Posted on February 17th, 2019


After the Pulwama Attacks, the Indian media has simply added a lot of troubles to the problems of Mr. Modi who is already sailing in troubled waters. The Indian media has done it by raising undue and unnecessary hue and cry over Pulwama suicide attack which claimed lives of more than forty CRPF personnel and left five critically injured? Certainly some of my honourable readers would raise their objection on my use of harsh words like ‘undue and unnecessary’ but fact of the matter is that all hue and cry over this incident is really undue and unnecessary because killing of forty persons is nothing new in the Indian held states of Jammu and Kashmir; it is simply a routine practice there. The only thing different from the routine practice is that the people killed there every day are usually the helpless Kashmiris; this time the murdered ones are the jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force, CRPF. Moreover terrorists’ attack on the security forces is nothing new in present day rapidly changing world scenario. From Pakistan to Afghanistan, such incidents had taken place so many times.

Afghanistan’s Wardak Province witnessed a massive suicide bombing at a military compound on 21st January 2019. This suicide bombing left scores of trainees and others dead or wounded. Afghanistan’s National Security Directorate feared that the death toll might be as high as 126. The attack was claimed by Taliban. In the past Pakistan also had faced same kind of suicide attacks so many times but suicide attack in Pulwama is very much different in nature from the incidents in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was not designed or planned by some foreign agency or materialized by some hostile force; unfortunately it was all indigenous, native, home-grown or in short purely Made in India. Even the people of India are not ready to accept this attack as a terrorist activity.

A very interesting questionnaire prepared by an Indian got viral on social media after the Pulwama Attack. The basic point highlighted in that questionnaire is the criminal negligence of the Indian security forces with reference to this painful incident. The most important point raised there is how the attacker reached to the most militarized and sensitive area of the world, passing dozens of military check posts carrying 350 kg explosive, in spite of the fact that there were very serious security threat alerts. The attacker was coming from the opposite direction of the road during a sensitive military movement but nobody noticed him; why? Before the attack the road was closed for any type of vehicle because of sensitive military installations around; who ordered to open it for the attacker? Just five minutes after the attack the military officials floated the information that 350 kg of explosive was used in the attack; how was it possible to estimate the quantity in such a short time. How was the picture and video of the attacker uploaded on social media within five minutes after the incident; this is the most interesting question asked by the people.

Social media is replete with the comments on this brutality against the Indian soldiers in Pulwama by their own government. Comments of someone named Radha are the most interesting one. She said criticizing on the planners and planning of this incident, It is very easy to kill the terrorists or eradicate an entire country from the map, but it is very difficult to destroy traitors who live among us.” The time chosen for the Pulwama Drama and the action of putting blame on Pakistan is also very important. The hearing regarding the Kulbhushan case in the International Court of Justice, the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Pakistan and above all the upcoming elections in India which are simply slipping out of Modi’s hands; the innocent Indian perpetrators dreamed of killing too many birds with one stone; their hard luck, they could do nothing but murdered their own soldiers.

Certainly the people of India would take to task the Modi government for this brutality. Moreover, Mr. Modi must try to realize a fact that such childish activities like that of Pulwama Drama could never be helpful in winning the elections because winning the election is something like winning the hearts; we can never win  hearts if we make them bleed. Mr. Modi must pay a visit to the wailing mothers of the poor soldiers of Indian army who had to fall a prey to his false-flag operation against Pakistan and look deep into their weeping eyes; he would find there nothing but an agonizing-curse on him. He must try to meet the mothers of hundreds of those Kashmiri young men too who had been butchered by the Indian army in the last many decades; their sin was that they dreamed of liberty and independence and their crime was that they demanded the right of self-determination for the ever-crushed people of the Indian held valley of Kashmir.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Hinduthwa Indians ae crafty and cunning. Indians get few Jawans killed in places like Chhattisgarh. Then wipe out whole villages of Adivasis calling them Maoists..

    They did the same in our country with the IPKF. IPKF provided live training to Indian terrorists the LTTE and left massive amount of military equipment with the terrorists..

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