Sri Lanka to ask Dubai to extradite ‘Makandure Madush’
Posted on February 6th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Sri Lankan authorities are reportedly now in talks with Dubai to extradite underworld drug kingpin ‘Makandure Madush’ to Sri Lanka.

The wanted Sri Lankan drug lord was among several prominent underworld figures arrested red-handed in a raid at a hotel in Dubai.

Among the 20 suspects arrested was a visitor carrying a diplomatic passport and popular singer, according to sources.

A large quantity of drugs was recovered from the suspects in the joint operation by the Dubai Police and Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities.

Commandant of the Special Task Force (STF) Senior DIG M.R. Latiff stated that action would be taken on a diplomatic level to secure the extradition of the arrested suspects including Madush to Sri Lanka.

He said that after talks are held between officials from both countries, a time frame would be decided upon to extradite them.

The STF chief said that Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Ministry of Defence would intervene and handle the relevant affairs.

State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena stated that while they have received information that Makandure Madush was arrested in Dubai they have not been officially notified regarding the arrest on a diplomatic level.

He said that discussions will be held with Dubai authorities on the possibility of Sri Lankan authorities taking custody of the suspects.

One Response to “Sri Lanka to ask Dubai to extradite ‘Makandure Madush’”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    They were caught with drugs too. Unlike SL, they will be properly punished for the crime they did by having drugs in the UAE.

    They have done 1000 times more damages to SL over the years by spreading drugs all over the Island and also by carrying out contract killing. But the issue is, if they were brought to SL, despite the gravity of the offences, they will escape using their influence over politicians, police and the judges. Specially the SC judges waiting to earn another 100million rupees before the end of the world.

    If nature decides them to get punished for the crimes they did, they should be left in the UAE for a trial there. They will definitely get the bullet into their cunning heads then.

    They deserve it for the number of innocent lives they destroyed.

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