Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a perceptive intellectual ROLE MODEL for SL
Posted on March 23rd, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan

DipEE(UK), Grad cert(RelEng-Monash),DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey),CEng. MIEE

We have seen so many leaders come and go in SL, however, no one was able to place a counterattack against LTTE, which was led by an 8th standard educated boy, Prabakaran for 30 years. Of the lot, Mahinda Rajapaksa was a capable leader who was able to wipe out terrorism, with Gotabaya Rajapaksa as Defence Secretary and progresses on development. No one can dispute this. However, some wicked, corrupt, unscrupulous, elements crawled into portfolios by wiping MR’s legs. Today the existing GOSL elements are posing a threat of dividing the nation by giving autonomous powers to PCs which is detrimental to the sovereignty of this nation on a 10-year horizon.

Considering the past and present threats, and to maintain peace, harmony, national security, progress, economic and technological growth, it is intelligent and sagacious for the people of Sri Lanka to elect Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the forthcoming president of Sri Lanka, as GR is the only suitable, fit and proper leader in Sri Lanka. The President shall be the chief executive of this nation of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans should be more sagacious in voting during the forthcoming elections to elect Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the Executive President with intentions of keeping the SriLankan sovereignty and the people as citizens of one nation, one country and consolidated with peace and cohesive harmony for economic and technological growth.

At present, the current government calling themselves as good governance is a government misdirecting the citizens and giving popularity to Sambanthar & Co and the Tamils to be power makers and balance of power. The current government is also fooling the people and supporting the UN to punish its own military through UN for war hypothetical war crimes who liberated the country from terrorism. The war was to liberate SriLanka and nothing else. LTTE should be held responsible for the war and murder of so many people. Who is to be held responsible for the current sword killing of people in the North of Sri Lanka? Is it not ridiculous to know that a country appoints a man who has only 16 seats in parliament to be the Leader of Opposition? This mand cannot stand properly and old. Can his neurological network function properly to be a leader in politics.

The current government is handing over towns and areas to foreigners. Will SL be owned by the people of SL in the future or will they be foreigners in their own land?

SL is a democratic country and the people have the liberty to elect their own choice of President.

The President is a public servant of the people of SL. GR will function as a public servant and head of State. GR is highly intellectual and has a high degree of perception to know the will of the people.

Sri Lankans; You all are highly perceptive and intelligent and please do not trust Sambanthar,  RW and his cabinet as they will mortgage the country to India, LTTE, and the West.

The best choice is Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a role model, as GR is the only patriotic honest person to rule SL.

Let the country rise in support of Gotabaya Rajapaksa (GR) and build SL as a role model nation for the rest of the world.

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  1. vyasan Says:

    I would like to have Sri Lanka with a government formed Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the president and Mahinda Rajapaksa as the prime minister of Sri Lanka. Many who don’t like the pair (and have no real concern for the development of the country) may start to criticize that as a family controlled government, but what we need now is two leaders who could trust each other so that there would be no hindrance in the administration and development of the country. That will also, I believe, strengthen the government to act on finding some amicable solution with regard to the ethnic issues. I also believe that this will happen very soon, maybe in about 2 years time.

  2. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Well said Mr. Vyasan.
    Thank you. Yours will come true quite soon.

  3. Christie Says:

    Will India and Indian Parasites let Gota and the clan come in to power.

    2005 Mahinda was installed by India and Mahinda did not suck to India like Banda, Sirima, JRJ and Chandrika.

    India wants to get rid of Rajapakses.

    Let us Unite and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.

  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thanks! Kanthar for this inspiring piece. Another journalist predicted about three years ago:

    “If Mahinda founds a new party or alliance, he is sure to co-opt his brother Gotabhaya. I am sure if that happens Gota will prove the greatest asset he and the country can possess at this dangerous point in our history. Gota will serve the nation with or without high office. He will help it play the endgame successfully, delivering the checkmate on the country’s foes.”

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Kanthar for expressing publicly your honest view. There are a lot of educated Sri Lankan with the same view but they are not coming forward to declare it.

    This proves your unshaken love for the nation and you have also proved that you are a true son of Mother Lanka.

    United we will flourish and divided we will perish!!

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Thanks Kanthar for your patriotic article above.

    The only solution for minority party blackmailing is for those patriotic Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in the two main parties to forget their party difference and vote for Gotabhaya in the coming Presidential Election and to Pohottuwa in the General Election. There are no major differences between these two major political parties except for individual animosities of their supporters on petit differences.

    It is not right to blame the politicians as it is their task to come to power and garner as many votes as possible. It is when the majority community is equally divided between traitorous political parties such as the UNP the SLFP and the JVP that politicians have to resort to minority party shylocks and their ‘pounds of flesh’ or else demands.

    In Gotabhaya we have after a long time a Statesman who can think above the existing hierarchies and their petit mundane differences and bring about changes that are in the longterm good for the country as a whole where all can prosper whether Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim without feeding on each other!

    This is the direction to go. Those votes of the UNP, the SLFP and the JVP please note what has happened over the last 70 years and come to terms to bring about a stable political environment first and then a stable administration that can ensure prosperity to all and stop fissiparous tendencies and tribalism in the nation.

  7. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    @Ratanapala One of the interesting things will be the next election. For the first time in a long time, we will have multiple candidates. Not only the names/parties from previously, but new candidates. Hopefully, finally the country will have some decent names with concrete policies to vote for.

    The country desperately needs honest clean leadership, technocratic and meritocratic governance, the rule of law, sound economic management, no Indian bootlicking and people who understand how the world works. If we can finally get people who want to genuinely make this country the next Singapore of Asia, then hopefully that vision can become true.

