Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.  This power change  jolted the constitution dreamers as Sambandan had met Mr. Rajapaksa several times since 2015 January and begged him to extend his support their new constitution or at least remain silent about it enabling to get it approved. Each time Sambandan met Mr. Rajapaksa he has firmly and unswervingly rejected Sambandan’s plea. Undoubted it was the main reason that Sambandan wrote a long letter to President Sirisena (published in Mawbima on 30th November in full) urging him to re-appoint the government that was in existence in prior to October 26th and the Parliament has twice passed motions expressing majority confidence in Ranil Wickremasinghe and also stating that his party the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) would extend their unstinted support for Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe to function as the Prime Minister once again.

Following his reappointment Ranil once again revived his constitution project in devoted gratitude for Sambandan’s assistance and several delegations of UNP MPs (one of which headed by his cousin earmarked by Wijewardene family to be the future leader of the UNP) to meet the Mahanayake theros of the Tri Nikayas to solicit their expressed or silent support to the so-called constitution and assuring them clauses related to the status of the country and Buddhism will not be changed.  The Mahanayake theros admiringly and upholding their duty to the nation and Buddhism have repeatedly reiterated their stance against the so-called constitution and pointed out that the demand of the people throughout the country is to hold an  early election.

Although Ranil Wickremasinghe and his acolytes in the UNP,  particularly the butterfly clan now deny the existence of the proposed Sumanthiran-Jayampathy constitution its contents seem to be well known to everyone in the country.  According to what that have been published by the print, social and digital media following are some of the features of the said constitution.

  • The status of Sri Lanka will be an Orumitta” nadu – a union of different (provincial) administrations.
  • Buddhism will be accorded prime place, other religions in the country will also be given equal status;
  • Governors of the provinces will not be under the President of the country, but they will be obligatory to the Chief Ministers of the relevant provinces. ;
  • People of the provinces can decide on merging with another province;
  • Land, Police, administrative, fiscal, educational, health and other powers will be devolved to the provinces;
  • There will be 233 members in the Parliament;
  • A second chamber (a Senate) will be established;
  • The senate will have 55 members consisting 5 members nominated from each province and 10 members nominated by the Parliament;
  • All legislations should be approved by the Senate
  • Provinces can directly negotiate and approve foreign investments and establishment of foreign aided projects;

Most of these clauses have adapted from U.S based TGTE’s, Transnational Government of  Tamil Ealam’s constitutional charter and from LTTE’s ISGA ( Internal Self Government Authority) which  has been accepted by both Ranil and Chandrika but the implement of which was stalled by accession to power by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2005.With all these and some other features in place, how can an ignoramus section of the UNP docile to Ranil Wickremasinghe say that there is no written constitution yet despite Sumanthiran-Jayampathy duo claiming the constitution has been formulated and it needs to be submitted to parliament for approval by 2/3 majority, approved by 150 members. Sumanthiran reiterates that they will get it b approved before 4th February this year and already 21 SLFP MPs have pledged to support the measure.

It is here that the shameless old hag Victor Ivan’s bandit queen Chandrika is destined to play a major role.  Reports said that she has been paid a huge amount of diaspora funds to get herself involved in the horse trading and it was also mentioned that Sumanthirans 21 SLFP MPS will get Rs. 200 million each.  Recent reports said that Chandrika will join the government as a UNP National List MP and she would get a very powerful Ministerial portfolio, and the UNP National List MP Milroy Fernando is to resign and pave the way for her entry to Parliament.

In addition to this,  it was also reported that a new party named Sri Lanka Progressive Democratic Party (SLPDP) led by her is under formation and the main office bearers of this new party will be – Duminda Dissanayake – Secretary General, Reginald Cooray – Propaganda Secretary, and G.H.Buddadasa, – Treasurer.

It must be reminded that the Sinhalese, Christian and Muslim people of this country cannot expect any services from Chandrika as she made a statement recently regretting for being unable to serve the Tamil people while she was the President and stated that in future she was going to serve for  only the Tamil people as there is more than 200 MPs in the country to serve for the non-Tamil people.  At least the people of the Gampaha district keep this in mind and publicize it when elections come.

The Mahanayake theros, the other Buddhist monks, the other religious prelates, the patriotic masses of all hues devoid of political, ethnic and religious affiliations should be very cautious about this old hag Victor Ivan’s bandit queen’s moves as she would indulge in any shameless and treacherous activities not expected from a woman to prevent Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa regaining power and that is why she had come back to politics since the time of UNP-TNA Singapore agreement in 2013 despite her proclamation to several foreign correspondents that she would never to return to politics in Sri Lanka.

In conclusion it is also pertinent to present  a brief account of the veteran journalist and Sunday Island political columnist C.A.Chandreprema’s (CAC) column dated 20th January under the title Achieving Tamil Aspirations through Sinhala Leaders” which says that Ranil Wickremasinghe dodging questions raised by the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Mahinda  Rajapaksa told the parliament that the opposition and the ‘black media’ was attempting to espouse racism making much criticism about a non-existing constitution.

CAC said that at this point it may be pertinent to inform that the Experts Panel Committee report that was tabled in the form of a draft constitution is the same document that was exclusively reported on and analysed in The Island in eight articles in July/August last year.So how can the doubled tongued Ranil Wickremasinghe and his butterfly coterie deny the existence of a draft constitution?

In conclusion of his long and very informative article CAC states that so long as the TNA persists in this attempt to use Sinhala leaders to achieve Tamil aspirations, they are destined to suffer one disappointment after another. There is nothing called honour among opportunists. He asks how many more of these fiascos can the TNA afford to suffer? He points out that in the   2018 February local government elections, the votes received by the TNA declined by over one half in the Tamil heartlands of the Jaffna and Batticaloa districts. The ITAK and its allies had never suffered such a decline since it was founded in the 1950s. They managed to get a Mayor elected in the Jaffna Municipal Council only with the help of the EPDP.

The behaviour of both Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe should show the TNA that their attempt to use Sinhala leaders to achieve Tamil aspirations is never going to work because after any leader takes the reins of power, all that he will be interested in is to stay there for as long as possible

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