Recall Azeez, arrest Mano Tittawela: SB Dissanayaka
Posted on March 30th, 2019

Sudath Gunasekara 29.3.2019.

What SB says here has good sense, although often it does not? As I was listening to the news when the President was referring to the Geneva Ambassadors action, I told the same thing to my wife. I think the time has come for the President to talk less and act more. At least now he should act. Then only people will admire him and they will feel that they have a President in this country and they will stop calling him NATO (no action talks only) Sirisena and again will begin to call him Hon Maitripala Sirsena.

Meanwhile I also propose that the President should immediately sack the errant Minister Rishard Badurdeen as well who has been Minster of Trade and Commerce from 2001 to date in all governments doing irreparable damage to the country and all Governments more particularly by destroying the Wilpattu National Park

There is no point in putting the blame for Badurdeens crimes on Basil as many people do to cover up Badurdeen’s crimes and their own. The whole country knows Basil has done a big blunder to harp on Muslim votes. This is what all politicians do. Neither the President or Ranil nor MR or any other Sinhala politician can escape this charge. This is the tragedy and the curse mother Lanka is ever suffering from 1948, since the British left after planting the seeds of communal and Party politics in this country.

If the President sacks him all other politicians who commit this betrayal will learn a good lesson. People will adore and appreciate it and the President will rise above all other politicians who have sold the motherland for few Muslim or Tamil votes ever since 1948 and are continuing to do so even today.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Vairapala sorry sena has no authority at all. He has shown it again and again. He is just a talk shop. He said no
    Pathala man job ever for the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega
    thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) wolf in sheep’s
    clothing (Buddhist sheep of course) Batalande wa(n)dakaya lajja nathi bxjja nathi aga matta Pol Pot r@ni_leech
    wickrama Sinhala killer. But Pathala man had appointed its portguese henchmen, and surprise surprise it was given the job back. Vairapala sorry sena is the executive president of the country without any teeth. Not even a denture. Batalande wa(n)dakaya sent its henchmen to the UN to do his treachery work for thediasporats bypassing vairapala sorry sena once more.

    As usual sorry sena will make some noise to fool Sinhalese Buddhists and go quiet in no time. He is just a puppet
    on a string while these anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddist, Mother Lanka dismembering, minority
    worshiping thieving, lying, murderous (Sinhalese Buddhists only since murdering/hurting tamils, mussies or
    catholics is a war crime) treacherous low lives UNPatriotic_rats thugs destroy the country, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. These murderous thieves can’t even keep a light bulb on for a few hours. Only thing these r@ts can
    do is thieving, thieving, lying, lying, treachery, treachery, murder, murder (Sinhalese Buddhists only since no AI,
    no UN, not even a Sinhalese deshapaluwa open its mouth to protest) etc. etc. Vairapala try to get rid of
    these thieving low lives at the earliest opportunity.

    Batalande wa(n)dakaya planted its portuguese men to the judiciary and it will keep the jobs for the UNPatriotic_
    rats and Pol Pot for only a few more months. When election comes, all patritotic Sri Lankans wipe these thieving, lying, treacherous r@s from the political map of Sri Lanka for good. You all seen what these thieves done in the
    last 4 years. Since traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyaselage
    jr@, UNPatriotic_rats learned the thieves have to do any work. Plunder, plunder and plunder and disappear for
    5+ years to enjoy the loot and come back with a brand new set of lies and get in to the driving sea and!

    All the ambassadors are mussies now thanks to mussie baby machines. Knowing how important mussie vote to UNPatriotic_rats, vairapla sorry sena, MR etc. etc traitor foreigners multiply and multiply like xxxx to outnumber Sinhalese and tamils. We all seen Batalande wa(n)dakaya, vairapala sorry sena, even MR keeping quiet about Wilpaththu and Sinharaja destruction by the mussie @ bada udin. Mussies need more and more space for the new breeds and nothing is safe. This is what these religion of violence followers do all over the world. Multiply, multiply
    since nobody believes in this madness in this scientific era. So they multiply, multiply and multiply to steal the country.

    The dirty, disgusting, sub human trick worked in the olden days to turn old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan,
    bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia to mussie countries within a few hundred of their arrival in those
    countries with their baby machines. In today’s tv, internet, mobile phone-age dirty, disgusting, sub human trick is
    not going to work since people get to know what the foreigners are up to and fight back. This is what happened
    in Myanmar. Mussies crept from neighbouring bangladesh hell hole to fertile lands of Myanmar and multiplied and
    multiplied to steal the country. Who is going to surrender a country to baby machines? But being mussies, these
    traitors don’t understand and it’s going to end up in bloodshed. Traitor low lives like bada udin, a sad ali (not
    enough children to be sad?) bada udin of old (under Sirima B who started mussie only schools, today bursting at
    seams with 6,000+ to put foundations to segregation), xxxx heem, ass rough in the east who destroyed the
    east etc. etc should take the blame for destroying racial harmony in the country. To teach a lesson to future
    traitors like them, bada udin should be hanged!

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