    As for GR, we shall see. But if he lets himself be surrounded by the same sycophants who held the country back post 2010 and permitted the 2015 debacle, and continues with the “India is my brother” nonsense, then nothing will change.

    I do sincerely hope that honest people come forward and push to clean the country up. At the very least, at least two others who have announced they will run have said they will scrap the loathsome 13th amendment. I haven’t heard GR say that so that is disappointing. Let us hope 2020 is the year that the traitors, Indian bootlickers, crony socialists and crony capitalists etc are kicked out from governance and replaced with genuine servants of the people with their best interests at heart.

  8. Ratanapala Says:

    At the moment only GR has a clear lead in the Presidential stakes. All concerned must try and plod him in the right direction to do the right things by the nation. This includes all Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims.

    He must not miss the historical opportunity that was presented to Mahinda Rajapakse but grossly misused becoming too headstrong and allowing his sons and relatives including his wives’ to run amok. Otherwise, he would not be going through the indignities he is made to go through including having to genuflect to his one-time party secretary Aappa Sirisena.

    We see Gotabhaya getting the right kind of people behind him. He must have the good sense to keep his head above petit politics and lead the nation to stability and prosperity. It is a chance very few get in generations. I sincerely hope that what he will do is for the good of the nation and nation alone and not even for himself, for the task at hand is bigger than anyone individual in Sri Lanka.

    Then he will go down in the history of Sri Lanka as the one that saved Sri Lanka twice – once from the Terrorists and then from entrenched political scum in Sri Lanka.

    The people, who have seen the secret agendas of Ranil and his coterie of thieves- who were intent on making Sri Lanka a failed state and then hand over Sri Lanka lock stock and barrel to the Americans – must unite throwing aside party, racial, religious difference and join hands to vote him into power. It is going to be a win-win for all.

    This is the only way to stay as an independent and sovereign nation and not allow outside powers to meddle in our internal affairs.

  9. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    We must be careful not to fall for gimmicks and the same sycophants standing on the platforms around certain candidates. There is no question that the modern day UNP is not the UNP of old. It has been utterly corrupted by a bunch of buffoons. The SLFP is led by a complete moron and filled with hippopotamuses. However, the SLPP does not appear much better. All that has happened is the same backward selfish characters who are part of the reason for electoral defeat have jumped ship to surround President Rajapakse. It is sad since he still does not appear to have learnt his ways. That he barely turned up for Parliamentary debates says a lot. The whole lot have a right sing/song and dance in the Parliamentary mess together (that includes the TNA, SLMC etc) and seem to treat the people with utter contempt.

    It doesn’t seem wise to entrust the governance of this beautiful island to the same selfish thuggish Indian bootlicking morons who have played musical chairs for the last 30 years. Recycling bad politicians and voting for “the least worst” option and expecting us to become the next East Asian miracle economy is a fool’s errand.

    As for GR, he has some promising ideas, however it is noteworthy and extremely disappointing how he has become utterly silent on abolishing the 13th amendment. And in addition, his tone about India has changed from a patriotic message that they should not interfere in our affairs, to suddenly the same line the other politicians use about India’s interests a priority and we only want commerce with China and all this nonsense. As for the people around him, it doesn’t look like its only technocrats and a lot of the SLPP goons are jumping on the bandwagon. Ultimately if the country is to develop it must be based on totally clean, meritocratic governance, and not on someone who will follow some fixed ideology of the past – which many of these sycophants still present want to perpetuate.

    The country’s primary problem is India, not the US, Britain, Japan, China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Everything was fine until this stupid Indian bootlicking rhetoric started under the guise of “non alignment.” For us to succeed, we need major foreign investment, technocratic CLEAN governance based on a meritocracy that is not reliant on the government having jobs for the boys and ruining everything. This requires genuine capitalism with pragmatic socialism for fairness.

    Ceylon/Sri Lanka has been freed from terrorism, but it appears the streets have been cleared not for the people and business, but instead for the criminal fraternity. In reality, Ceylon has become like Gotham in the Batman Begins film. Utterly corrupt, with politicians and the entire system in bed with the criminals and bad guys.

    GR is not the only candidate standing. It is important to note at least two to three other people. And equally important is the other two have openly declared they will abolish the 13th amendment and these wretched Provincial Councils. One is a businessman, the other a prominent lawyer. Both seem vastly better choices – both honest, clean and visionary – than any of the existing parties. And people seem to be finally taking notice. Hopefully 2020 will be the year Ceylon rids itself of these useless politicians. They should be exiled to India which they all love so much.

  10. Ratanapala Says:

    Concerned Citizen,

    We are just trying to build a bridge across the river and not a rocket to the moon. In Sri Lanka we have to make do with what we have in Sri Lankan ground – terra firma and not some imaginary thing to bring about a squeaky clean administration and a leader where none exist. We have to be realistic and pick and choose a leader who can better than the existing crooks. We also have to break the minority politics dominated electioneering in Sri Lanka, which always lead to unstable administrations.

    This is why I say that patriots in both the UNP and SLFP must give up their petit differences and vote for the betterment of Sri Lanka. The only leader I can see who can do this in the visible political spectrum is Gotabhaya.

    If the vote gets divided the nation will end up in the same stale soup where we have been for the last 70 odd years.

    Let us do something that is practically possible and not go after ‘johnny come latelys’ who promise the moon including abolishing the 13 th Amendment. Promising is one thing, doing is entirely another thing. This time around the Sri Lankan electorate must the realistic. We already have the experience of the heady heights of Yahapalana and Saadharana Samajayak yarns!

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