National Export Strategy
Posted on January 22nd, 2019


It is almost a year since   National Export Strategy ( NES) was formulated by the incumbent government Boat  Buiding and Nautical Tourism was one of the main items in the agenda in order to reach 4 billion $ target in foreign earnings by 2022.

Ministry of Industries and Ministry of Development Strategies and Economic Development with EDB have not been successful in spearheading development of boat buiding .

Ministry of fisheries which planned to develop multi day fishing vessel concept with additional ice making and cooling facility has not been materialised .

The President has started taking lead in many development areas  forgetting that there are ministers to execute the these targets including NES.

A dynamic task force should be formed to take the lead in development of Boat  Building , fishery sector and Nautical Tourism.

Unless The President does something about this we will never achieve 4 billion $ target

Foot note.

( We have a prime minister who is supposed to have  more powers as per 19th amendment but it looks like that The President is playing the same role before we had 19th Amendment and taking back the power .If he can  execute above task people may reconsider their decision during next election )


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