Posted on March 22nd, 2019


His name was Rizwan Asad, age 28. He worked at a private school in Awantipora area of the Pulwama district, south Kashmir. The National Investigative Agency of India arrested this young teacher in the second week of March during a so-called crackdown on socio-political and religious organizations. According to media reports, Rizwan was kept at the dreaded anti-insurgency Special Operations Group head-quarter, commonly known as Cargo Camp, in Srinagar. He could not bear brutal violence there and died during the intervening night of 18th and 19th March. Commenting on the brutality committed in the name of investigation and inquiry, a top Kashmiri human rights’ activist Khurram Parvez said talking to media, There have been several thousand custodial killings and custodial disappearances by Indian forces in Kashmir. None of them has received any justice; it is because of the complete lack of accountability and total lawlessness.”

The residents of Indian Held Kashmir have no trust and no confidence in the investigation agencies and even in the courts. The recent court-verdict in the Samjhauta Express burning case has added a lot of disbelief and suspicions to the self-claimed impartiality of the judicial system in India. According to media reports, a few days back, an Indian court after hearing the case for more than ten years, acquitted four people, including prime accused Swami Aseemanand, in the Samjhauta Express burning case. The court said it could not find any solid proof against the accused ones. It was February 18, 2007 when a train named Samjhauta Express was burnt to ashes along with it passengers when it was on its way to Lahore from New Delhi. More than 70 passengers were killed in that brutality; most of them were Pakistanis, most of them the Muslims. In short, the investigation agencies of India, the courts and above all the government authorities, all have lost people’s trust and confidence.

Zulqarnain is Rizwan Asad’s brother. He has also expressed his distrust in the concerning authorities regarding investigation of his brother’s murder. He said talking to the media-men, My brother has been killed in police custody in cold blood. We want an investigation of it but we know nothing is going to happen. We’ve all seen investigations for the last 20 years.” The Al-Jazeera says, Rizwan’s death adds to the more than 70,000 killings, more than 8,000 enforced disappearances, as well as thousands of torture and sexual violence cases in Indian-administered Kashmir over the past three decades.”

No doubt Custodial killings are a very horrible element making the lives of the helpless Kashmiris more painful and more agonizing.  A report published in Greater Kashmir says, ‘There is no record of custodial deaths for 1947-1975.The custodial killings became a routine in 90s. According to human rights defenders around 12000 custodial killings have been reported during the past twenty-six years.’ According to a data-report prepared by Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism martyred 95,265 innocent Kashmiris during the past 29 years. Of those martyred, 7,120 were killed by the troops in custody. As many as 145,504 people were arrested by Indian forces during the period. The troops destroyed 109,201 residential houses and other structures. The Indian forces’ personnel molested and gang raped 11,111 women during the period. The situation of atrocities particularly of custodial killings was the same even in 1995. Amnesty International said in a report published twenty-four years back, In the period 1990-1994 more than 715 detainees died in the custody of Indian security forces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They were tortured to death or shot outright. In areas where government forces are engaged in counter-insurgency operations against armed groups fighting for independence or for the state to join Pakistan, the entire civilian population is at risk of arbitrary detention, torture, even death.” The report further said,” Most of the victims are young men, detained during crackdown-operations to identify armed militants. Almost all those detained are tortured: many do not survive; others are left disabled or mutilated. Scores of women in Jammu and Kashmir claim to have been raped by security forces.”

 Now after twenty four years, today in 2019, the situation regarding human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir is still the same. Custodial killing of Rizwan Asad is the most recent and most horrible example in this context. The ‘Kashmirwala’ said in an analysis recently published on 21st March, After the custodial killing of Awantipora based school principal, Rizwan Asad, his friend, Shahid Manzoor has picked up arms and joined armed-group Hizbul Mujaheddin, fearing physical and mental torture by government forces, as he states, ‘Today, it was Rizwan, tomorrow it could be me.’ This all is very much frightening and alarming too.


  1. Christie Says:

    India is a powerful Empire.

    Its agents are everywhere.

    Amnesty International is silent or just provide lip service. Its head is an Indian Parasite.

    Human Rights Watch is silent. It has Indian Parasites like Ganguly in high posts.

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